Chapter 5.1 The Legacy Continues

So last time Danablu took the lazy/easy option to loosing weight with the dreampod, Amilia had woohoo with Derek which resulted in her becoming pregnant.  Danablu & Amilia got married with Danablu unaware of Amilia’s affair.  Finally, my precious heir came to an early end via the jetpack. 😥

Now I left you guys with a poll to decide the future of this legacy didn’t I? Want to see the results? Yes? Good because here they are.

Poll Results


With a massive 67% of the vote I will be carrying on with Harmony as the new heir. (hense the chapter number)

excitedapplauseminionsdespicable-me (1)

(Couldn’t resist using this again. I love it!)

Thanks for everyone who voted.  I am not counting the vote for finishing the legacy as that was my boyfriend messing around. He said he was ‘helping’ with the vote.  I have told him he is not to mess with my polls in future.

Anyway enough intros, lets get this show on the road!

Gen 5 (4)

Amilia: So, um you know that afternoon we spent together in Azrael’s room?

Derek: Yes I remember it fondly.

Amilia: Good because we will soon have something physical to remind us of it. I’m pregnant!

Gen 5 (7)

Derek: Awesome! I look forward to being a dad again.

Note: Derek is blue as he has been at the jelly bean tree

Gen 5 (12)

With that out of the way, onwards to birthdays! Derek is becoming an old man and Feta is becoming an young adult.

Gen 5 (15)

Derek: No wait! I don’t want to be old. 😥

Gen 5 (17)

Derek: On second thoughts, this isn’t bad.

I actually liked the outfit he aged up in so he kept it.

Next it’s Feta’s turn

Gen 5 (18) Gen 5 (20)


I like her. ❤ I did give her a makeover but I failed at getting a CAS shot.  Never mind you’ll see her new look soon enough. Her new trait is Charasmatic.

Gen 5 (21)

Toddler training is underway. Nala is actually multitasking here.  She is listening to a gardening tabcast as she is so close to mastering gardening. I think it might be a bit early in her life to teach Harmony about gardening though.

Nala: She is the new heir so needs to know this stuff.

Gen 5 (22)


Included because of the cuteness ❤

Gen 5 (26)

With Danablu gone I send Nala to shut of the time portal.  I also removed the door of life and death as I have new plans for that space.

Gen 5 (27)

I got my first ever Gnome grave. Salam has died making Stilton the family’s only gnome.

Gen 5 (30)

Harmony is rarely alone for long.  The whole family loves her to pieces.

Interacting with Harmony also helps Feta’s social need which falls at a faster rate thanks to her social butterfly trait.

This next part is very Feta heavy.  She is staying in the house for a while as it would be foolish to leave her care entirely to the elders.  

Gen 5 (31)


Feta’s LTW is Star News Anchor so I sent her out to get a job in journalism.  You can see her makeover here.  I wanted to give her a smarter look to match her aspiration.

Feta: I will be the best Paper Girl this town has ever seen.

That’s the spirit, set your sights high! 😀

Gen 5 (32)

Feta: Well of I go to graduate.

I wish this part wasn’t mandatory. -.-

Gen 5 (35)

The family takes the time after Feta’s graduation to mourn the loss of Danablu.  😦

Gen 5 (37)

I didn’t get the notification of her graduation results but I am not really bothered.

Coral: So this is the girl my brother is dating


Gen 5 (34)

This is Coral’s brother Kidd Gilscarbo-Goldbeard. He is Feta’s boyfriend.  The man behind him is his father Thomas. He doesn’t look to bad, I might let her keep him.

Feta: 😀

Gen 5 (38)

Meanwhile back at the house…

Amilia: I can’t believe you didn’t tell me you were married! 😡

How long have you lived in this house?

Derek: But pumpkin…

Gen 5 (39)

Amilia: Don’t you pumpkin me, you no good Llama dropping!

I was going to play this differently but it still solves the problem! 

Gen 5 (40)

Nala is still on toddler training duty.  Look how close she is to finishing her last skill.

Nala: Come on sweetie, you’re nearly there.

Gen 5 (41)


Some sims followed the family home from graduation.  The old lady next to Derek is Kidd’s mother Alice.  The other graduate is Feta’s high school friend Sophie Tang.

