Chapter 6.2 Family Expansion

Hi, hope you are all well.  I am still trying to catch up on your blogs which is proving difficult at the moment. Among everything that is going on my daughter Anabelle is now teething.  Her first two teeth have now come through and another one is starting to cut through.


Anyway that’s enough about my adorable little girl.  Last time Hannah became the new heir and we entered the 1920s.  I thinned the herd a little by kicking some out and Hannah met Rory.


Hey it’s Danablu! 🙂

Danablu: No time to talk, I need a bath.

You’re a ghost. Surely you don’t need to bathe?

I can’t haunt effectively if I stink.


Meanwhile Jake looks cute sleepy in his cat bed dreaming of fishies. ❤


Danablu: I believe is an invasion of privacy.

Not in the Sims buddy. Smile for the camera.


If you don’t see many pics of Rory it’s because he spends most of his time glued to the workbench working on his LTW.  Also he spends a lot of time in his pants.


He does however make time for some things 😉

Rory: Only those that are important.


Arora shows off her good trait by donating to charity.  I love the halo that appears when she does that.

Arora: It’s important to do your bit for those less fortunate than myself.


Harmony painted this beautiful painting of Cinderella.  I think I kept it, I will have to check.


Arora: Yeah, I can’t wait till I’m old enough to move out. I hate living my life under a spotlight.

Oh come on, you love me really.


Hannah is working on her guitar skill for her job.


Rory ran out of scrap so I sent him to the junkyard (Which I had to add to the town) to stock up on more.


Sorry about the walls down pick but it is a tiny room.  Hannah confirms she is expecting while her husband calmly continues with his bath. XD

Hannah: *retching noises*

Rory: That’s it dear, get it all up.


He does redeem himself afterwards though and gives Hannah a massage.


Hannah pops and as is the tradition for my sims she does it in the most inconvenient location.


Nala is still with us, she is about 120 days at this point.  I am torn now, I’m not sure if I want her to go or hang on and see if she can bet Tobias Mendoza.


Arora: Seriously when can leave.  I do not need to see my brother in law in his underwear.

Come on this is Sims you should be used to this kind of thing by now.


Since Hannah is pregnant I thought it was time to get the first adopted child.

Jake: But I’m their baby. 😥


Arora is first on the scene to met the new addition.  Meet Duckula

Naming theme this time is Retro Kids TV. As such I am going to name the kids after characters from some of my favourite shows as a kid.


Someone had a wish for a dolls house, I forget who.  Anyway Harmony finds it and flexes her childish trait.

Harmony: What, it’s boring being grown up.


Obligitory ‘But I want to hold the baby’ photo


I then force him to put some clothes on and actually do something useful.


Harmony starts work on another painting…

Conrad where did you get that laptop from??

Conrad: Um… he he he.


Conrad: 😥

This is supposed to be the 1920s. Computers haven’t been invented.


Arora: Finally my day has come.

Conrad: Is it a little warm out here?


Conrad ignores the fact he’s a vampire out in the daytime and cheers on his youngest.

Nala: I had to get out of my chair for this.


Just when I think I’ve seen the worst outfits this game can throw at you it goes and surprises me.


Little Duckula is next. Nala please don’t impale the baby on your cane.

Nala: If I get enough of them I can make a Kebab!

Um no, don’t do that.


Nala: Hmm fine. *dumps baby on ground*



Duckula: It hurts.

Don’t worry sweetie it will wear off.


Here are the makeovers. First up is Arora. She is so pretty.  Her new trait is Vehicle Enthusiast.


Here is Little Duckula.  I randomised his face. I left his hair black to match his namesake. Also this generation I am rolling a dice to determine if the child gets to be a supernatural being.

1 is Human, 2 is Witch, 3 is Warewolf, 4 is Fairy, 5 is Genie, 6 is Ghost.

Duckula rolled a 5 so he’s a genie.  Oh and his traits are Athletic and Artistic.


Arora: I am so out of here.


Arora: Later losers!

And with that I will end things. See you next time.


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