Chapter 3.10 Maxing out and Moving out

Hi everyone! Hope you are all enjoying the long Easter Weekend.

Last time Feta became a child, the family moved to Barnacle Bay and Azrael met an early end. 😦

This will be the last chapter of Generation 3 so lets get cracking.


I wasn’t keen of having all the graves on the home lot so I created this nice graveyard on a lot near the house.


I sent Nala over to drop of all the graves expect Azrael’s and also some more of those damn IF dolls.

You can also see the closeness of the house in this pic.  It is actually just across the street. 😀

Nala: Can I go home now, this place is creepy :/


I found this unbelievably sad.  The night after Azrael died both Blossom and Angelo chose to sleep in Azrael’s old bed.  Their lifebars are maxed out now, they are both at 90 so I guess I can let them be. It’s not like there is a shortage of beds.


Salam the OAP Gnome settles in nicely and does this cute pose.


This cute cat painting turns out to be a masterpiece meaning Blossom has completed all the painting challanges! 😀

Blossom challenge complete Blossom career progress

All she has to do now is earn 23,724 simoleons from paintings to reach the top of the painting career. I hope she can do it before she goes.

Blossom: No problem, I’m not going anywhere!


Hi Azrael! 🙂

Azrael: I’m such a gorgeous ghost ❤

And so modest too.


This photo is to acknowledge that Angelo has maxed the Guitar skill. Well with a little help from tabcasts and the insense.

Angelo mastered guitar


Thank you Derek. ❤

Derek: Someone’s got to keep this place clean.  This family are pigs.

True that.


I love this! Angelo had a wish to turn a sim into a toad.

Derek: Why me? 😦

Because you were the only free sim at the time.

Angelo: You make such a cute toad.

I had Nala kiss him later on to break the spell but I didn’t get a pic


With his guitar skill maxed, hopefully making his career progress easier Angelo is now on free will.  The pool is his favourite part of the house now.  Please don’t drown.

Angelo: This is awesome!


Prom Time! It was pretty much uneventful.

Ricotta: Yeah, so boring it made me pass out.

Just be grateful this is not an ISBI missy.

Both Ricotta and Danablu got an RI at prom.  Ricotta’s was an unfortunate kid called Charlie Kidd.  Danablu’s was a girl called Kay Jordan.  She looked ok from the pic so I decided to check her out.


I Danablu & Kay on a date to the beach.  She’s ok but I decided she was a bit plan.


Much better.

Here is before and after close up pics of her.

Screenshot-33 Screenshot-34

She’s so pretty, I hope she grows up well.


The date went well, she totally digs Danablu.

Danablu: I really like you ❤



He got his first kiss with her.  Cute ❤


The romantic atmosphere affects these two.  Nice to see them still on love. ❤


Yes, well, ahem.  I’ll go bother someone else.

Nala: I wish you would.


Danablu kept rolling wishes for Kay so I invited her over for a second date.  Ricotta quit being creepy and go do something else.


Danablu: So, I er wondered if you would like to, er, maybe be my girlfriend.  If you want to that is.


She said yes! Our heir has a girl! 😀

twits (5)


Angelo: It was broken when I got here.

So that ice blast I saw was your twin?

Angelo: You saw him too!

Le sigh

twits (7)

Nala gets to work fixing it.  Thankfully she didn’t die.

Derek & Feta: Washing machine’s broken.

Nala: Thanks, I wouldn’t have known otherwise.

twits (8) Screenshot-43

Kay is proving a big hit with Danablu’s sisters, she likes both of them.

twits (12)


Well lets get these birthdays started.  This one is for Brie.

Brie: Yes! I can finally get out of this crazy house.

twits (14)

Aw look the whole family is paying attention.

twits (17)

Hmm, not bad.

Brie: Not bad? I’m smokin’

twits (21)


Well now you are.  Her final trait is great kisser and her LTW is to gain max influence with all social groups.

yip (4)

Angelo is snorkelling in the pool, love it.

yip (5)

How many sims does it took to clear the table? Judging by this about 5.

yip (6)

Angelo: Ooh jelly beans, I like jelly beans.

yip (8)

Angelo: *breathes fire* Not this one though!

yip (12)

Blossom I told you about this.

