Chapter 4.4 Game Over

I have another update for you all.  This one is tinged with a note of sadness as it will be the last.  You will see why as the chapter unfolds.

Don’t worry about that just yet though.  Here enjoy this pic of Azrael playing with the sprinklers.

Screenshot Screenshot-3

Nala rolled a wish for a cane so she’s got one.

Nala: Ah my life is now complete.  What more could I ask for.

Give it time, you’ll think of something.


Danablu is embracing all things to do with the future and is loving it.  He whizzes around on his hoverboard, flies around on his jetpack, plays with the virtual pet thingys.

Danablu: I’m superman!

No, no your not.


Nala is on free will most of the time now.  Her skilling is up to date so hopefully she should get another promotion soon.

Nala: So that’s where he goes every night.

Nala that is for looking at the stars not spying on the neighbours.


Derek is close to finishing what will probably be his last book.  He has been very hard working during his time in the family so he has earned a rest.


As I said last time we are trying out the dreams on the dreampod.  First up is body image.  Danablu is having a good dream here.

Danablu: zzz so pumped zzzz


So with Danablu, Feta, Azrael alseep.  Nala teaching Harmony to walk the two remaining sims are involved in an illicit affair.

Remember last time I showed you this picture?


Well this is what it led to.



Bad simmies.  😡


Danablu wakes up later however, with no knowledge of his girlfriends affair. Also do you notice his sudden weight loss? That is the result of a positive dream about body image.

Danablu: That’s all very interesting. Can I go play now?


Emit: Ah Danablu just the man I wanted to talk to.

Danablu: What’s up?

Emit: Just wanted to let you know the future is a shithole just like you requested.

Danablu: Awesome, thanks 😀

Dystopia is know active.  Shame you won’t get to see his adventures. 😦


No you didn’t! Please tell me you are not expecting Derek’s baby. o_O



Danablu, still unaware sets the scene for an important question


Danablu: Marry me? Please?


Amilia: Oh it’s so pretty.  Yes I will marry you.

Danablu: he he he bewbies.


Not wanting to waste any more time Danablu and Amilia tie the knot.


It’s that time again when a great curse befalls the legacy.  Yes it’s the dreaded bedtime story.


Still it is a cute action. ❤


Nala: Awesome Grandmother, right here people. 😀

I salute you.


Danablu: Whee! This thing is awesome.

Just be carefull, ‘kay.


Danablu: *Plummets to ground in big fireball.*



Please get up, please don’t be dead.


Oh crap. 😥  I knew there was a small risk with the jetpack but I didn’t think it would actually happen.  This was his first flight in a couple of days!


Still cool ghost though.

Amilia: This isn’t fair we just got married.

Derek: Don’t worry baby, you still got me.

That is not appropriate.  Leave her alone. 😡


Amilia: *sobs* oh my heart is breaking. He was my one true love.

Derek: I’ll be whatever you want me to.

Stop that. 😡

In the end Danablu accepts his fate gracefully.



Sigh.  I had so much I wanted you to do, guess none of that will happen now.  😥  I did plan on not saving but the one rule I set myself at the start was no matter what happens, it must remain.

So, um, I guess that means this legacy is finished.  The heir died before the next eligible heir came of age.  (she’s still a toddler.)

I will do an epilogue just to tie up the loose ends and such but yup, that’s it.

the end

I am gutted that my first legacy failed. 😥 Still I won’t give up.  I still have the Mendoza’s, my endearing idiots. Plus I will probably start another one soon.  I was pondering a Sims 4 one but I just don’t like playing sims 4 so it will be a Sims 3 one.  Check out the hub for more details on that.


13 thoughts on “Chapter 4.4 Game Over

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  2. **GASP**
    Oh! Oh I’m so sorry! And rather entertained… but so sorry! Part of the challenge means you can fail! You know, I stated I’m entertained – but that’s because I’ve read so many other people’s blogs TRYING for ages and ages to kill of their Sim with the JetPack to get the JetPack Ghost… and here you go, a flippin’ accident!!! Reminds me of when I nearly killed Henrietta, the Lightning Heir, but thankfully she had a death flower!!!

    • I am so gutted Danablu died. He was actually one of my favourite heirs. 😥 So annoyed that he didn’t have a death flower.
      I knew there was a small risk with the jet pack but as he wasn’t using it that much I thought he would be fine. I was going to leave it out but I wanted him to embrace all the ITF items.
      I don’t mind you being entertained by it. I am a little. It’s sods law that all those people try to deliberately kill their sim for ages and Danablu does it by accident. I do like the ghost though, it’s pretty.
      As to whether this means this legacy is truly over is something that I am still pondering. Watch this space…

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  9. I’m so sad. I can’t believe he died. Ad with his very healthy physique. Gah x_x So.. so… omg just cheat and keep going lol? Maybe just say the challenge failed and keep going? I’m so sad.

    • I can’t believe he went and died on me. I did like his new slim, I was just getting used to it too. Looking forward to seeing the results of the poll, fingers crossed you all vote to keep it going.

  10. Whoa, I did not know the dream pod could do that, very cool! But then the jetpack accident, major sad D: I know you already decided, but since Danablu did adopt a child before he died, technically he has an heir. Just needs someone to raise the bub – and you have Amilia and Nala still around.

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