Suggested Reading

This is a list of stories/legacies that I have read that I think are great and well worth a read.  I will add to this list over time with other stories I find.  If you would like your story/legacy to be included in this list, please leave me a comment below.


Edith Prescot

The Twinbrook Fields

RSGNM – full title A Rolling Stone Gathers no Moss

Koel Sims – This takes you to the Shepherd Legacy and the Skipton ISBI

Chim Chim-cheree

Dayes of our Lives

The Creeper Legacy

Finding Nessie


Insanity Doesn’t Compare

The Southern Prettacy

Fairy Fields Invasion – (Just started but is really good!)

The Davenbie Legacy

Winters ISBI

In the Valley of the Sun

Colours of Amour

The Olympus Legacy

The Madness of Mr Goth (Mature)

The Secret Life of Jewell

The Drake Family Secrets

The Torres Legacy

The Cheetah Prettacy

Maloney WYDC

Rouke Epic Legacy

A Stormborn Legacy

Huggins ISBI

Different Winters

Dripping with Idiots

Zale Family ISBI -Alphabetcy

Light the way to Heaven

Cabernet ISBI

The Moustachacy ISBI


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