Chapter 6.1 Roaring into the 1920’s

Last time Hannah aged up and became the new heir.  Also due to problems I was having with this save the family packed up and moved to a new town.  That town was Roaring Heights as I don’t have the time to make a house from scratch and the prebuilt ones are rather nice.

First job is to let Hannah a job.  She has a wish to join the Music career and after checking the rules this is allowed.


Hannah: This makes me happy.


Meanwhile back home Harmony is making friends.  This is Janet Torrance who has one of the worst hairstyles from this set.


Izzi is the first to find the pool.


The boys meanwhile decide a pillow fight is a better from of entertainment.


Harmony was this close to reaching level 10 in riding so she took Otto out for a ride and soon maxed out the skill.  I can’t see her completing her LTW as I will be focused on Hannah and kids going forward.


Speaking of Hannah I have her working on guitar skill for her LTW and job.


Birthday time for Noyon!

Hang on. Tenderheart that is not appropriate 1920s attire.

Noyon: *stares intently at cake*


There much better.

Noyon: Caaakkkeee


The whole family files into the kitchen to cheer him on as the sparkles engulf him.


Here he is as a YA.  I just had to use that curly moustache.  He is the first sim I have had that can pull it off. XD  His new trait is Bookworm and his LTW is Star News Anchor.


He is promptly kicked out.


I kick these two out at the same time to make room for future babies.


Before that though Hannah needs to get a husband and I have the perfect candidate in mind.  For those who don’t know this is Rory Mendoza from my Mendoza ISBI.  I have been planning to do this for a while now, I chose Rory as he is one of my favourite spares.

Hannah: So you come from one of these legacy things as well.  You should be used to being followed everywhere then.

Rory: I have a sinking feeling about this.


The two actually get along really well which pleases me.


Hannah: Want to be my boyfriend?

Rory: Sure. ❤


Hannah: Kissy?

Rory: Nope.

How does that makes sense? They are in a steady relationship yet he won’t let her kiss him.


Back home the family are being so interesting.


Ooh I haven’t seen that painting before.  It’s pretty so I kept it.


This is Arora’s friend from school.  His name is Joseph Morgan, I like him.


He lives in this lovely little purple house with his family.


I then got bored and changed his skin and hair colour. 😀



Nala: I dropped something important. I can almost reach it.


Nala: Ew, something just crawled over my hand.


Just Harmony flexing her childish trait with a freezer bunny toy.


Birthday time again! Nen and Izzi this time.


Nen is up first.  Conrad seems unfazed that he is out in the sunlight.



Izzi is next.

Conrad: It’s rather warm out here.


They both turned out great and Conrad did not burn up so win win!


Here is Nen as a YA.  His new trait is Hot headed.


This is Izzi as a YA.  Her new trait is Born Saleswoman and her LTW is The Fairy Tale Finder.

I will out them up for download when I have time.


Bye guys.


Time to get things moving along.  Hannah invites Rory over and proposes.


I waste no more time and get the pair married straight away.


The first thing Rory does as a member of the family is to talk to the chickens.  His LTW involves the inventing skill which I have not played around with for a while.  I am looking forward to that.


He also brought this little guy with him.  The little cutie is called Jake and he is staying because he’s a cat. ❤


That’s all for now.  Thanks for reading. x


One thought on “Chapter 6.1 Roaring into the 1920’s

  1. Hmm.. maybe Rory was saving his first kiss for marriage? Who knows lol. I love the chicken coop. The jokes and riddles are pretty cute. Gah, and Jake the kitten. Love him XD

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