Chapter 3.9 A Move & A Mistake

Hi there! It’s been a while since my last post but as I said on the Mendoza ISBI I have been busy lately plus I wasn’t feeling well.

So, last time Ricotta and Danablu became teens, Phoenix died at their party and Feta was born.

We kick things of this time with another birthday, Nala’s adult birthday. Which I forgot about so she doesn’t get a cake.


Screenshot-5 Screenshot-6


She looks the same and thankfully is not going through a mid life crisis.

Nala: I still rock this.


Azrael is called out to another emergency, this time at Doo Peas Corapate tower.

Azrael: I wonder if there are any women that need rescuing by a sexy fireman.

Just concentrate on getting the Llamas out of there.  We’ll find you a woman later.

He got a grade B for this.



When he gets home I have him work on maintaining his extinguisher.  How he carries that around in his pocket I will never know.

Azrael: That’s a closely guarded secret. Only those in the know need know and you don’t need to know.

That’s easily for you to say



In preparation for the big move to Barnacle Bay I moved Idris and Nala’s siblings into the house as they are coming with us.  I discovered at this point that Idris is pregnant so I have to wait for the birth before we can go anywhere.


With the house so busy at the moment Nala was keen to get out so I sent her to the family graveyard to collect the all the graves.

Nala: This is not what I had in mind when I said I wanted a night out.


Blossom paints another masterpiece.  Two more and she’s completed all the painting challenges.  I hope she makes it before she leaves us, her life bar is getting full.


I set Nala tending her garden and kinda forgot about her.

Nala: So cold.



I sent Angelo to thaw her out.



We haven’t seen Derek yet have we. That’s because he is working on another book.  I forget what it was called.

Derek: Could I have a little privacy please, my creative juices are flowing.



Moving on to more exicting things Feta is growing up.  As the family is all living here anyway there is no need to throw a party.


Aw look almost everyone cares.


Garfield: Can I have cake now?


Here she is after a much needed makeover.  I like her.  Her new trait is Disciplined.


Everyone: OMG she’s having a baby.

Angelo: But I just wanted cake.



I can’t quite put my finger on it but I something about your cooking attempt doesn’t look right.

Azrael: Just wanted to show all the ladies how flexible I am.


Anyway back to the woman about to give birth.

Idris: I think it’s coming.


It’s a boy!



Oh no wait it’s twins the boy I named Edam and the girl I named Goldilocks.

Goldilocks is a Camembert style English cheese made in Somerset, England.


While Edam is is a semi-hard cheese that originated in the Netherlands



So with the babies born I decide it’s the perfect time to make the move to Barnicle Bay

Nala: Yes I need a taxi for 15 people please.


So with everything packed up safely we take one last look at the house in Hidden springs.


And head off to a new town.


This is the house I chose to move them into as I couldn’t be bothered to build one from scratch.  It needs a bit of work to make it suitable though.


First though I move out Idris, her two babies as well as Nala’s siblings which makes the household a lot easier to handle.

Blossom, Nala & Azrael: OMG we have a pool!

twit (1)

After a little work on the house (I will show it off when the work is done, I ran out of money) Nala replants her garden.

twit (2)

Blossom heads to the beach to play in the ocean.

twit (4)

While Azrael thinks it’s a good idea to steal coins from the new wishing well.

twit (8)

I love these two. Ricotta is autonomously doing laundry while Nala is autonomously cooking dinner for the family.  I love this kitchen by the way, and check out the view!

twit (10)


Blossom’s latest masterpiece.  Just one more to go.

twit (12)

Derek went to the hospital to fulfil an opportunity but he never came home.  I clicked on him to see where he was and found him dumpster diving.

Hang on a minute, who’s that watching him.  Derek quick get out of there and go talk to her.  She may be suitable for Azrael.

twit (14)


Ooh she’s pretty.  Her name is Juliet Verona.

Derek: Hi I’m new in town.

Juliet: Nice to meet you. Listen I would love to stay and chat but you kind of smell, bye.

She actually hung around the front of the hospital for a while.  I pondered sending Azrael over to meet her but there was something he was doing first.

twit (21)

You see I had read that the philosophers stone is a good way to get rid of the IF dolls and the family still had Maddie’s old one knocking about so I put and IF on the pedestal and had Azrael transmute it.  I knew of the risks but I thought ‘he’ll be fine’


twit (22)

Azrael: Oh crap!

twit (23)

He must of glitched because I didn’t even get a cool gold statue of him.

twit (26)

Death: It’s times like these that make me remember why I love about this job.

I hate you.

The random kid is a friend of Feta’s that she brought home from school

twit (29)

Ooh pretty. I mean no don’t take Azrael!

twit (30)

Azrael: Please spare me.

Death: Nope, get in the urn.

twit (31)


Poor Azrael only gets the tin box, so sad.  I did ponder quitting without saving so this didn’t happen but that would be cheating.  Goodbye Azrael. 😥

This is where I will end this chapter as I was too upset by this to carry on playing.


6 thoughts on “Chapter 3.9 A Move & A Mistake

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  2. Azrael! Nooo!!!!! At least he thought enough of his life to beg to stay. And after rescuing all of those pretty ladies in the corporate towers in his firefighter outfit. Poor bugger. I hope you’re starting to feel better!

  3. Oh no, Azrael! Always the way, you play with it with someone not important and they’re fine. Play with someone important and they die. At least he makes a very pretty ghost; his wings match!

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