Chapter 5.11 Transformation

Hi, I’m back with another instalment for you!


There’s been a song on the radio a lot this week and when I hear it this is all I can think off! XD

For the benefit of those who don’t know who the two guys are, they are two British comedians called Keith Lemon and Paddy Guinness.  They did is as part of the BBC’s Comic Relief appeal as is really funny.

Moving on, last time there were birthdays and Nala refused to die.

Screenshot-9 I lost some photos so we start with Noyon’s birthday. I really need the next house to have a better place for indoor birthdays.



Nen: Woo! Cake! 😀

Noyon: *breaks jaw growing up*


Just Noyon looking as creepy as ever.


Here he is after his Victorian(ish) makeover.  His new trait is Green thumb


Hannah has taken to playing the piano and is currently up to level 4.  Not bad going on free will is it?

Also I really need to get rid of the cat stuff…or maybe get another cat.  Maybe when the file is running smoother.


Noyon: Can’t you just leave me alone.  It was fun when I was kid now it’s just annoying.

Patterns: I can’t leave, we are BFFs for life.

*puts in butt pocket of family member when Noyon is asleep for dumping later*

Patterns: 😦

Izzi and Nen both had a wish to joy ride on the sofa so I let them.  Didn’t know they gain plus plus points if they did it together.  Nice bonus.  I took a few photos and couldn’t decide which I liked best so enjoy this mini spam.


Screenshot-22 Screenshot-23 Screenshot-24

Noyon: Ugh you don’t have to hit me quite so hard.

Nala: Not bad for a woman over 110 years old is it?


Oh yes Conrad had a wish to become a vampire so we invited his boss over who he is good friends with and the dead was done.


Fausto: Mmm, not bad. A little metalic maybe.


While he was here Conrad tried asking for a promotion but it didn’t go well.


Random Guy: Hey kids check out my neat photo taking tricks.

It’s birthday time again! Nen and Izzi this time.


Nen: Looking good or what.



Now you are.  His new trait is Brooding.


Izzi is next.  Oh check out the triple synced tooting!


Izzi: *emits sparkles*


These girls are so pretty.  Her new trait is Bot Fan.


This igloo and the one behind were both built by Nen.  He also built a Grim reaper snowman but I lost the photo.  Also I built a warmer shelter for Otto.


Transformation central!


Conrad: Nothing to see here.  All perfectly normal.

So your sudden glowing eyes are normal too huh?

Conrad: Yup


I love the little Vs when vampires sleep.  I never tire of seeing it.


Hannah brought this guy back from school.  Turns out he is Conrad’s son from his SP marriage.  His name is Neil Limb.  I left him like this as I couldn’t be bothered to change him.


Nala is Conrad’s first meal.  Love that facial expression.  Not sure she be my first choice to snack on but each to their own.


Nala had a wish to upgrade 15 objects.  Here she is upgraging her 15th, the fireplace.


I thought this was just so apt given the time period they are supposed to be in.


Harmony proving she doesn’t spend all her time training and racing with Otto.


Conrad continues to make his way around the family. The fridge is full of Plasma Juice you know.

Conrad: *slurps*


More birthdays!

Otto: About time I had a roof.


Hey you can see the remains of Nen’s snowman back there.


Arora: Ahem, focus on me please.


Arora’s new trait is Avant Garde.


Harmony became an adult but she looks the same so I didn’t take a makeover shot.

And that’s it for now.  Heir Poll will be posted shortly so watch out for that.

Till then…




2 thoughts on “Chapter 5.11 Transformation

  1. Wow, I am actually not as far behind in this blog as I thought I was. I feel somewhat better. I can’t believe Nala is still going so strong and upgrading objects. She has got to be one of the best elders I have ever seen. I hope that means she will still be around for awhile.

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