Chapter 5.9 Many, Many Birthdays

Hello, wow it’s been ages since I last updated this.  To be fair though there has been a lot going on.  Had my first scan this week, saw my baby for the first time.  It was amazing to see.

Right so last time Nen was born, there were birthdays, little Izzi joined the family and there was a burnt cake.

sims  (3)

Alola: This dying plant worries me.

It’s not dying, just neglected.  Harmony barely has time for her LTW what with all the toddlers and babies.

sims  (5)

She does fit in a competition every now and then though. Another beginners race.  They won, got $600 and another trophy

sims  (6)

In a bout of sim logic Harmony then rode Otto and trotted all the way to her mother Amilia’s house for a party.

sims  (8)

She met her half sister Tenderheart who is now a teen.

sims  (9)

Who I gave a makeover to.   I did try to raise their relationship but these two do not get along at all. I still think Tenderheart is pretty though even if she is a clone.

sims  (11)

These birthdays just creep up on you don’t they.

Harmony: One less toddler to worry about.


sims  (15)

Conrad: Ha! ha! my son grew into a girl.

Noyon: Not funny dad.

sims  (16)

I took pity on him and gave him a makeover.  You will have to forgive some of the kids outfits.  Clothes fitting this era are very limited for children

His new trait is Unlucky.

sims  (19)

Another baby to add to the family.  This will probably be the last one.  This little one is called Arora which is a variation of Aurora.  Her traits are Genius and good.

sims  (21)

Oh great one of the IF dolls that I keep forgetting to get rid off came to life.  I really need to deal with them before any more spring into life.

Patterns: We will be BFFs for life.

Noyon: Your creepy.

sims  (23)

Yay the rocking horse has been found! Can you look a bit less creepy though.

sims  (24)

Conrad is the best dad.  He is more than happy to run around caring for his children.

Noyon: I wish you would stop following me.

Conrad: Who you talking to son.

Noyon: Oh uh, no one.

sims  (25)

Oh those dolls are definitely going.  Izzi’s glitched and now she plays with an invisible doll.

sims  (26)

Even when I can control them all the curse of the bedtime story still haunts us.  I don’t think that is an appropriate book for a child.

Conrad: Best he knows these things early.


sims  (27)

Oh look I forgot about Conrad’s adult birthday.  Spoiler not spoiler,  he looks the same

sims  (29)

Nala is now at 99 days and still with us.  That makes her 12 days over her expiry date.

Nala: People don’t have expiry dates silly.

No but sims do. 😀

sims  (30)

I love this photo. Makes it look like Nen is a mini vampire. If he plans to destroy that doll though I wont stop him.

sims  (31)

Noyon: My precious.

You are so creepy.

twit (3)

Conrad: I think we need more bookshelves.

Naya: *not really listening* ok

Otto: If it wasn’t for these stairs I would be able to go inside.

twit (8)

Nala: Who’s a little cutie.

LOL! I love this interaction.  I make Nala do this as often as possible. XD

twit (9)

Woo! more birthdays.  First up is Arora.

twit (11)

I randomised her face and gave her white hair.  I want variety and I shall have it.

twit (13)

Otto: Small human detected.  *sniff*

I honestly didn’t know horses could do this.  It is so adorable.

Arora: Kitty?

twit (14)

Next up is Izzi.

Izzi: I love Mama

twit (16)

Harmony: Better get the next one then.

twit (17)

twit (1)

Izzi’s new trait is light sleeper.

twit (4)

Last is Nen.

Otto: Don’t mind me, just passing through.

twit (6)

Hey Harmony hung around for this one.

Otto: See my butt.

twit (18)

Otto: What this photo needs is more me!

No it really doesn’t

twit (19)

I just had to use this outfit.  He is so cute.  His new trait is Neurotic.

twit (21)

That’s all I have for you for now.  I will leave you with Noyon talking to a random vampire that wandered onto the lot.


2 thoughts on “Chapter 5.9 Many, Many Birthdays

  1. Arora and Izzy are my favourites so far. I love the white hair on Arora. It’s so unique! All of the kids look so different from each other. I think that’s why I like the idea of an adoptacy more and more. There is so much variety!

    Congrats on your first scan. Glad everything is going well!

    • I haven’t had white hair on a sim since Zak Mendoza. (Apollo’s twin). I think Arora looks adorable with it. I do love doing an adoptacy not having to put the woman’s career and ltw on hold for a chain of pregnancies is great.

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