New Challenge Alert

After giving it much thought I have started a new legacy.  Yes I am sad that the Wintertons are lost but I want to move on and do new things.  This time I have decided to revisit one of my favourite challenges. The Differences in the Family Tree challenge.

This is Luther Irving, the founder of said challenge. The first chapter is up. To check it out click on Luther’s face.


Luther: Click me.


The End of the Wintertons

I am sorry for not updating for a while.  As I mentioned before I have been having a lot of problems with this save. I have been trying a few things to get this save working properly some of worked for a little while. Nothing however managed to get it working well for long.

I have now been forced to abandon this legacy as the file will no longer load.  This is very disappointing as the Wintertons were one of my longest running families. I used them for another challenge before I started this one.  I will miss them.



Trying Something New

Sorry there hasn’t been any new chapters for a while, I have been ill.  I would however, like to share something with you all, something new.  It is something I have been working on for a while now.  I would like to know what you think about it and if you like to read more of it.

Below is part of the first chapter. There is no pictures but there will be if I decide to write more of it.

Nora sat in the kitchen as she did every night waiting for the house to fall silent.  Being a mere servant she had little time to herself.  Not that it mattered to her, there was little she liked doing when she wasn’t working besides sleeping.  There was however, one thing that Nora did every night when the house was silent. It had become something of a ritual of hers.

A silent house was a sure sign that the family she worked for had all gone to bed.  Confident that they had Nora slipped out of the house as quietly as she could and headed out into the garden.  She tried not to walk at too quick a pace. That would raise the suspicion of anyone that did happen to be watching her.  Just in case she stuck to the shadows where possible.

At the very back edge of the garden was a small enclosed garden.  It had been created by Arther Brugmann as a birthday present for his wife Ellenor.  It was perfect for Nora’s needs.  The high hedges surrounding the garden hid her from the house.  Anyone looking out of the windows of the windows of the house would not be able to see her.

Having done a quick look around to make perfectly sure she was alone Nora pulled out a wand.  She was a witch and due to the beliefs of the town this was the only way she could practice her craft.  Nothing else mattered when she was here in the garden.  For a moment she could pretend that the witch hunter wasn’t real and practicing witchcraft wasn’t punishable by death.

Nora was pulled out of her thoughts when she heard someone speak quietly.  She heard the words clearly. “S-she’s a witch.” Nora quickly turned her head in the direction of the voice but it was too late.  Whoever had seen her had already left.

Fear suddenly grabbed Nora.  Who had seen her? Would they report her? With little time Nora buried her wand beneath on of Ellenor’s beloved rose bushes before heading back to the house.  Nora tried her best to walk calmly despite the fear and panic growing within her.

As Nora got close to the house it was clear that someone was waiting for her.  She could make out the figure of someone standing in the doorway. Nora took a deep breath in order to calm down; she did not want any of her fear to show on her face.

“Is there something I can help you with?” Nora asked as she approached the doorway.

Chapter 6.5 Birthday Overload

Last time Conrad left, Nala died and Rory set fire to himself.


This time I would like to start with a picture of something that really made me laugh.


It made me laugh when Otto did this.  Looks like he parked himself! XD

Otto: With all this horsepower I feel right at home.


In other news Duckula’s IF Webbigail came to life and is creeping me out. I think it’s the eyes. Duckula got an opportunity to find a rainbow gem and make her human so I am keeping it around for now.

Webbi: Oh Duckula, where are you?


I saw this woman carrying a toddler with glitched hair.  I took pity on the poor kid and fixed it.


There that’s better.


Rory: Hi I’d like to order a baby please.

Rory! It doesn’t work like that. Also I really should get a landline for them, mobiles are not really appropriate for the time period.


NPC: Did someone order a baby?

Duckula: DAD! There’s a strange lady in the house!


Rory: Hey it’s a pink one! I like pink ones. ❤

Harmony: Just one more and I fulfill that wish I have locked in for 5 grandchildren


Rory: Are you hungry my little marshmallow?

Harmony: *mourns Nala loudly*


Then it was time for Boni’s birthday. Sorry for the brightness it was a full moon.


Ugh I wish I had a moodlet manager this constant mourning is ridiculous


Boni: Pretty sparkles ❤


Rory: *toots loudly* Yay! My daughter has a bad haircut.

