Barnacle Bay House Tour

As promised here is a look at the new house in Barnacle bay.

This is what it looked like before I got my mits on it.  Not bad for a pre made house, needed some work to make it right for the family though.



This is the pretty little island it originally occupied however, due to constant route fails when they tried to leave the lot I had to move the house to a new location.




This is what it looks like now.  I like this house a lot!




At the front we have a carport and the wishing well.




Continuing our tour of the grounds next we come to the pool area at the side of the house.





At the back of the house is Nala’s currently neglected garden.  You can also see Azrael’s grave on the left hand side.  His is the only grave I have on the lot.



OK moving inside this is the ground floor.  It looks a bit narrow but it is actually quite spacious.


Housey (1)


The front door leads directly into the lounge.  I have tried to go for a less flowery look as Danablu’s favourite colour is also aqua and it saves me having to redecorate 😀



Next we come to the kitchen and utility area, sorry for the angle it was hard to get it all in.


There is a bathroom through that door on the right but bathrooms are boring, you don’t need to see those. On the other side of said bathroom is the dining area.  I really like those blinds.



Finally leading off the dining area is this nice balcony area. This is currently used as Blossom’s painting area.



That’s it for the ground floor, moving on up to the first floor


Housey (2)


This is or was Azrael’s room. 😥 It has an ensuite.




I couldn’t get the lounge to work with a TV in it so I used this area to make a TV/gaming area.



Next to that is Derek’s study.  It looks pretty similar to the one at the old house as I brought the contents along.


This is Feta’s bedroom.  Since she is still a kid and will be with us for a while yet I made this for her.


This is Brie & Ricotta’s bedroom.



There is another room on this floor but it is currently not used so there is no point showing it off.  Finally we have the second floor.  These rooms are unfinished as I got bored and wanted to play.


Housey (5)

As you can see there is a huge outdoor space up here.  I will get round to putting something up here, eventually.


This is Blossom and Angelo’s room.


Danablu’s room.  All I have done in here so far is the bed and side tables.


Nala & Derek’s room.  I just need to recolour the walls in here and I’m done.



So that’s it, that’s the new house.  What do you think?


4 thoughts on “Barnacle Bay House Tour

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  2. I love it! I wish I had a much decorating talent as you! With the help of red wine I can put up walls but the rooms never turn out amazing like those! The red office is incredible! Everything just flows. And there is something about that light blue colour that I like more and more every time I see it. Great job!

    • LOL I wouldn’t call it talent. I just chuck things in and hope for the best! 😀 I think Derek’s office and Azrael’s bedroom are my favourite rooms in this house. It was nice to work with a different colour.
      I agree the light blue is one of the better colours to have but it can still be overpowering which is why I add white.
      Thanks, I’m glad you like it. 🙂

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