Chapter 5.12 The End?

Despite all the issues I am having with this family I shall carry on regardless!

Last time there were birthdays & Conrad became a vampire.  There was also an heir poll.

I can now reveal that the winner with a massive 50% of the vote is Hannah.  She will be taking us into the 1920s.

beginning (1)

In the meantime though life goes on.  Izzi and Arora are reading.

beginning (2)

The boys however and not being quite so civil.  They do not always get along and I often find them bickering.

Noyon: I don’t care what anyone else says your paintings suck!

Nen: But Mum told me they were good. 😥

beginning (3)

Hi Danablu! 😀  Miss you.

beginning (4)

After his argument with his brother Noyon finds solace with the chickens.

Noyon: It’s so cute ❤

beginning (6)

I don’t think Harmony is going to complete her LTW before Hannah takes over.  She is only up to 10,000 out of 40,000.  I am finding it a hard one to complete as it is easy to forget the race time each day plus her and Otto’s needs are rarely in the green at the right time.  So I’m having her paint most of the time instead.

beginning (7)

That doesn’t mean I have given up completely.  Harmony still trains with Otto regularly trying to get that riding skill to level 10.

beginning (11)

Harmony: Who’s a good boy.

Otto: Me, now take me to me stall I’m hungry and need to poop.


Don’t mind Nen, he’s just brooding in a corner.  I just worked out that the Tiberium (the large green one) on the table behind him has been in the family since Maddie found it in China.  That makes it 7, almost 8 generations so far.


Nala is still here, she does have high piano skill though and fills the house with pleasant sounds daily.  At the last check she is a grand age of 115

Nala: You shouldn’t reveal a lady’s age.

I can and I will.


Aww these two are still in love.  I love autonomous romance, so cute. ❤


Izzi decided to set a bobytrap while her father was in the room.  Resulting in her being grounded.  She then did it again straight away and got put in a time out! XD

Conrad: Yeah! I’m an awesome parent!

No you just have idiots for children.


Arora: I feel very uncomfortable dining with a ghost.

Derek: This painting makes me uncomfortable.


Izzi did some chores and Nala let her of the hook.


Spring came meaning all the plants needed watering when they came out dormant status.  I thought it was so sweet when Noyon came along to help his Mum.


Hmm there seems to be a group of random people in the house, what could this mean?

Nala: They really like my tunes?


Nope, it’s Hannah’s birthday.


Some of the guests showed up to cheer her on.


Then in an explosion of sparkles Hannah becomes a Young Adult and a new generation can begin.


She’s so pretty despite the ugly hair.


There that’s better. Her new trait is Artistic and her LTW is Master of the Arts meaning she has to master the guitar and painting skills.  Hopefully I will have better luck with that one.


The rest of the party was boring and it kind of fizzled out.


This is were I take the decision to move towns to try and solve some of the issues I am having.  Had my fingers crossed here.

Nala: At my age I can’t cross anything.


So Nala mounts Otto and gallops off toward the new town leaving everyone else to take a huge entourage of taxis.  Seriously they all got in one on their own.  Oh Amilia and Tenderheart and coming as well as are all the graves.


Yes I know it’s Roaring Heights, the same town that the Mendoza’s are in but I don’t the time to build a house from scratch and the prebuilt ones are reasonably nice here.

Oh hang on they aren’t dressed appropriately.


There that’s better….

Game: Error 12


Yep, that about sums up how I felt at the time.  I have a few options to try so hopefully I can get this save back to a working state somehow.  If not I have Hannah saved already so I will just start gen 6 as a new file with her on her own in Roaring Heights.  I hope it doesn’t come to that though.


2 thoughts on “Chapter 5.12 The End?

  1. D: Good luck with the options to try and keep the save. It would break the family tree but you could save the sims in the house. Start a new file all together. Bring all of them into a family, set the relationships and then plop their old house in a new town and plop in the family. It will take some time but I know it saved my ISBI in generation 3 ish. Good luck!

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