Boni: Not funny Dad


Here she is all made over.  Her new trait is Dog Person.


Rory: *toots loudly* Yay my daughter is having cake! ❤

Boni: Seriously Dad stop it.


Rory: Make sure you do your homework everyday after school.  You can’t get a decent job if you don’t

Boni: Please stop following me around.


Rory: It’s nice to see my kids are getting along.


Boni: Watch this

Duckula: I wish I could fly.


Duckula: So cold.

Boni: XD


It’s Nala! Hi Nala!


I got a little horsey gnome! I haven’t named it yet.


Even though I am still having issues with this file I threw caution to the wind and threw a party anyway.  The sim in robot form is Izzi btw

Man with umbrella: Why wasn’t I invited. 😦


Amilia and other woman: Wow she’s cooking at her own birthday party.

Noyon: Hi Mum!

Random man: What you cooking?

Woman at front: Why am I here?


It’s a triple birthday. First to the cakes is Orko.


Closely followed by Harmony.

Izzi: I can’t believe Dad showed up!


Rory: This kid is in my way.

Orko: Daddy I grow up now.


Well that’s unfortunate.


Harmony: My turn!

Everyone: Umbrella is broken.


Harmony: Ew what am I wearing. : (


The third cake was meant for the new baby.  She refused to be taken to the cake though so I had to force her to age up using MC.


???: I look like Nana!


Time to introduce the latest child to you all.  This is Zippy, she rolled a 1 so she stays a human.  To compensate I changed the colour of her hair, eyes and skin. Her traits her Loves the Outdoors and Athletic.


She is named after my favourite character from Rainbow.

Great now I have that tune stuck in my head.


Here is Harmony as an elder.  I think she makes a cute elder. ❤


Finally here is Orko.  His new trait is Mean Spirited which I think goes well with his face.


Harmony painted this which I liked but I sold it. She is at level 7 painting skill now.  Just three more then she can focus on guitar.


Duckula: Enemy ship sighted. Launch missile!


Otto: Happy birthday to me!


Otto: No wait I don’t want to get older!


Cubbi: LOL you got old. XD

Otto: Can I kick him? Please.



Boni found the easel and painted this.  I thought it was pretty

And now a short toddler spam because she’s cute. ❤

third-18 third-20 third-17

So cute ❤


This is me trying to be artistic by getting shots through windows.


The kids found the pool. Duckula was with them but he got out before I could take the photo.


He did roll his LTW though


Last skill to be learnt.


At this point I thought I would send Hannah and Rory to France since they wished for it ages ago. Unfortunately it wouldn’t load. I will try again after they move to a new town.


I really need to get rid of these things.


One of the kids painted this, it’s cute so I kept it.


This is pretty much what Orko does most of the time.  He has like 5 books in his inventory.


Rory: OH Watcher not again!


Rory: HOT! HOT! HOT!

That’s all for now.


Chapter 6.4 Ice-Cream and Exits

Phew it’s been a long time since the last chapter hasn’t it.  Honestly I have been having several issues with this file, I may have to move them to a new town sooner than I wanted to.  Also I have been having a lot of fun playing with the Mendozas.


So last time Boni was born and Duckula aged up. Also Conrad and Harmony broke up due to Conrad flirting with Nala.


This is where Rory spends a lot of his time when he isn’t inventing or caring for his children.

Rory: Sometimes it’s to escape.

Hang on I recognise that man behind you in blue.


It’s Noyon! Hi Noyon! 😀 Your mother has a wish for 5 grandchildren.  Are you and your wife going to have any kids?

Noyon: Not currently.


I didn’t know childish sims could do this.  All this time and I am still learning new things about this game.  Great isn’t it!


Otto: When you’ve done that can you get me an Ice-cream.

Nala: I am not your slave.


Nala: Look I’m Harmony, I’m brushing a horse that’s already been brushed.

Otto: I still want an Ice-cream.


Harmony gets her own back on Nala.

Nala: Please don’t do that. Are you trying to kill me!


Then the game crashed.  When I opened the game up again someone had turned into an ant.  I forget who, probably Conrad.


Duckula: Will you read me a bedtime story?

