Chapter 5.7 Bring on the Kids

Hi how are we all?

I have decided to start a sims 4 legacy.  My main reason for doing this is to try and get into Sims 4 a bit more.  This is my founder Evelyn Ordonez.

08-13-15_4-26 PM

I have created the site but there is not much on it currently.  You can still check it out by clicking here.  I will try and have the first installment out by the end of the month.

As I said over on the Mendoza ISBI it’s been a while since the last post, sorry about that. My boyfriend has been upgrading our computer to windows 10 which meant a lot of fiddling around due to his backup system.  In the process I lost a lot of CC from sims. 😦 I am not that fussed though as I was going to do a purge on it all anyway.

So last time there was a party, Harmony finally became a Young Adult and then she found Conrad.  On a sadder note we lost Derek. 😦


Nala: Mirror, Mirror in the hall.  Will I live to see it all?

Magic Mirror: I am deeply sorry my dear lady but the current head of the household and the watcher desire more children.


Meanwhile Harmony continues to learn how to ride a horse.

Harmony: Isn’t there supposed to be a head?

Other way dear.


There you go.  Don’t they look great together.  I have set up training posts to the side of the house so they can train for their first race.


Conrad: Aw yis! I’m married! 🙂 ❤

That’s nice now go do something usefull.


Aw Conrad is such a great dad. I wish you was in my ISBI. ❤


Look at him he even bonds with his mother in law

Conrad: I, um, really like your cooking.

Nala: Harmony does most of the cooking.

Well he tries at least


Bonding with Otto however….



Not so good.

Conrad: Ow my butt.

Otto: I don’t like you.

Actually Otto has the Ornery trait, which is great fun!


It’s time for little Hannah’s birthday.  Yay!


Harmony: Geez do you have to blow those things so loud.

Nala: Yes I do.


Hannah: *sparkle farts*


Harmony: *baby pop*

I guess this is what happens when you have unpretected woohoo after getting married. 😀

Screenshot-23 Here is little Hannah after a makeover and a race randomisation.  Cute as a button. ❤


But why stop there, lets have another!


This one is Noyon. He is a Friendly, Couch Potato.


Vic twits (2)

Pregnancy does not mean Harmony can take things easily.  She has a household to run.

Harmony: Slave driver.

I think it’s time for a toddler spam, ready?

Vic twits (4) Vic twits (5) Vic twits (6)

I love her so much. ❤

Vic twits (7)

I love these guys as well but they are preventing me from adopting more kids.  I plan to move two of them in with Azrael so I don’t loose them totally.

Vic twits (10)

With it being the Victorian era Harmony teaches Hannah to talk the non cheaty way. 😥

Vic twits (13)

And I guess that’s it.  Sorry it’s a bit short but there really hasn’t been that much going on.  I shall leave you with this shot of Nala in the lastest addition to the house.

Till next time. x


3 thoughts on “Chapter 5.7 Bring on the Kids

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  2. Aww!! Hannah is so adorable and I love the toddler spam. It’s the best XD. And a new nooboo and baby on the way. When the cats and Azrael move out I have a feeling the house is going to fill up really quickly.

    I also went to your Sims 4 site and started following it so I will get the updates when you get your first chapter up. I have so many chapters to read from the weekend it is getting me in the mood to do some playing XD.

    • Thanks she is really cute. I want to try and get all the babies out of the way quickly so I can try and get Harmony’s LTW done.
      It will be sad to see the cats go but I hope I will be able to bring at least one of them back.
      Thanks for checking out my Sims 4 site. I am exicted to get started on that

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