Chapter 5.6 On a Manhunt

Well, it’s been a while since the last chapter.  So what have I been doing and why haven’t I been able to get a chapter out sooner?

First, I started my new job a couple of weeks ago which is going ok.  Glad to be working full time again. 🙂  Also I had my final exam for my AAT course (which I passed!). Happy days! 😀

Anyway enough about me.  Last time Azrael disapeared, reappeared then had a birthday, got married and moved out.  Kook became an adult cat and Nala became senile.


Look I have a baby gnome.  I thought you could only get those with a Mysterious Mr Gnome.

Also check out the Dr Evil pose on the Evil Gnome!

Evil Gnome: I will cover this lot in rubbish if I don’t get 1 million dollars

Go ahead then, this family hasn’t got anyway near that amount.


Otto: For me? You shouldn’t have.

Heartsong: What! the horse gets cake and us cats don’t.  I shall be taking this up with the management.

The cake is for Harmony not you guys.



Look party guests, with food! 😀  Idris is still cute even as an elder. ❤  Notice Goldilocks behind her?


Presto chango! I love this dress ❤ I think its a store one?

Goldilocks: Who invited you?

Amelia: I am still Harmony’s mother.


Cute mother daughter moment.  I still love her despite her affair.  I kind of regret moving her out now.



Birthday time!  Also the pregnant woman is Brie.



Otto: I want cake too.


Harmony: Ugh.

Brie: LOL that is the worst dress ever!

I have to agree with you there.


Cats: Cake now?


And here’s Harmony after… Harmony I am trying to show everyone how pretty you are, please don’t pull a face like that.

Harmony: The kid is in my shot.



Harmony: Better. 🙂

Ahem, let’s try that again.  Here’s Harmony after her much needed makeover.  Her new trait is Childish and her LTW is The Jockey which I haven’t done before so it should be fun.


We have another new gnome, the bunny one.  I have yet to name the evil one, the baby one and the bunny one.  I am trying to think of a naming theme for all future gnomes at the moment.


Proof that cats will on occasion use the things I buy for them.  Love that I caught them all using it at the same time.

Heartsong: I am tired of you butting in.  This is our family time.  Please go bother someone else.  Like that old man in the next room who smells funnier than usual.


Derek: Let me know when it’s over.  I can’t bear to see someone die.


Derek: Well this is jolly nifty.


Nala: Oh Derek must there always be something that comes between us?

Death: I don’t get paid enough to put up of this kind of nonsense.


Derek: Please don’t let me die yet. There is so much more I want to do.

Death: I have no sympathy for you. I know damn well what you want to do.

Cats:*waiting patiently to chew on corpse*

(any cat owner knows they probably would!)


I made this pretty burial plot for him with space for Nala.

Nala: Are you trying to get rid of me?

Well your lifebar is full and I do have plans for your space in the family.


Nala: How can I live without you~u


Part of Harmony’s LTW is to reach level 10 in riding skill. Since Otto is still a baby I sent her to the Library to study.

Harmony: and?


Fine, and to manhunt.  There were slim pickings at the library. I think this is Julian? correct me if I’m wrong.  Anyway Harmony didn’t like him.

Julian: Shame, we could have made sweet music together.

Harmony: Yeah, not going to happen.


This guy who’s name escapes me was also there.  They heartfarted but he was already taken.


After waiting a day or two this happened.


Otto became a big horse! Great Harmony can ride you now.

victorian twits (2)

Harmony and Otto’s first ride together.  Check out Otto’s fancy saddle gear.

victorian twits (3)

Naturally it did not end well.  This happened about 5 times before I let them quit.

victorian twits (6)

Harmony out on another manhunt.  This time at the cute little cafe.  This is Conrad Finlay and they heartfarted all over the shop.

victorian twits (9)

He was married but I couldn’t find anyone else I liked that was single so Conrad is Harmony’s man. I think they are cute together. ❤

victorian twits (10)

Cute chicky intermission. ❤

victorian twits (14)

Conrad got moved in and a makeover.  I may have altered his hair colour.

victorian twits (18)

Aw so cute.  Meet the new Mr & Mrs Winterton. (technically they are Finlay at the mo as Conrad was the one to propose but this will be fixed soon)

victorian twits (20)

Otto: *nomnomnom*

Loves-a-Lot: I hear a kitchen counter calling my name.

She always sleeps in the kitchen.

victorian twits (22)

Five chapters in and we have the first baby.  This is Hannah she is absent minded and clumsy.  Her features will be randomised when she becomes a toddler.

Conrad: Who’s daddy’s little princess? yes you are. ❤

victorian twits (24)


That’s all for now but I will end with this cute shot of Nala with Barney who has been living in Harmony’s butt pocket for too long.


2 thoughts on “Chapter 5.6 On a Manhunt

  1. I love Conrad and both of his hairs lol. I hope they will make at least one baby together.

    Aww.. bye Derek. You will be missed, but Charlotte is right. Both your and Nala’s paces are needed for nooboos! Still love ya, but the family must go on.

    Congrats again on the new job. I’m glad you’re liking it. As hard as it can be to get out of bed in the mornings some days it does feel good to work. I hope you keep enjoying it!

    • I love Conrad too. I do plan for them to have at least one baby.
      Despite everything Derek was still awesome and I will miss him. I plan for there to be at least 4 choices for heir this time so the space will be welcome!
      Thanks, I am finding mornings OK at the moment. Nice to have something to get up for!

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