Chapter 6.3 Growing up and Growing Apart

Hi me again. It’s that time of year again, Christmas is almost upon us.  I am actually really organised this year which is not bad considering I have a 7 month old baby!

Last time Arora became a YA and moved out, Hannah became pregnant and Duckula was adopted.

Before we look at what the family has been up to I want to show you the new basement I added.


This is the entrance.  Just for fun I used the bookcase door. Notice Jake the kitten still not using the cat bed.screenshot-4

The stairs lead you down to what looks like a normal basement.  Hang on though what’s with the creepy painting and the big black door?

Conrad: Ooh I know!


screenshot-2 screenshot

It’s a special vampire basement just for Conrad.  It has everything he needs. (I added a mini fridge later)

Conrad: Stop, you’re making me blush.

Vampires are technically dead, it is even possible for you to blush?

That door you can see next to the bed/altar thing leads to a bathroom.



Conrad: I’m going in.


Conrad: Aah it’s so comfy.


OK moving on. Nala is still here, she does fill the house with her pleasant piano playing though.  Oh and look I did keep the Cinderella painting.

screenshot-13 screenshot-15 screenshot-14

Yep, still cute.


Harmony: Cooking is an important skill to learn if you want to be the next heir.

Duckula: But Nana I a Genie. Food is magic


Conrad: Must not wake pregnant woman.


Conrad: Argh! It wasn’t me.

Hannah: Oh plumbobs!


Hannah: *gives birth to a girl*

Conrad and Nala: *Don’t really notice*


Conrad: So I read this really good book earlier.

Nala: That’s what you wanted to talk about, a book?

Conrad: Well no not exactly.


I hope this is a one off.

Conrad: The heart wants what the heart wants.


Ann the Maid: OK Mrs Winterton I’m done for the day.

Hannah: OK see you tomorrow.

Um what about that rubbish pile behind you.

Ann: I see nothing.


Not again. Will you two stop flirting. Honestly I leave you alone for 5 minutes and this is what you decide to do.


I suppose I should tell you the name of the new baby really.  Say hello to Boni. (pronouced Bo-ney) Her traits are Artistic and Grumpy


Boni is named after a disembodied skill from Trapdoor.  One of favourite shows as a child.


This is getting out of hand now.  Conrad you have a wife! 😡


See look what’s happened to your reputation.


Oh here we go a nice distraction. Boni’s birthday.




Such a little cutie.  I added the sea foam tips to her hair as it’s her favourite colour


Oh and I rolled a 4 so she’s a fairy. I edited her wings in CAS to make them sea foam coloured.


Harmony rolled a wish to increase her piano skill so here she is playing the piano.


Duckula: I still here, I cute. ❤


screenshot-23 screenshot-17

Yes you are very cute.


Whoa, whoa, whoa. Where did you get that?

Duckula: It mine. ❤

I let him keep it.  I named it Webbigail after this little cutie from Ducktales.



Otto is still here, he is approaching his elder birthday. He spends most his time trying to kick the paparazzi! XD


Jake: Now that is some fine music.  I shall sing along.

At this point I renamed Jake.  He is now called Cubbi.



Harmony loves her grandchildren and is often with them.

Harmony: I just want to make sure they don’t hear what I am about to say to their granddad


Harmony: Is it true what I hear? Have you been having an affair with that old dragon! 😡

Conrad: It’s just a bit of harmless flirting.  Nothing to get upset about.  There’s plenty of me to go around.

Harmony: I can’t believe you! That’s it this marriage is over!!



Conrad: What?! Come on sweethart you don’t mean that.

Harmony: I do. You can stay for Duckula’s birthday then I want you out of this house.

I had nothing to do with this break up.  It was because of Conrad’s cheater reputation and his constant insistance on flirting with Nala.  Eventually I got a pop up saying Harmony had no interest in saving the relationship and broke them up.

It’s a real shame as I liked Conrad.  I am not getting rid of him just yet though.

To cheer you all up here is a Boni spam.

screenshot-35 screenshot-34 screenshot-33


Wow that’s a lot of red.

Hannah: It’s a red flower.


It’s time to add another child to the mix.


This is little Orko.  Named after the wizard character from He-man



Wow time flies, time for Duckula to became a child.

Stilton: These tables are quite comfortable.




Well that’s an interesting look.

Duckula: Growing up hurts.


There that’s better, I bit more period appropriate. His new trait btw is slob.


Hannah meets her new son.

Hannah: Hi sweetie.


Rory: Got to check the oven. Make sure it’s off. Don’t want the house to burn down.

Just Rory flexing his Neurotic trait.


Duckula: I love this pool, the water is so refreshing.


Stilton: How nice of them to share the cake with me.

That’s all for now. Sorry if it’s a bit long.

Not sure when the next chapter will be out. Things are getting very busy now we’re in the run up to Christmas.


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