Chapter 4.1 The World of Tomorrow

Well here we are at the start of another new generation.  They grow up so fast 😥

Last time I made a lovely graveyard, Danablu got a girlfriend, all of the kids grew up and Brie & Ricotta moved out

To kick this chapter and generation off let me reintroduce you to our heir, Danablu.

Danablu heir card

At the end of the last chapter there was a poll to decide if Kay would be Danablu’s spouse.  I can reveal that with a massive 71% Danablu’s spouse will be from the future.  For those of you who like Kay though I invited her over to grow her up.

Screenshot-24 Screenshot-28 Screenshot-29

Naturally I gave her a makeover, isn’t she pretty ❤ I will add her to the download page for anyone who wants her but you may see her again somewhere…


I made him break up with Kay after that but I failed to get a photo.  Oh look it’s graduation time, again. -.-



Most of the family forget how stairs work.



But even Brie and Ricotta came to graduation.  Neat.


Danablu Graduates


These two are still in love which is nice.  Angelo’s been at the jelly bean tree again.

Angelo: I don’t know what you mean.  I’m just feeling a little blue. 😀


I leave them on free will most of the time so they can enjoy their final days as their lifebars are maxed out.

Screenshot-69 Screenshot-23



Feta: So dad, think I could be a great writer like you?

Derek: Doubt it, I’m one of kind.

Parent of the Year, right here.


As heir Danablu has taken over much of the garden care unless Nala needs to raise her skill for her job.


Even as a ghost Azrael loves the fountain.

Azrael: I want to be a real boy.

twit (2)

That night it happened.  Blossom had just started another painting but she was fated never to finish.  At the age of 94 years Blossom’s time was up.

twit (3)

Blossom: Why do I have to die first? I thought for sure Angelo would go before me.

twit (5)

Derek: What’s up? who’s the hooded guy?

Danablu: *gasp*

twit (10)

The rest of the family gradually realise something is wrong.  Expect Angelo who was at work and didn’t know until he got home that his wife had passed on.

Family: *sobs & wails*

Derek: *doesn’t give a damn*

After pleading with Grim to spare her…

twit (12)


Blossom dives head first into her impressive gravestone.

Family: *sobs & wails*

Derek: *still doesn’t give a damn*

twit (15)

Aww, male bonding.

twit (17)

As Danablu’s LTW is essentially pretty easy I got him a job in the first career he rolled for.  That career was Law enforcement.  Here he is heading off for his first day.  Good luck buddy.

wow (2)

Angelo, still heartbroken over the loss of his wife tries to find things to take his mind off it.

wow (4)

I realised Feta had not come home from school so I went looking for her.  I found her round the side of the school with this creepy mullet guy. Run Feta Run!

wow (12)


Danablu: Ooh what’s this?

We’re going to the future.  Danablu gracefully steps into the portal…

wow (13)

And arrives not quite so gracefully. XD

wow (15)

Danablu: Ow time travel hurts. 😦

wow (17)

Emit: Welcome to the world of tomorrow!

Danablu: Nice to meet you.

Mohawkdude: I hope he’s going for his hand.

wow (19)

Danablu takes the time to meet some of the people in base camp.  This lovely lady is Tina Talisman.  They got on really well.

wow (22)

He also got on with this lady, Amilia Stone.

wow (23)


Tired out from his journey and all that socialising Danablu makes use of one of the bedrooms.

Danablu: I miss Kay. 😥

Forget about her, we’ll get you a better girl here in the future.

wow (24)

Danablu starts to explore Oasis landing.  His first stop is the legacy park. Isn’t this place pretty.

wow (25)

Danablu: This park is nice but what’s with these things?

That’s were the legacy statues go.

Danablu: Hmmm….

wow (26)

Danablu needs to max out Advanced technology as part of his LTW so I took one of the free hoverboard things from base camp and made him use it to go everywhere.  Here he is headed for city hall to look at the lotto records. We are going for the easiest legacy statue to start with.

wow (31)

We then went to the mall were he met Serena Russo.  What the hell is that on your head? Hang on I’ll fix you.

wow (33)

There much better.

OldwomanRusso: Why is that man hitting on my Serena, doesn’t he know she’s married?

Shame, she’s pretty.

wow (35)


Danablu didn’t have much luck finding anymore suitable ladies after that so I decided Tina and Amilia would come back home with him to see which one wins his heart.  I was on a makeover bug so this happened to them. 😀

wow (38)

So with two potentials for spouse in tow it’s time to head back home.

wow (40)

I am keeping Blossom’s grave on the lot until Angelo dies and she came out to haunt when Danablu came back.  It’s nice to see you Blossom! 😀

wow (41)

Angelo: So ever slept with someone from the past?

Angelo stop hitting on the girls. They are for Danablu, not you.

Angelo: That boy needs to learn how to share. *eyebrow waggle*

wow (43)

He’s not the only one who likes the girls.  Derek takes a break from writing to play games with them.  Also I wasn’t happy with Amilia’s hair so I changed it.

wow (44)

Danablu: What’s this?

That’s a cheque, you won the lotto!

wow (46)


Danablu: I’m in the money 😀

He won 100,000 so that’s one part of the Renowed Philanthropist legacy statue done.

That’s all for now.  I still have a ton more pictures so you may see another chapter up soon.


5 thoughts on “Chapter 4.1 The World of Tomorrow

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  2. They do grow up so fast. I can’t believe you’re on to another generation already. It’s so exciting. Both girls are gorgeous so I can’t wait to see who is going to win his heart. I love into the future, it’s such a great EP and the gameplay is so much fun.

    • I know and I’m loving Danablu’s LTW. I am having so much fun messing around with the future again.
      The girls are so pretty, I love them both. Looking forward to revealing who gets Danablu.

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