Chapter 3.8 Three Birthdays and a Funeral.

Last time Derek got a nice red study, Brie became a teenager and the last child of this generation was conceived.

Diving straight in this is Azrael’s awesome carpool!

Driver: Driving a truck, driving a big ol’ truck

Screenshot (1)

Azrael: If you hadn’t of put that fence there and added a side entrance I wouldn’t have to walk so far to the carpool.

You’re a fairy for plumbob’s sake, you could, you know, just FLY!

Screenshot (4)

The first thing he does when he gets to the firestation? Raid the fridge of course.

Azrael: Got to keep my strength up.

Screenshot (5)

Naturally I get him to do something a bit more useful like maintain the alarm which I think builds his handiness skill.

Axrael: So I just whack it with my tool like this right?

Can’t see why not, works for everything else.

Screenshot (6)

A wild birthday appears!

Screenshot (3)

First to arrive are Garfield, Snowbell and Idris.  I had forgotten I had given Idris that dress for her outdoor wear.

Garfield: Awesome! Aunt Idris brought spring rolls! 😀

Screenshot (9)

Ricotta: Can we speed this up, I’m starving here.

Notice how uninterested Blossom is.

Screenshot (12) Screenshot (15) Screenshot (16) Screenshot (17)

She remained uninterested the entire time.

Blossom: This is eating into my painting time.

Here are Danablu and Ricotta as teens, after much needed makeovers of course.

Screenshot (34)

Danablu gained some weight but I still think he’s cute.  His new trait is Ambitious.  I gave him a bit of a geeky look as I felt it suited him.

Screenshot (29)

And here is Ricotta, she stands out from the others for me.  I thinks it’s her hair and skin colour combo.  Anyway her new trait is Bot Fan.

Both traits are randomised but sit nicely with what I want to do next generation.

I had been lucky enough, so far to escape the curse of a dying relative at a party that seems to plague so many legacies out there.  Phoenix decided this had to change.

(For those who have forgotten, Phoenix is Scarlet’s older brother.)

Screenshot (18)

Phoenix: Well this is unfortunate.

Screenshot (21)

Everyone: *tries to file into small study to watch death*

Phoenix: What’s so interesting?

Screenshot (23)

Death: This room is too crowded for my liking.

Phoenix: Looks pretty empty for where I’m standing

Screenshot (25)

Death: Ok lets get this over with. *ahem* Arise Phoenix Winterton-Swain, your life on this earth is over. Turn around and take me boney hand, It is time to journey to the afterlife. This simple metal box shall be your portal.

Azami: That’s a bit over the top don’t you think?

Maid: He’s just haming it up for the crowd.

Blossom: How do we know it’s a he, has anyone checked?

Death: OK I’m outta here. *poof*

Screenshot (37)

Three generations, one sofa.

Screenshot (40)

The face down snow angel thing is catching.

Ricotta: mphh mmmphh

Screenshot (42)

Azrael painted this cute painting which reminds me of a hedgehog we rescued last year. I kept the painting and put it in the girls room.


This is the young hedgehog I am talking about, we nicknamed him Herbie. My boyfriend rescued him when he fell into a drain at the back of our house.  We looked after him until he was big enough to be realised. He now lives under our shed and comes out every night to drink out of the cat’s water bowl.

Screenshot (43)

Blossom painted this so I forgive her for the Twilight incident.  This is also in the girls room.

Ricotta and Danablu both rolled a wish to get a part time job so I let them.

Screenshot (44)

Ricotta now works at the grocery store. Not sure who the kids are in the background having a staring contest.

Screenshot (45)

And Danablu has a job at the bookstore.  I felt it was the only job that suited his personality.

Screenshot (49)

Nala: Ugh, I was told I wouldn’t have to go through this.

You didn’t here that from me.

Brie: It’s fine Mum, I’ll catch it.

Screenshot (51)

Welcome little baby Feta.  Feta is Athletic and Freindly.

Nala: Why a home birth.

Because you have a higher relationship with your daughter that way.

Screenshot (50)

Oh Azrael, we really need to get you a woman.  I let him keep this, it now hangs in his bedroom.

Azrael: I want her.

That might be a tad impossible but after the heir is chosen and the spares move out I will work on getting you a wife.

Azrael: Woo!

Screenshot (53)

LOL Brie snubbed Danablu! XD I have not seen a sim do this before.  She was having a mood swing and rolled a wish for it so I thought why not.

Poor Danablu, soon after Brie rolled the wish to snub him so did Ricotta! He spent the whole day being snubbed by both of them! XD

Screenshot (63)

Brie: But I was going to hold the baby.

Ricotta: Don’t make me snub you too sis.

Feta has only been in the house a matter of hours and everyone is already flocking to snuggle, feed and change her.

Screenshot (64)

Brie then decided to have a go at being Spiderman when I got her and Ricotta bunk beds.

twise (1)

Angelo: I’ve got what all the ladies want right here.

I highly doubt that.

twise (3)

Azrael did the chattering teeth thing on Derek.  Love that face.

twise (5)

Azrael pulls a good one too.

twise (18)

Anyway enough of the buritto, let’s see what Feta looks like.

twise (21) twise (24)

WOW, where did that blonde hair come from.  Her fav colour is actually grey but I couldn’t bring myself to put a cute toddler in such a drab colour. So looking forward to seeing what she looks like as she grows up.

twise (29)

Wasting no time Angelo puts Feta in the baby walker so we can make a start on her toddler skills.

Feta: I wanna paint wiv nana

twise (33) twise (34) twise (35)

So cute.

twise (36)

How is it you always look hawt.

Azrael: It’s a gift.

twise (38)

Just look at him, even when he’s dashing off to his first emergancy he looks hot.  I think he is at level 5 here.  Even that women in the background is getting giddy at the sight of him.

Azrael: Loose a few pounds sweethart, then we can talk.

That’s not very nice.

twise (41)

Azrael: OK where’s the fire?

There is no fire, you’re catching angry gnomes.

Azrael: They get firefighters to do that?

twise (42)

Azrael: Look this is so simple even this pooch could do it.

Quit your grumbling and get on with it.

He caught all the gnomes but I forgot his grade.

twise (51)

This is just a cute picture of Azrael doing the playful pester interaction with his son.

twise (60)

And finally I shall end with a cute picture of Angelo and Blossom.  He plays while she paints what looks likes Gallifrey! 😀

Angelo: I want to know what love is.

Blossom: Being quiet so I can concentrate.


3 thoughts on “Chapter 3.8 Three Birthdays and a Funeral.

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    • I agree, that painting is so cute. It looks great in the girls room.
      The little hedgehog was just adorable if a little messy when eating. XD The drain has been covered now to prevent any more hedgehog mishaps.

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