Generation 4 Heir Revealed

Firstly thanks to everyone who voted.  I can now announce that the generation 4 heir is Danablu with 50% of the vote.



Danablu: Awesome!

Also the world the family will be moving to is Barnacle Bay which topped the poll with 33% of the vote.  I am pleased with this as it is a town I have not played with very much at all.



I am looking forward to playing this world, it looks so pretty.  I will be tweaking some of the residents though.  For example the Caliente sisters, Nina & Dina. I have discovered their personalities are different from the Sims 2 and this annoys me.

Overall great choice everyone, can’t wait for the new generation to start.




5 thoughts on “Generation 4 Heir Revealed

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    • I have only played barnacle bay once before very briefly, looking forward to the move. I have a vague idea of what i want to do next gen just waiting to see if he rolls the relevant ltw.

  2. Sad that Ricotta didn’t win but I do like Danablu. That pic of him is adorable, I just want to smush him. ❤
    Ooh Barnacle Bay, I don't have that one. Looking forward to seeing what it's like. Hmm if you are tweaking the Caliente sisters are you planning on using them somehow?
    I am hoping there are some nice ladies there for Azrael to choose a wife from. He has been alone for too long now.
    So looking forward to Gen 4 and the newie newness! 😀

    • Lol, I love that word you used, smush. 😀 Danablu is a great plus this legacy has not had a male heir yet so it’s a nice change.
      I am looking forward to the big move and exploring Barnacle bay. I don’t have any plans on using the Caliente sisters atm. It just annoys me that they differ from the sims 2 versions. They were one of my fav households in the sims 2.
      My plan for Azrael currently is to let him met a few ladies around town and see who he likes best. He has a long lifespan so there is no rush.
      Generation 4 is close. Just one more chapter, I think.

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