Chapter 5.10 Still here

Hi there, It’s taken a while due to spending most of my free time looking at baby stuff but I think I finally have this save working again.  It still has it’s problems and there might have to be a move in the near future but for now it’s working and that is good enough for me.

So, what happened last time… *goes to check* Oh yes! There was another baby and there were a lot of birthdays.


Conrad: Morning Son.

Nen: Morning Dad.


Even though I am just waiting for her to die, Nala still proves useful and teaches little Arora to talk.


With less toddlers around Harmony actually has time to work on her LTW.  She is now at level 7 of her riding skill but is only up to 4,000 out of 40,000 simoleons on her race winnings.  I can’t see her completing this before the next gen starts but we will give it a shot.


The kids still go to school.  I don’t have a mod to stop it and honestly I don’t want to do anything to upset the happy balance I have at the moment.  Anyway this what they do on arriving home. Cute but there is a table you could do that at.

Nen: The floor helps us think.


Despite how annoying it can be I still find the bedtime story interaction cute. ❤


Arora: I still here! look at me!


Ooh someone found the piano! Nala is up to 107 days now and still going strong.


So cute. ❤


Um, not so cute.  Nala, what are you doing in that unrendered dumpster? I sent you out to complete an opportunity.

Nala: *incoherant babbling muffled by rubbish*

Nala can now plant eggs and cheese btw.


Oops I forgot about Hannah’s birthday so she grows up alone, in the dinning room after eating mac & cheese


Hannah: Well this sucks


After makeover, she’s so pretty.  Her new trait is Loner.


That’s not very ladylike.

Hannah: No but it’s fun!


Hannah: Oh her birthday you remember.


Noyon: We have a maid?

Conrad: Not that she does anything.


Arora: Attention on me now. Birthday girl growing up here.


Oh dear that needs fixing right away.

Harmony: Woo! they can look after themselves now!! 😀


Ah much better.  Arora’s new trait is over emotional.


This is so cute, I have never seen this before.

Hannah: Mmm smells like chicken.


This is the closest I have ever had to a family meal with this lot.  Even if most of them don’t know what a table is for.

Patterns: I will never leave.

I blame you for messing up this file.  I should put you in the junkyard where you belong.


Harmony gained another level and can now do a heroic pose.  It’s good but not nearly as cool as this.

hero pose

It’s good but not nearly as cool as this.  I miss my Wii purely for this game.


Nen showing his artistic side.


And finally Noyon being creepy on the rocking horse in a onesie.


3 thoughts on “Chapter 5.10 Still here

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  2. Love it. Both the girls aged up great. You love Twilight Princess too!? Its my favourite Zelda game. Apparently they are remaking it for HD. They say it will be for the WiiU. I was really hoping it would be for the new system nintendo is planning on releasing but maybe it will be backwards compatible. The new open world Zelda is also going to be for the WiiU *disappointed*.

    Awesome chapter by the way. And I wanted to let you know I sent you a friend request on TS3 site. I’ve been trying to spend the remainder of my sims points so I’ve been buying everything on people’s wishlists. I almost have enough to buy you the spell book so keep tuned for that!

    • I love TP. I had it on Gamecube and Wii. I have neither now 😦
      I would be tempted by the WiiU if I wasn’t having a baby. Not sure I will get time for things like that!! 😀
      I saw your request thanks 🙂

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