Chapter 5.2 Little Ball of Fluff

Last time Derek, Feta and Harmony had birthdays, Amilia had her baby which turned out to be a clone of her.  Feta married Kidd Gilscarbo-Goldbeard and I got my first Gnome grave!

Let’s kick things off this time with this cute pic of Feta reminded us all that she’s married.

i'm married

Feta: *sigh* I’m married.

Kidd: That’s nice honey, but could you move your skinny butt.  You’re standing between me and my dinner.


Not sure what to do with Harmony at the moment so I leave her on free will most of the time.  She has taken to painting a lot.


Kidd: Mwa ha ha! All the foods are belong to me!! >:D


Azrael 0.2 is still here.  (I actually changed his new to that in game!) He rolled a wish to learn logic so that’s what he is doing.


As most of my simmie kids do when they learn logic Azrael wanted a chemistry set.  Be careful with that.

Azrael: Relax, I got this.



Azrael: Oh poop.


I don’t mind sims playing in the pool but in the middle of winter? while it’s snowing?

Derek: A brisk swim in icy waters makes me feel alive.

Whatever keeps you happy, just don’t go dying on me.


As Feta has a job in journalism she needs to raise her writing skill so she is starting on her first novel.  I can’t remember what I called it.

Feta: Nice to see you care about us enough to remember these things.

Thanks 😀


Derek: I’m so cool. 😀

Uh oh.



These sims will be the death of me. -_-


Kidd got a job in the criminal career.  As you can see his first day went well.

Kidd: Don’t let them take me to jail.  I’m to cute to go to jail. 😥


These two bonded over starting a snowman army.

Azrael: I wonder if there’s a potion to make him real.

Harmony: So hungry, my stomach is eating itself.

You know where the fridge is.


It’s a good job there is another source of food.  Also I thought I got rid of that creepy thing.

Puddles: I will always find her.

There was an advert on TV for a new cadburys choc when I named it! 😀


Hi Danablu!


Feta: I’m hungry for you.

I’ll go somewhere else….


Nala: Woo! Birthday time!! 😀

Azrael: Do you have to stand so close and be so loud.


Azreal: I wish for Nala to choke on that thing.

Aw be nice.


Azreal: I’m a stud. ❤


Azrael: Could you not hold the crazies in for one day.

Nala: I’m not crazy, my mother had me tested.


twits (1)

Here is Azrael after his makeover.  He has an interesting face.  His new trait is Family Orientated.

twits (4)

Derek then froze himself again.  I am thinking of blocking of the pool in winter.  He’s going to kill himself.

twits (7)


I have been feeling this house was missing something.  Then it clicked, they needed kitties! Every home needs a cat!! 😀

The blue one is Heartsong and the pink one is Loves-a-Lot.  I used the Care Bears naming theme for them. They will be making kittens.

Lets take a moment to check out what they did on entering the house.

twits (8)

Loves-a-Lot: The feeding station is lacking in food. This is unacceptable, please remedy this immediately.

twits (9)

Heartsong: That’s a nice table, I shall name it my new scratching post.

twits (11)

Harmony: Aww ❤ Who’s a cute ball of fluff. ❤

Loves-a-lot: What does a girl have to do around here to get a drink?

twits (13)


Heartsong: You brought this for me? I solemnly swear never to sleep here.

Anyone who owns a cat will know how true this is! 😀 My cat prefers my bed to his own. XD

twits (14)

Holy red plumbob of death what is that!

twits (15)

Heartsong: Finally! I found the human’s drinking fountain.

twits (16)

Loves-a-Lot: You should pay close attention to this cookery show tiny human. I expect food of this quality at my next mealtime.

twits (19)

Heartsong: This toy is acceptable but I’m ready for tuna now.

twits (20)

Azrael: When did we get this neat fish pond.

That’s a wishing well, not a fish pond.

Azrael: *catches shark*

I stand corrected. O_o

twits (21)

This is to mark the completion of Derek’s last novel.  He know earns over $5000 in royalties.  He is now left on free will all the time.

twits (22)

twits (24)

With Azrael becoming a teen I felt a need to redecorate his room.  I felt this was more suitable.

twits (27)

Feta has a present for her shower with Kidd.

Feta: Nooboo. ❤

twits (28)


But more important than that, kittens are on the way!! 😀

That’s it for the moment.  Next time Harmony becomes a teen and there may be kittens.


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