And so it begins.


Nala: As long as you have a spanner you can fix anything.

Is that the best thing to be reading to him?

Nala: Important life skills.


Nala: Also it bores little children and sends them to sleep.  Nice painting.


Conrad: *Load sobbing* Oh Harmony why was I so stupid.

Harmony: *From the doorway* Are you still here? Get out!


Conrad: I guess it’s time to leave.  I shall miss my little basement.

What about your family? Your grandchildren?

Conrad: Oh well yes, I shall miss them too.


Conrad: Hello, one ticket to freedom please.


Boni’s still here and still cute. ❤


Cubbi: Growing up here, pay attention humans.


Cubbi: Here I go.  I wish for extra cuteness.


Cubbi: I am one gorgeous kitty. ❤


Are you hiding?


Cubbi: I’m not a very brave kitty


After a few crashes during his birthday poor little Orko ages up on his own on the upstairs landing.


Orko: Cake now?

Sorry buddy you’re too young.


I randomised his face and gave him a makeover.  I liked his hair as it was so I left it.


A random alien shows up.

Oxqa: Right time to check this family out.

You’re spying on them?


Oxqa: I have my reasons

Which are?

Oxqa: Classified. Good day.


Rory starts to teach Boni how to walk, in his pants.

Rory: Come on sweetie, come to daddy.

Boni: No


Duckula: I’m hungry.

There is a very well stocked fridge downstairs.


Duckula: I have no need of such things, observe.


Duckula: I am awesome! 😀


What happened to that food you just summoned

Duckula: I changed my mind.


Duckula: *licks plate*


Cubbi: No one is getting my food.

No one wants your food.


I noticed Tenderheart walking past the house.  The baby is her daughter Angelia.


Rory finds Barney and tries to increase his charisma


Ann: Don’t look at her. Just get past her quickly.

Cubbi: Must keep eyes shut.


Nala: *grumbles*

Go and put some clothes on.


Nala: I see the light.


Nala: I never got to clean that toilet.


I added this just to point out where Death showed up.


Death: I shall be having words with the teleportation team when I get back.


Death: Nala Winterton. Put some clothes on and get in the urn.


Death: Now how do I get down.

Nala was 130 at the end.  Bye Nala have a good rest


Harmony copes with the death by playing the piano.


Orko: I sing to you while the maid cleans my poop


This is Duckula’s friend.  I think his name is Clemmie Cassat.


Otto: Will you get me an Ice-cream?

Rory: I don’t think horses should eat Ice-cream.


Harmony: Who’s my favourite grandaughter.

Boni: Me! Me! Me!


I just realised our heir hasn’t been featured much yet.  She is usually painting when she is not working which makes for boring photos.

She did take a break to teach Orko how to talk though



Rory: Do I smell burning?

That would be you.


Rory: PUT IT OUT!!


*leaps in pool*


Rory: Ahh that’s better.

That’s for now.  I don’t know what will happen next as I haven’t played any further.  Fingers crossed I have no more issues.


Chapter 6.3 Growing up and Growing Apart

Hi me again. It’s that time of year again, Christmas is almost upon us.  I am actually really organised this year which is not bad considering I have a 7 month old baby!

Last time Arora became a YA and moved out, Hannah became pregnant and Duckula was adopted.

Before we look at what the family has been up to I want to show you the new basement I added.


This is the entrance.  Just for fun I used the bookcase door. Notice Jake the kitten still not using the cat bed.screenshot-4

The stairs lead you down to what looks like a normal basement.  Hang on though what’s with the creepy painting and the big black door?

Conrad: Ooh I know!


screenshot-2 screenshot

It’s a special vampire basement just for Conrad.  It has everything he needs. (I added a mini fridge later)

Conrad: Stop, you’re making me blush.

Vampires are technically dead, it is even possible for you to blush?

That door you can see next to the bed/altar thing leads to a bathroom.



Conrad: I’m going in.


Conrad: Aah it’s so comfy.


OK moving on. Nala is still here, she does fill the house with her pleasant piano playing though.  Oh and look I did keep the Cinderella painting.

screenshot-13 screenshot-15 screenshot-14

Yep, still cute.


Harmony: Cooking is an important skill to learn if you want to be the next heir.

