Chapter 5.4 Back in Time

Hi there! Summer has finally arrived here in the UK. Reached highs of 34 C where I am! Bit too hot for me, felt like I was melting.

Last time Nala completed her LTW, the family got cats, Feta had her baby and Harmony became a teen.  I left you with Harmony jumping into the time machine so lets see what happened.

For something of a transition this is my attempt at a story, hope you like it.  This will just be for this chapter because I enjoyed doing this when the Mendoza legacy became a ISBI.


When Harmony stepped into the time machine she was hoping for a little fun in the past.  She did not imagine that things would go so wrong.  There was a malfunction with the time machine on the journey home.  Time energy came bursting out, engulfing the whole lot.  Harmony, her family and their pets were all sent back in time.  When they could all see they found they were not in Barnacle Bay any more.


“What the hell happened?!” Azrael exclaimed.

“Where are we?” Ricotta cried

Their sudden change of clothes and location had made everyone frightened and confused.  As the new head of the family Harmony knew she had to take charge and calm everyone down.  She was young though, only recently becoming a teenager, Harmony was unsure if they would even listen to her.

“Please calm down everyone,” Harmony said in a loud voice. She then tried to explain what happened the best she could.  Though she was unsure is they would even believe her. After all beside’s Pete and Zelda she was the youngest of the family. “There was a problem with the time machine. It appears we have all been sent back in time.”

“Your father should never have brought the damn thing” Nala commented. “Time was his obsession and ultimately his downfall.”

“This isn’t helping Nala” Derek told his wife quietly.  He knew she held a lot of anger towards her brother for his actions. Nala had hated all the futuristic toys Danablu brought back from the future.


After further discussions they deduced they were in the Victorian era.  They all decided to abandon all technology from their time as live as people of the time.  Nala’s daughters Brie & Ricotta, her great Aunt Idris and her children Edam and Goldilocks decided to find a place of the own.

Everyone else went inside to inspect their new home.


While the cats were happy wherever they were the rest of the family felt the house was too small.  They could never be happy in this house.


They moved to a larger house nearby recently vacated by the Doe family. The house was light, spacious and welcoming.  Harmony and her family new they had found their new home.

Minimal alterations were needed and the property came fully furnished which was a blessing considering the family’s limited finances.


Nala knew she would be unable to continue her job in science here so she retired. She had achieved her lifelong dream of becoming a creature robot cross-breeder anyway. Everyone came and celebrated her retirement which Nala appreciated.  She had no idea what the yeti signs were for though.

“It’s the retirement yeti” Azrael told her simply.


After dicussing their plans with the others Feta and Kidd decided it was the right time to move out. Kidd started to look for a new home for his family.

“We want another child.” Feta told her parents. “Their just isn’t room here for all of us.”

“My little girl is all grown up” Nala sobbed. “Just take care of my little grandbaby you here.”

Screenshot-9 Screenshot-10Feta and Kidd said their goodbyes. They were sad to be leaving but excited to be starting a new chapter of their lives.


Nala needed some time alone to adjust to their new life.  She went to the park next door where she found a small garden.  Keen to start a new garden of her own she harvested the crops to plant in her garden.  Nala found the solitude calming and she was able to process what had happened.



While at the park Nala met a local man by the name of Chester Bedlam Winchester.  He was happy to inform her that they were in Moonlight Falls.  Nala was speechless, she couldn’t believe they were so far away from Barnicle Bay in distance as well as time.

Intermission for kitty cuteness. ❤

Screenshot-18 Twits (14) Twits (15)

Heartsong: Just keep pooping, just keep pooping

Twits (48)

Intermission end


Upon her return to the family home Nala planted her newly found seeds.  She had to be quick though as winter was coming.  She prayed they would still be alive in the spring.


Meanwhile Harmony, keen to start her duties as heir decided to cook dinner for everyone. She had never cooked before though and burnt her first attempt.

Twits (1)


“I hope everyone is ok with salad” Harmony apologised.

“It’s delicious” Derek said with a smile.  Even though she was not related to him he was proud of her for trying her best.  They ate the salad with no complaints and the leftovers were put away for the next day.

Twits (2)

With Harmony and Azrael at school the next day.  Nala and Derek took the time to rebuild their relationship.

“Remember this is your last chance.” Nala warned as they embraced on the cold winter morning. “No second chances.”

“I understand” Derek said.  He admitted his night with Amilia was a moment of weakness.  He was unable to promise Nala that it wouldn’t happen again though.  He had seen Amilia in town with their daughter and he couldn’t deny he still felt something for her.

Twits (4)

With no tv or games console Azrael turned to music for his entertainment.  He still had his guitar that Nala had brought him for his birthday and he had realised that he enjoyed the piano also.

Twits (9)

Nala sighed as a torrent of water exploded out of the toilet drenching her new dress.

“I had forgotten what happens when their are teens in the house.” Nala said drying herself off.

Twits (13)

One of the family’s new neighbours, a woman by the name of Ada came over to welcome them to the town.  Derek was amused by her brightly coloured outfit.  It seemed so out of place.  He made her feel welcome anyway.  He learnt that she was vampire after she asked for a taste of his blood.  He was a bit creeped out and wondered if their were any more of her kind in town.  Derek began to worry about the safety of Tenderheart.

Twits (16)

Ada had gifted Harmony with a dragon egg as a housewarming gift.  She was so exicted to see the egg hatch having only seen dragons on tv before now.  Harmony made sure to talk to the egg constantly.

Twits (24)

Harmony was so happy when a little purple dragon hatched out the egg.  She named it Barney and the two soon became firm friends.

Twits (32)

Derek was keen to get out and see more of the town. While out walking he found a festival going on in one of the parks.  He was surprised to see a machine from his own time and wondered if they had actually travelled in time.  He loved the ghostly gnome he won from the machine and named it Alula.

Twits (34)

It amused Harmony greatly how all four of the family’s cats would great her upon her arrival home.  Harmony made sure to take the time to pet each one of them.

“Azrael not with you?” Nala asked as she walked in the hallway.

“He’s out with a girl.” Harmony said.

Twits (37)

The girl in question was Cecila Evans.  Azrael had met her at school and asked her out on a date.  He offered her flowers when she arrived.  He couldn’t help but notice her very modern clothing.

“To match your beauty” He said smiling at her.

“Oh thank you” Cecila said.

Twits (41)

Things went well and Azrael got his first kiss with Cecila.  He was afraid she was going to pull away at first but she soon melted into his arms and kissed him back.

Twits (47)

Before heading home Azrael made things official with Cecila and they became an item.  They made a promise to marry on their 18th birthday.

Authors note: The naming theme this generation is Palindromes hense the gnome’s name.  It was Cecila who asked Azrael on a date but I felt for story purposes and the time they are supposed to live in I felt it would be better if it was Azrael had asked her.

Please ignore Harmony’s outdoor wear.  There are no full length skirts available for teens as outdoor wear. I had to make do with what I had.  I will try not to show her in her outdoor wear too much

Next time normal service will resume.


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