About the Wintertons

The Winterton Adoptacy as the name suggests is an Adoptacy. Simply it is a legacy involving adopting children rather than having them.  I feel that the adoption option in Sims 3 is under utilized which is why I decided on this for the Wintertons.

As a point of interest the Wintertons started life as a witch legacy.  I reached the end of that and wanted to see how much further I could take the family.  Nina was the last heir of the witch Legacy. Even though Scarlet was born a witch she is the founder of the Adoptacy

Want to here the rules? well here they are

Start with a young adult founder, move to a plot or house.

Adopt children as babies ONLY up to a total of five but a minimum of two.

Naturally born children are allowed but only one per generation.  This child will not be allowed to be heir.

Sims can marry but at least one generation must be where the sim takes care of the children with no help.

My additional rules and tweaks are as follows.

I like to randomize things so the gender of each adopted child will be chosen at random. My preferred method is coin toss.

Each heir will be chosen at random by a poll or just the one I like the best.

Another fun thing I added is choosing at random if the family stays in the current house or moves to another one.  I will try and limit neighbourhood moves to only when the game ****’s up so much that I am forced to move.


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