Duckula: But Nana I a Genie. Food is magic


Conrad: Must not wake pregnant woman.


Conrad: Argh! It wasn’t me.

Hannah: Oh plumbobs!


Hannah: *gives birth to a girl*

Conrad and Nala: *Don’t really notice*


Conrad: So I read this really good book earlier.

Nala: That’s what you wanted to talk about, a book?

Conrad: Well no not exactly.


I hope this is a one off.

Conrad: The heart wants what the heart wants.


Ann the Maid: OK Mrs Winterton I’m done for the day.

Hannah: OK see you tomorrow.

Um what about that rubbish pile behind you.

Ann: I see nothing.


Not again. Will you two stop flirting. Honestly I leave you alone for 5 minutes and this is what you decide to do.


I suppose I should tell you the name of the new baby really.  Say hello to Boni. (pronouced Bo-ney) Her traits are Artistic and Grumpy


Boni is named after a disembodied skill from Trapdoor.  One of favourite shows as a child.


This is getting out of hand now.  Conrad you have a wife! 😡


See look what’s happened to your reputation.


Oh here we go a nice distraction. Boni’s birthday.




Such a little cutie.  I added the sea foam tips to her hair as it’s her favourite colour


Oh and I rolled a 4 so she’s a fairy. I edited her wings in CAS to make them sea foam coloured.


Harmony rolled a wish to increase her piano skill so here she is playing the piano.


Duckula: I still here, I cute. ❤


screenshot-23 screenshot-17

Yes you are very cute.


Whoa, whoa, whoa. Where did you get that?

Duckula: It mine. ❤

I let him keep it.  I named it Webbigail after this little cutie from Ducktales.



Otto is still here, he is approaching his elder birthday. He spends most his time trying to kick the paparazzi! XD


Jake: Now that is some fine music.  I shall sing along.

At this point I renamed Jake.  He is now called Cubbi.



Harmony loves her grandchildren and is often with them.

Harmony: I just want to make sure they don’t hear what I am about to say to their granddad


Harmony: Is it true what I hear? Have you been having an affair with that old dragon! 😡

Conrad: It’s just a bit of harmless flirting.  Nothing to get upset about.  There’s plenty of me to go around.

Harmony: I can’t believe you! That’s it this marriage is over!!



Conrad: What?! Come on sweethart you don’t mean that.

Harmony: I do. You can stay for Duckula’s birthday then I want you out of this house.

I had nothing to do with this break up.  It was because of Conrad’s cheater reputation and his constant insistance on flirting with Nala.  Eventually I got a pop up saying Harmony had no interest in saving the relationship and broke them up.

It’s a real shame as I liked Conrad.  I am not getting rid of him just yet though.

To cheer you all up here is a Boni spam.

screenshot-35 screenshot-34 screenshot-33


Wow that’s a lot of red.

Hannah: It’s a red flower.


It’s time to add another child to the mix.


This is little Orko.  Named after the wizard character from He-man



Wow time flies, time for Duckula to became a child.

Stilton: These tables are quite comfortable.




Well that’s an interesting look.

Duckula: Growing up hurts.


There that’s better, I bit more period appropriate. His new trait btw is slob.


Hannah meets her new son.

Hannah: Hi sweetie.


Rory: Got to check the oven. Make sure it’s off. Don’t want the house to burn down.

Just Rory flexing his Neurotic trait.


Duckula: I love this pool, the water is so refreshing.


Stilton: How nice of them to share the cake with me.

That’s all for now. Sorry if it’s a bit long.

Not sure when the next chapter will be out. Things are getting very busy now we’re in the run up to Christmas.

Chapter 6.2 Family Expansion

Hi, hope you are all well.  I am still trying to catch up on your blogs which is proving difficult at the moment. Among everything that is going on my daughter Anabelle is now teething.  Her first two teeth have now come through and another one is starting to cut through.


Anyway that’s enough about my adorable little girl.  Last time Hannah became the new heir and we entered the 1920s.  I thinned the herd a little by kicking some out and Hannah met Rory.


Hey it’s Danablu! 🙂

Danablu: No time to talk, I need a bath.

You’re a ghost. Surely you don’t need to bathe?

I can’t haunt effectively if I stink.


