Chapter 4.3 Now we’re getting somewhere.

Hi how are we all?  First off congratulations to all who have been nominated for the Leibster Award.  You are all great and thoroughly deserve it. 🙂

Anyway on to the chapter.  Last time Angelo died 😥 Azrael was reincarnated, and Danablu chose Amilia.


Danablu has been embracing all future tech items since his LTW is an ITF one.  He whizzes around on the windcaver constantly.

Danablu: Hey, I’m pretty good at this. Just call me Marty McFly!


Back at home Amilia is building her logic skill for her own LTW.  She has to max Handiness and Logic.  She already has 5 handiness points thanks to upgrading + tabcasts but had no logic at this point.

Amilia: Couldn’t I have started with a simpler game?


As one of Danablu’s goals for his generation is to master Advanced tech I got the family the food synthesiser.  I have not played around with this so it is proving interesting.

Feta: Getting squirted in the face every time I want food is not interesting.

No but it’s funny. XD


The Dream Pod is another addition. I may have to start to experiment with different dreams.

Danablu: I object to you messing with my head.


Anyhoo it’s birthday time! Lets see what Azrael version 2 looks like.


Danablu: It still freaks me out to think this used to be my dad.


Isn’t he a little cutie. ❤ I may have changed the eye and hair colour to something a bit more interesting, mud brown hair is not acceptable.  He was born with Absent Minded and Loves the Outdoors traits which are identical to Azrael’s original traits.


Nala is now at level 6 in her career.  It has been very slow progress but she is getting there.  She now needs fishing skill so I have her listen to a tabcast whilst fishing at a nearby beach.

Nala: It’s nice to actually get out of the house.


She hasn’t gone far though. Seriously, this is how close the beach is to the house.  The railing is the balcony on the top of the house and that light blue dot on the beach, that’s Nala.


I had Nala put Azrael in the walker for some lazy skilling but he glitched and started walking around beside the walker.  I could not click on him or the walker to get someone to retrive him and resetting him didn’t work.  I thought I was going to have to delete him at one point but thankfully he sorted himself out.  Don’t do that again little guy.

Azrael: But this is how the cool kids do it.


Feta is 4 days away from becoming a YA so she is getting in a few last skill points before I kick her out.


Nala’s garden is still going strong, as heir Danablu is obliged to help maintain it.  Amilia is helping because I had nothing else for her to do at the time.

Is it just me or do those pumpkins look more like basketballs?


After the earlier glitch I figure old fashioned toddler skilling might be best.

Azrael: When imma big boy imma gonna be a star.

Nala: You already are sweetie.


Azrael: Why do I have to go potty? I wear a nappy, can’t I just poop it that?

Derek: You’re a big boy now, big boys use the potty.

Azrael: But how am I supposed to poop through my clothes?

You all like toddler pictures, right? Good because here’s an Azrael spam. 😀

Screenshot-33 Screenshot-38 Screenshot-39 Screenshot-40 Screenshot-41

So much cuteness in this one. ❤


Sim Logic = ‘I am pretty much at passing out point, should I go use one of the many many beds this house has to get a good rest? Nah coffee is much better.’

This wouldn’t work for me as I only drink decaff! 😀


Danablu has been practicing his jetpack skills.  It is going well!

Danablu: Depends on your point of view.

Aw come on, don’t be such a stick in the mud. XD


OK time to work on that LTW.  Lets activate dystopia.  Ooh pretty.

Danablu: About time I made some progress on this LTW.


Ha Ha the meteor magnet, I love this thing and the best part is you get to keep it afterwards.  Great way to make some money!

Danablu: But I don’t want to keep it, this thing is heavy. 😦


Back home, Amilia bonds with Emit over a water balloon fight.

Amilia: Just keeping my options open.

What options? Who said you had a choice about being Danablu’s wife.


Danablu is doing well in his career and is already at level 5. Puts your mother to shame really, doesn’t it?  He is at city hall as he has just completed part of the dystopia challenge thing.

Also he looks cute in his uniform.


Amilia dislocated her knee while upgrading the bath.

Amilia: This is not as painful as it looks.


Do you see that skill bar? Do you see how full it is?

Derek Lvl 10Derek LTW complete Screenshot-66

Yup, Derek not only completed his LTW but mastered writing at the same time.  He has a wish locked in to get 5000 simoloens in royalaties so he is working on another book.  When he reaches that goal though he will be left on free will most of the time.  Enjoy your retirement, you’ve earned it.

Derek: But I am not old yet. 😦

In about 4 days time you will be. 😀


Danablu: The sky is falling! The sky is falling!

Nina: Oh that’s awful.  What should I do officer?

Danablu: Spread the word, let all know of the impending doom about to befall us.

*rolls eyes* I don’t think it’s that bad.

Danablu had to tell 6 sims that the sky is falling so I just sent him to the graveyard and told all the ghosts. 😀 Lazy simming at it’s finest!


Ooh what’s this? Could it be that I have actually decided on a naming theme and started filling the house with kids?


Amilia: What ever it is it needs a nappy change.

Meet Harmony, first eligable heir of this generation. Her birth traits are Couch potato and Loner.

The naming theme this time is carebears.


This is Harmony Bear, Harmony’s namesake

Ok time for more birthdays. Harmony is being released from her burrito and Azrael is becoming a child.


Such a cute photo. ❤


First up is Harmony, closely followed by Azrael.


Oh yes it’s also Nala’s birthday.  It’s always sad when an heir grows old. 😦

Screenshot-90 Screenshot-92

Oh that looks like bad CC. I thought I got rid of that.


Azrael as a kid.  His new trait, which I got to choose is Virtouso. This is a trait the original Azrael had. I am interested to see if all his traits will match up like this.


Aw Nala makes a cute old lady. ❤  I changed her hair to better suit her older years.


Finally this is Harmony, with lovely pink eyes.  So cute ❤

That’s all for now.  I will leave you with this preview of something shocking that happened between these two.  More on that next time.


*loud kissing noises*


5 thoughts on “Chapter 4.3 Now we’re getting somewhere.

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  2. Wow! So many good things and one super creepy thing in one chapter. I hope Harmony. Were here eyes originally Pink or did you CAS them? She has the best permanent tan ever lol. Azrael 2.0 is super adorable (Like that? I thought it was futurey lol.)

    What is this kissing. Magrat has come back from the dead and taken over Amilia. bad girl!

    Don’t forget I commented to let you know I nominated you for the award too. I can’t believe how far behind I got after one weekend. This is already a thing lol.

  3. Harmony is super adorable. ❤ She had pinkeyes originally, I did tweak her hair colour to suit her a bit better though.
    Lol Azrael 2.0 I like that. Makes him sound like a cyberman! XD
    I know, I really liked her too. She's a bad, bad girl.
    Yes, thanks for that. 🙂 I know I am struggling to catch up on a few blogs myself. Doesn't help that I keep finding new ones to read!

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