Gen 5 (42)

Nala was invited to Idris’s party but she was busy so I sent Feta instead.  Her boyfriend Kidd was there.  I am letting them stay as a couple but a couldn’t leave him looking like that.



There much better.  The only things I changed were I shrunk his overly crooked nose and made his eyes a little bigger.  I have another reason for making him look like this, he will be appearing in the Mendoza ISBI in the near future.

Gen 5 (44)

I think Feta approves of his new look.  That old lady watching is an elderly Duchess.  She makes a cute elder.

Gen 5 (45)

Feta: Now you have been madeover how about marrying me and moving into the legacy house.

Kidd: OMG I thought you’d never ask.

Gen 5 (47)

Kidd: He he he I got a shiny!

Gen 5 (48)


Aww ❤

Gen 5 (49)

I went back to house while they celebrated their new engagement to see what everyone else was doing.  I laughed when I saw this!

Nala: Hurry up and have that baby, I want you and it out of my house and away from MY husband.

Gen 5 (52)

Back to Feta and the pair are now married.  Welcome to the family Kidd!

Gen 5 (60)

YAY Danablu came to visit! 😀 I really like his ghost.  It’s so pretty.

Gen 5 (59)

Finally, it feels like you have been pregnant for ages.

Gen 5 (64)

Danablu: OMG she’s having a baby. Is it mine?

Amilia: You really are clueless aren’t you?

These two were showing up as engaged in the freindship panel so I used MC to remove it.

Gen 5 (66)

Amilia: Ha ha it tickles.

I have never heard of childbirth being described like that before. o_O

Gen 5 (69)

Say hello to Tenderheart.  I liked the naming theme and wanted to use it for her.


This is Tenderheart bear

Mother daughter



Since Tenderheart will be moving out with her mother I thought I would show you all what she looks like grown up.  I have done a side by side comparision with Amelia to show you how much Tenderheart looks like her mother.

Gen 5 (71)


Oh look extended family, that can only mean one thing. Party!  This one is for Harmony.

Gen 5 (72)

Snowbell how can you still be an adult when your siblings are all old?

Snowbell: Must be that anti-ageing cream I use.

Gen 5 (74)

Hey Duchess brought freezer bunnies! 😀

This is also the last thing Amilia did for her daughter before leaving the house.

Duchess: So the rumours about her are true.

Gen 5 (79)

Harmony: Whee! 😀

Gen 5 (81)

Oh boy that looks painfull.

Amilia: Don’t mind me just grabbing a coffee before you kick me out.

Gen 5 (82)

Here’s Harmony as a child.  She is still so pretty. I used her fav colour, lime as an accent colour as it can be a bit much.

Gen 5 (85)

Idris brought her two children to the party.  This is Edam all grown up.

Gen 5 (86)

The blue haired girl is Goldilocks.

Gen 5 (88)

I felt the need to give Goldilocks a quick makeover. So pretty. ❤


Gen 5 (90)

With the party over it’s time for Amilia to leave.  Wait hang on where’s Tenderheart?

Amilia: I had her taken to the new house ahead of me.  Means I can hang around here a bit longer.

No it doesn’t. *has someone force her to leave*

Nala promotion

Ooh Nala’s at level 8 only one more promotion till she finishes her LTW.


Gen 5 (94)

How does she celebrate her promotion? Harassing the world of course! XD

Nala: Just look at this new fandangled mailbox.  In my day we didn’t have such things, the postie had to post the letters through the door.

Um, you can’t do that in this game.

Gen 5 (93)


That’s it for this time.  I will leave you with this picture of three cats crossing the street at a crossing in the rain.  Made me smile.


5 thoughts on “Chapter 5.1 The Legacy Continues

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  2. I love Danablu’s ghost. It is so cool. The colours are probably what I love the most. Gah, and Harmony is gorgeous! I love everything about the way that she looks. Tenderheart does look very similar to her mom, who I’m glad you were able to kick her out right after the birth lol.

    • Danablu’s ghost has got to be the best one I have seen so far. It’s so pretty<3
      I agree, Harmony is a cutie. Can't wait to see her all grown up.
      Tenderheart is definately a clone but doesn't matter, she won't be seen much anyway. :D.
      I am so disappointed in Amilia. I had things I wanted her to do but she had go and spoil it all by having a baby with Derek. She had to go.

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