Chapter 5.3 Wibbly Wobbly Timey Whimey

Hi everbody! I found a box in the attic over the weekend full of my old game boy stuff.  I was so surprised to find that I not only still had my game boy colour but that it still worked.


I also found the very first game boy game I ever brought, Pokemon Yellow. It looks a bit worn out now but it still works and still saves! I used to love that little Pikachu followed you around.  Shame they didn’t put that feature in other games 😦


Right then, on to the Wintertons.  Last time Derek tried to freeze himself to death (luckily he didn’t succeed!), Azreal 2.0 became a teen, Feta became pregnant and they family got cats.


Nala: *mini fist pump* Woo!

Nala level 9 Nala LTW fin


Nala got promoted to level 9, finally and completed her LTW.




Nala: This makes me happy. I get to do what I want now. *rolls wish to retire*


Feta: Is it freaky that you came back from heaven?

Azrael: I’ve never been to heaven. I think being pregnant is messing with your head.



Feta: Oh dear watcher it’s a burglar! MUM!


Kidd: It’s only me babe.

Feta: Remember I work out. Do that again and you will wish you hadn’t

It’s nice to see couples still in love! XD


So this is what Nala all the time now she is on free will.  It attracts sims like flies are attracted to anything I trying to eat outside.


Derek: I’m tired of that house. I’m going build me a new one.


Harmony had an opportunity to catch butterflies for school.  She is so cute. ❤



Loves-a-lot: I’m pregnant, move aside.

YAY kittens!



Derek: *manditory baby voice* who’s the cutest wittle blue kitty cat.  You’re not a wittle monster are you?

Heartsong: You are blocking my route to my water bowl.  Kindly move aside.

There are no water bowls for cats in sims 3.

Heartsong: Well then I shall die of thirst.


Derek has found the street art kit in his inventory and now the house is filled with his art.  Due to his Avant Garde trait he levels up the street art skill ridiculously fast.


I like Derek and did not want to break up him and Nala so I made him apologize then left them to it to see if they made up.

Derek: I’m sorry I slept with Amilia. It was a moment of weakness. I promise I won’t do it again.

Nala: I’ll give you one last chance. Screw it up and I’ll kick you out myself.


Aw they made up, they then autonomously went upstairs for make up woohoo but you don’t need to see that.



I’ll show you this instead.  Look Loves a Lot co-ordinates with Kidd.

Loves-a-Lot: *purrs*


Inspired by Nala’s talent on the guitar Azrael tries out the laser thingy.  He is not very good.


Heartsong: DIE PAPER NO ONE READS!! >:)


Loves-a-lot: *hacks up hairball*

Ah the joys of owning cats! 😀


Derek is covering the house with his art again.  This time he is doing a mural.


It’s so pretty.  It was a masterpiece apparently.Kidd in gaol


Kidd got taken to jail again and got this popup.  It made me laugh! XD


Nala had a wish to catch 10 fish so she is at the beach.  Also there was a very pregnant Brie who decided it was the perfect time to go into labour.


Being the amazing mother she is Nala took Brie to the hospital.

Nala: Are you sure you don’t want me to drive.

Brie: No, I got this.  I don’t like other people driving my new car.


She had a little boy called Pete.  The father is a guy called Dude La Mer.  He has a mullet!


Nala even to them home.  How sweet is that little house.  I love the mailbox too.  Why don’t the Wintertons have that one.


Cute kitty intermission


Feta: Heavenly cheesecake it feels like a watermelon is trying to escape me! Hospital NOW!

Kidd: *is generally unhelpful*



At that exact same time it’s Harmony’s birthday.

Loves-a-lot: Why is this not more about me?


Kidd: Come on, nearly there.


That is the most pitiful birthday cheering squad I think I have seen.



Feta had a little girl.  Since her kid is not technally part of the main bloodline I didn’t use the new naming theme.  Instead her name is Zelda.  For those that are interested her traits are Evil and easily impressed.


Here is Harmony as a teen. I didn’t write down her new trait.  I will have to add that next time.

twit (1)

Final birth day.  Loves-a-lot had her kittens.  They are both boys so I couldn’t resist using the new naming theme for them.  The naming theme this time is Game of Thrones.  These two little cuties are now Bran & Rickon.

twit (2)

Harmony: A time machine, neat.  I heard my dad liked time travel.  Shouldn’t be that hard.

twit (3)

Harmony: Here I go!

Just be careful please.

twit (4)


Time Maching: Wibbly Wobbly Timey Whimey

Next time the new rules take effect and I should have a new header done by then too.

See you then, bye bye.



3 thoughts on “Chapter 5.3 Wibbly Wobbly Timey Whimey

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  2. I have my GBC too, it’s purple 😀 I didn’t get into Pokemon until gen II, but my Gold game still works 😀 Admittedly I have now moved onto emulators to play the more recent games, but anyway…

    Harmoney grew up very nicely, love the hair/hat you used. Hopefully she gets something good from the time machine!

    • I’ve still got most of my pokemon games. I have silver but the game won’t save anymore.
      I was really glad to find that hat, I can’t remember the site I got it from though. I don’t think she got anything from the time machine sadly. Still it made a good transistion.

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