Chapter 4.2 Out with the Old.

Hey there, how are we all?

So last time Danablu took the reins, went to the future, picked up a couple of girls and brought them home.  Also Blossom died & Danablu won the lottery.

sims (2)

Well that’s a step in the right direction, I approve of this.

Danablu: Purple flowers for a purple beauty. ❤

Amilia: Oh how pretty.

sims (3)

Of course Tina is not left out.  After giving Amilia flowers our boy heads downstairs to flirt with her.

sims (4)

Feeling that the time is right he goes in for a heat of the moment kiss.

sims (5)

Tina: What the hell are you doing? We’re barely even friends.

Danablu: But I thought you wanted it.

sims (6)

Not giving up Danablu tries the same tactic with Amilia

sims (7)

With similar and predicable results.

Danablu: I thought they were supposed to like me.

Maybe try raising your relationship with them first.  Don’t trying running before you can walk.

sims (9)

Now I have been having fun with the door of life and death with the Mendoza’s so I plopped one in the Winterton’s front garden.  It immediately draws in all the zombies on the lot.  One of them being Kay.

sims (12)sims (13)

This is so fun to watch.  They all queue up patiently like us British people 😉 and Emmie the pit monster de-zombifies them.

Trouserlessdude: Come on move it, some of us have homes to get back to.

sims (14)

Sigh. Angelo’s been casting ice blast again.

Azrael: *freaks out* OMG the washing machine is broken. The whole house is going to flood.

sims (15)

Seriously Tina has no handiness skill yet she came to fix the washer on her own and did a good job to.  I was worried she was going to kill herself but she was fine.

Azrael: Well you seem to have everything under control. I’m just going to float through this wall with this cake.

sims (17)

I wasn’t entirely happy with Amilia’s look and I had some free time so I gave her a full makeover.  She is so pretty. ❤

sims (21)

While I was admiring Amilia’s new look the camera panned over to the theatre.  NO Angelo! 😥

sims (25)

Angelo: Being see through feels so weird.

Death: Just get in the grave already.  I have a tight schedule today.

sims (27)

Angelo: Sure, I’m ready to see Blossom again.

sims (28)

Death: Hey, your father just died. Don’t you care?

Garfield: I care, I just have to get to work.

sims (29)

So Angelo and Blossom are laid to rest side by side in the family graveyard.  Rest in peace. 😦

sims (30)

Grim’s work is not done yet though.  The camera pans back to the home lot were a paparazi has fallen foul to Emmie.

Death: I really need to work on my landings.

sims (32)

Death: No then, where’s the body?

sims (34)

She accepts her fate gracefully.

Danablu: What’s going on?

sims (36)

There was a particular reason why this door was placed on the Wintertons front lawn.  There was one option that I knew I had the perfect candidate for, Resurrection.

Danablu: Knock, knock. Anybody there.

sims (38)

Danablu: Bring my father back. Please.

Grim: I shall see what I can do, but be warned he may look different.

sims (39)

Danablu: He wasn’t kidding.

sims (40)

Yup Azrael is now a black baby boy.  Shame he didn’t come back as a cat or something.  That would have been so funny.

Anyway does this count as an adoption? Share your opinions with me in the comments below. Thanks

sims (45)

Danablu has been rolling wishes for Amilia all the time.  one of them was to kiss her so I spamed the romantic interactions like mad.

sims (47)

He’s a little of the mark but it still counts.

sims (49)

While we’re on a roll Danablu proposes going steady.  She accepts! Looks like Danablu has made his choice.

sims (51)

Bye Tina, go make some red babies please.

sims 3 (1)

So Nala decided to have a go at fixing the dishwasher.

Nala: Piece of cake.

sims 3 (2)

Yeah, fixing something electrical while standing in a puddle is never a good idea.  Just be grateful you are still alive.

sims 3 (6)

Having won the lotto already I sent Danablu to city hall to donate 50,000 simoleons to the future fund.  When he came out for the last time.  A holographic Emit appeared.

Danablu: If he’s a hologram how can hailstones still hurt him?

Maybe he’s a hardlight hologram?


sims 3 (9)

Emit: Congrats!

Legacy Statue one

Part one of his LTW is complete.  That was the easy part.

Will Danablu complete his LTW? Will there be wedding bells in his future? Will we actually get round to adopting some kids?

Come back next time to find out. 😀

Edit: Downloads page is now updated to include Danablu, Amilia, Kay, Tina, Brie & Ricotta


8 thoughts on “Chapter 4.2 Out with the Old.

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  2. Hmm… I would assume that the baby would count as an adoption. The genetics are all different now and he isn’t a spawn of Danablu so I would say that it counts. I guess it really just depends on whether or not you want Azrael having another opportunity for heir. I can’t help but wonder if his traits will be pre-populated as he gets older to be the same Azrael.

    • Yes that’s what I thought, still not sure what I want to do with him. Might wait and see what he looks like as he grows up. I haven’t had chance to compare his traits but I am assuming if he came back as someone different his traits might follow suit.
      I am definitely going to mess around with this option more. I want to see someone come back as a cat or the opposite gender! 😀

    • The door is a lot of fun. I really need to try out more options on that. It is really good at keeping the zombies and paparazzi at bay. I have done some tests on the resurrection thing and it seems if they come back as a sim they be face one. This happened with Azrael but I tweaked him a little.

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