Chapter 5.5 All I Want is a Friend

Before we get started I want to share two things with you that I am super exicted about at the moment.  First is this which was shown at the San Diego Comic Con this year. So looking forward to this film. Hope it’s better than the prequel trilogy.

Next is the trailer for Series 9 of Doctor Who which is due to start here in the UK in September.

This looks so cool, can’t wait for it to start.

Anyway on to the main event.  Last time Harmony and the family arrived in Moonlight Falls because basically I couldn’t be bothered to design a house from scratch and I love this town.  I have saved their Barnacle Bay house which they may return to at some point before gen 10, possibly.

Nala retired, Azrael got a girlfriend, Feta and Kidd had a little girl and moved out.


Harmony & Azrael still attend school.  I decided since my game is reletively stable with the mods I currently use I didn’t want to rock the boat by adding one for home schooling.  On this particular day they both got on the bus to come home and only Harmony managed to get home safely.  Azrael disapeared, completely.  I couldn’t find him anywhere in town and his potrait disappeared from the panel as shown in picture above.

I began to panic a little as I knew this can be a sign of a corrupt save.


Alula: I am very worried by the whole situation.


Nala & Harmony however, not so much.  Instead of joining the search they decide to play hopscotch instead.

Nala: He’ll show up.


Thankfully I managed to get him back by removing him from the household via edit town and putting him back.  Unfortunately I lost everything that was in his pockets but I don’t think there was anything important lost.

Azrael: What did I miss?


Derek: Do you know what I miss most about our time, rubber duckies.  Bath time just isn’t the same without those adorable little things.

Nala: How old are you?


LOL I love the way Nala walks with her stick.  That face! XD

Nala: This is my ‘don’t go in there for at least 10 minutes’ face.

Gee thanks for sharing.


Alula: I’m so lonely, all I want is friend.

Evilgnome: All the plants are belong to me. >:)


Azrael: Want to be besties?

Harmony: If it shuts you up, then yes.

Azreal: *squeals* 😀


Harmony is the main gardener now that Nala is on free will.  It’s hard to maintain anything bigger than this without using sprinklers.


Birthday time! Azrael is growing up.  I invited Cecila over so I could age her up too.  I want them to marry and have babies.

Ignore Nala’s swimsuit, it’s the best I could do.


Azrael goes first and he doesn’t look that different.  His new trait is loves the cold and I forgot what his LTW is.


Next is Cecila.


Oh dear, we were doing so well.

Cecila: This is what all the fashionable people are wearing this season.

Don’t care if it is hold still a sec.



There, much better.  You so pretty. ❤


With them both as young adults I tried to get them married but Cecila wasn’t having any of it.

Cecila: Ew get of, I have a boyfriend.


twit (1)

Quick intermission to show you Azrael’s new look.

twit (7)


In the end I had to move Cecila in and have her spam a few romantic interations for a bit before Azrael finally got the option to propose.

Cecila: *gasp* what’s in the box?

Derek: Don’t mind me just an old man looking to feed himself.

Cecila’s dress is from All About Style btw

twit (9)

Nala: *opens door onto Derek*

Derek: *in quite a lot of pain*

Cecila & Azrael: *carry on regardless*

twit (12)

Wasting no time they have a private wedding in the hallway.

Nala: I’ve got front row seats to this show.

twit (14)

Straight after the wedding they are kicked out with one of the kittens to start their new life as a married couple.  Good luck guys!

twit (16)

Loves-a-Lot: My little baby is growing up.

twit (18)

He looks a lot like his father but still very cute.  I got the naming themes mixed up before.  Naming theme for this gen should be palindromes, game of thrones is for the Mendoza ISBI so this guy is now Kook.

twit (19)

Harmony has taken to the piano and is getting rather good at it.  I have to say without TVs, computers etc they all seem to be at a loss as to what to do.

twit (21)

Oh dear plumbobs Nala’s gone senile.  *Added censor to protect her dignity*

twit (23)

Nala: *doesn’t give a damn*


twit (25)

That is very creepy Nala, stop it. O_o

Harmony: *trying not to notice naked old lady*

twit (26)

Look I got a horsey! Isn’t he cute. ❤ His name is Otto.

twit (28)

Otto: *is scared for life*

Harmony: Aunt Nala, please put some clothes on.

Nala: This is the way god made me.  I have no need to feel embarrassed.

twit (30)

Aww so cute. ❤

twit (31)

Alula stated to attract ghosts to the lot.  This one is called Hugh Thanasia.  Such a great name!

twit (33)

Harmony & Otto are now friends.  In other news Nala found her clothes, hurray!

twit (34)

Just to prove the cats are still here.

twit (36)

To keep everyone entertained I added a couple of new things.  One of them is this crystal ball.  Nala was the first to find it.  It told her she needed to work harder at her dream career and gave her an unlucky moodlet.

Nala: The jokes on you, I already achieved my dream. XD

twit (38)

I also got the chicken coop.  Nala is asking a question here, I forget what it was.

twit (40)


That’s about it for now, I shall leave you with a visit from Nina who was also brought here by Alula.




3 thoughts on “Chapter 5.5 All I Want is a Friend

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  2. I love Alula. Did she come with midnight hollow? And Otto is adorable. I love Paint coloured horses. They’re so flashy. That should give Harmony a quick way of getting around town.

    I am actually beyond excited for the new Star Wars movie. I hope it’s better than the prequel trilogy as well. They picked the worst possible actor for Anakin *sigh*

    • I got Alula from the Claw Machine. I saw someone get one on another blog (I forget which one) and I had to get one.
      I love Otto, not had a horse in game for ages. Plus with cars not technically invented yet Harmony needs another way to get around.

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