Chapter 5.8 A Burnt Cake

Last time Hannah became a cute toddler, Harmony found out she was pregnant & another child was adopted.


I found this a little creepy. Maddie watches over Nala while she sleeps.  I know Nala is at the end of her life bar but this is a bit too much.

Maddie: Join us.


Harmony is not letting pregnancy stand between her and Otto.  She still takes care of him even if she can’t ride him at the moment.


She does have a unique way of paying the bills though.


Which seems to have induced labour.

Harmony: Ow, now I remember why I chose to adopt the others.


I move her into another room so Noyon can get the attention he wants.

It’s a Boy! he has Conrad’s skintone! 😀

His name is Nen which is an Egyptian name meaning ‘ancient waters’

Nen is Artistic and a heavy sleeper.


Following the birth of one baby comes the birthday for another.  Little Noyon is growing up.


This is what he looked like before I randomised his face for those that are interested.


This is him now.  I kept his purple eyes but changed his hair colour to give a bit of variety. He is adorable in his little sailor suit. ❤


I moved all the cats in with Azrael and adopted a little girl.


Meet Izzi.  Izzi is Exictable and Good.

Conrad: Yay, another baby.


Noyon: Look at me, I’m cute.


Harmony is back in the saddle and off to her first competition.

Otto: Don’t worry I’ve got this.

winterton (1)

They came first! Harmony got $600 for winning.  So there’s a lot more races to win to complete her LTW.


Hannah: OMG this stuff is great!

winterton (2)

More birthdays! Hannah is up first.

winterton (3)

In a sim first, Harmony is taking the child AWAY from the fire.  I repeat AWAY from the fire! :O

winterton (4)

Let’s try that again.

Conrad: Thank Llamas it’s raining.

winterton (5)

Birthday cross-eyes

winterton (7)


winterton (8)

After. Her new trait is Never nude.  Very period appropriate. 🙂

winterton (11)

Izzi is next.

winterton (13)

Black hair, again. This will not do.

winterton (15)

One randomisation and makeover later = Cutie pie

winterton (17)

Finally we have Nen.

winterton (18)

What is it with my toddlers growing up with that hair

winterton (19)

Le gasp! He has Danablu’s hair! Danablu lives on! ❤

winterton (20)

Nala: Now that you are a big girl. I expect you to do your share of the chores.

Hannah: Yes, aunt Nala.

Well that’s all for now.  I shall finish with these shots of the kids being adorable.

winterton (21) winterton (22) winterton (23)


2 thoughts on “Chapter 5.8 A Burnt Cake

  1. OMG I love all the kids. I like how you randomize them in CAS to make them different. There must be something with that world that all of the babies for adoption have black hair. Its too bad they won’t let you know who the parents of adopted children are, even if they gray them out that they are from another town or something.

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