Meanwhile Jake looks cute sleepy in his cat bed dreaming of fishies. ❤


Danablu: I believe is an invasion of privacy.

Not in the Sims buddy. Smile for the camera.


If you don’t see many pics of Rory it’s because he spends most of his time glued to the workbench working on his LTW.  Also he spends a lot of time in his pants.


He does however make time for some things 😉

Rory: Only those that are important.


Arora shows off her good trait by donating to charity.  I love the halo that appears when she does that.

Arora: It’s important to do your bit for those less fortunate than myself.


Harmony painted this beautiful painting of Cinderella.  I think I kept it, I will have to check.


Arora: Yeah, I can’t wait till I’m old enough to move out. I hate living my life under a spotlight.

Oh come on, you love me really.


Hannah is working on her guitar skill for her job.


Rory ran out of scrap so I sent him to the junkyard (Which I had to add to the town) to stock up on more.


Sorry about the walls down pick but it is a tiny room.  Hannah confirms she is expecting while her husband calmly continues with his bath. XD

Hannah: *retching noises*

Rory: That’s it dear, get it all up.


He does redeem himself afterwards though and gives Hannah a massage.


Hannah pops and as is the tradition for my sims she does it in the most inconvenient location.


Nala is still with us, she is about 120 days at this point.  I am torn now, I’m not sure if I want her to go or hang on and see if she can bet Tobias Mendoza.


Arora: Seriously when can leave.  I do not need to see my brother in law in his underwear.

Come on this is Sims you should be used to this kind of thing by now.


Since Hannah is pregnant I thought it was time to get the first adopted child.

Jake: But I’m their baby. 😥


Arora is first on the scene to met the new addition.  Meet Duckula

Naming theme this time is Retro Kids TV. As such I am going to name the kids after characters from some of my favourite shows as a kid.


Someone had a wish for a dolls house, I forget who.  Anyway Harmony finds it and flexes her childish trait.

Harmony: What, it’s boring being grown up.


Obligitory ‘But I want to hold the baby’ photo


I then force him to put some clothes on and actually do something useful.


Harmony starts work on another painting…

Conrad where did you get that laptop from??

Conrad: Um… he he he.


Conrad: 😥

This is supposed to be the 1920s. Computers haven’t been invented.


Arora: Finally my day has come.

Conrad: Is it a little warm out here?


Conrad ignores the fact he’s a vampire out in the daytime and cheers on his youngest.

Nala: I had to get out of my chair for this.


Just when I think I’ve seen the worst outfits this game can throw at you it goes and surprises me.


Little Duckula is next. Nala please don’t impale the baby on your cane.

Nala: If I get enough of them I can make a Kebab!

Um no, don’t do that.


Nala: Hmm fine. *dumps baby on ground*



Duckula: It hurts.

Don’t worry sweetie it will wear off.


Here are the makeovers. First up is Arora. She is so pretty.  Her new trait is Vehicle Enthusiast.


Here is Little Duckula.  I randomised his face. I left his hair black to match his namesake. Also this generation I am rolling a dice to determine if the child gets to be a supernatural being.

1 is Human, 2 is Witch, 3 is Warewolf, 4 is Fairy, 5 is Genie, 6 is Ghost.

Duckula rolled a 5 so he’s a genie.  Oh and his traits are Athletic and Artistic.


Arora: I am so out of here.


Arora: Later losers!

And with that I will end things. See you next time.

New Blog

Hiya! Just so you now I am still around and I will return to complete my legacies at some point.  As you can understand my daughter takes up a lot of my time and fitting in time to play sims is proving very difficult at the moment.

That is not what I am here to tell you though.  In my infinite wisdom I have decided to start a blog detailing my experiences with a new baby.  This is actually a lot easier as I do not have to play Sims first.  I can sit with my Ipad when I have few moments and write.

Anyone that is interested can click here to check out my new blog called Anabelle’s Tales


Hi all. Just a quick note to say there will no more updates for a while. I do have a good reason though.


I gave birth to my beautiful baby girl on the 12th May. Her name is Anabelle Amelia and she weighed 6lb 4oz.
As you can understand she takes up all my time currently. I do plan to return to this legacy at some point, I just can’t say when.