Blossom: He’s so dreamy ❤

Nope, sell it.

yip (14)

So I was setting up for the next birthday and this happened.

Brie: well time to graduate.

I ignored the pop up but the game forced her to go.  -.-

yip (19)


She was voted ‘Most likely to Offend Others’.

yip (23)

This was Danablu’s last act as a teen.

Danablu: He he he, the perfect crime.

yip (24)

Danablu: He he he.

Nala: I see what your doing son.

yip (27)

She scolds him but I immediatly tell her to let him off.

yip (30)

Because it’s Party Time!! First up is Ricotta.

yip (33) yip (35) yip (37)

Ricotta: Damn I’m fine.

Next up is our heir Danablu

yip (41) yip (45)

Love your fashion choices! LOL XD

Last we have little Feta.

yip (47) yip (49)

This is when I notice Snowbell’s styling and changed it.

yip (51)

Added this as I laughed at how her chin jutted out here. XD

yip (53)

Not bad but man is she skinny.

yip (57)

Here’s Ricotta as a YA.  Her final trait is Vehicle Enthusiast and her LTW is Cat Herder.

yip (54)

Here’s Danablu as a YA.  His final trait is Brave and his LTW is Made the Most of my Time.  I went with a ITF look for most of his outfits to match his LTW.


Not forgotting Feta, This is here as a teen.  Still pretty but skinny as anything.  Her new trait is social butterfly.


Danablu: Aunt Snowbell? the party’s over, you can stop cheering now.

*reset sim*

You may be wondering who that last cake is for.  I invited Danablu’s girlfriend Kay to the party but she never showed up.


Time for the spares to leave.  Ugh what is it with this family and making calls in corners.



Bye girls.

Well that’s the end of Generation 3.  Next time we start Danablu’s journey.

Just one final thing I need you, dear readers to assist me with.  Since Kay didn’t turn up to the party to be aged up with Danablu I am leaving her fate up to you.  Please vote below.


7 thoughts on “Chapter 3.10 Maxing out and Moving out

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  2. What a hard vote. I really like Kay but then I was thinking a girl from the future would be really cool too. I ended up voting for the future but don’t worry about offending me if you decide to keep Kay. We can always do a future spouse for the next round!

    • Yeah, I really like Kay too but she upset poor Danablu by not turning up to his birthday party. 😦
      I am looking forward to exploring Oasis Landing again with Danablu, not been since Scarlet’s LTW.
      Thanks for voting

  3. So many little things in this chapter made me laugh, Angelo firebreathing, Blossom and the twilight painting, Derek as a toad! XD
    The graveyard you created looks really good with all those trees.
    Wow Blossom has achieved a lot in her time. I hope she can reach level 10 of her career before she dies. That career is a real slog to master.
    The kids grew great, the girls are so pretty but my god is Feta skinny, that girl needs to pack on the pounds before she fades away!
    Ooh a vote. Kay is really pretty and I like what you did with her but not showing up to her boyfriends party is harsh. I am voting for a future spouse. Danablu is too cute to spend his life alone.
    Looking forward to the start of Danablu’s generation

    • Thanks ❤
      Yeah, Blossom has raised 5 children, completed her LTW mastered at least two skills so far and is really close to mastering a third, completed the painting challenges and has almost topped her career. She's an amazing sim! Even if she does insist on painting Twilight paintings! 😀
      I am exicted to see what you guys vote for but I agree Danablu is too cute to be on his own.

  4. Love the graveyard, nice landscaping. All the kids turned out very pretty, and I love what you did with Danablu’s outfits. I haven’t played his LTW, so looking forward to seeing how it works.

    • I really didn’t put much effort into that. I just tried to make it look less empty! I really enjoyed creating Danablu’s outfits. I don’t use the ITF stuff enough.

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