Chapter 3.7 One of Us Now

So last time Nala & Derek got married, eventually.  Ricotta became a child and Scarlet died.


This was her first action as a child.  I love this kid already. ❤

Ricotta: Well no one else cleans up, even the maid is useless.

This is true.


Oh look I haven’t put the wedding stuff away yet. I fail at doing that.

Azrael: I wish I was getting married, I’m so lonely


He was also going stir crazy so I sent him to the consignment store.  There he met this lovely lady called Somer Cho.

Azrael: Hello beautiful.

Somer: Sorry, I’m married.

Azrael: 😥



It’s not all bad though.  We came home with this little guy.  I named him Stilton as he is old and smelly! 😀

Stilton: Smell I do not.

He also talks like Yoda.

Derek Khan


I don’t think I’ve properly introduced Derek so here is his welcome card.


And here is proof that Derek is fitting in nicely.

Blossom: He’s one of us now.

Angelo & Azrael (out of shot): One of us, One of us!


Derek’s LTW means he has to earn 4000 simoloens per week in royalties so he is getting started on building up his writing skill.

Derek: Every best seller has to start somewhere.


I realised Derek is probably going to use this room the most so I gave it a makeover in his fav colour, red.  I am very happy with the results, as is Derek.



Derek: Yay, a sofa! My life is complete.

Have you got a hidden easily impressed trait?


Danablu: Hi grandpa

Angelo: Don’t play sweet with me kid.  I know what you’re after.


Angelo: and this is how you use a putter…

Danablu: This is the most boring book ever grandpa.

Angelo: Good, maybe you’ll fall alseep then.

He didn’t. 😥


Moving on, it’s birthday time.  Brie is becoming a teen.


Screenshot-77 Twit (2)


My god she’s gorgeous! Love her green eyes. ❤  Her new trait is Irresistable.  Interesting.

Twit (8)

I sent Ricotta to this little park to drop off some unwanted IF dolls.  She then decided to whip out her homework.  Love her outdoor wear btw, it’s so cute.

Twit (9)

Obviously homework is so important she can’t cross the road first and do it at home.

Twit (11)

Blossom: Hey I have a good idea, what if I taught you how to drive.

Brie: Wouldn’t it be better if I went to a professional?

Blossom: Nonsense, it’ll be fine.

Twit (12)


Blossom: You’re doing great!

Brie is now halfway to getting her license.  They both got tired and came home.

Twit (14)

I was not entirely happy with the room layout so I changed it a little.  I like this better.

Twit (15)

Nala: I think it’s time we consummated our marriage.

Derek: This would make a great scene in my next book.

Twit (19) Twit (22)

The deed is done. 😀

Twit (23)

Oh hi Edwin!

(I moved his grave so he and Scarlet could be together in death as they were in life)

Twit (26)

Pap 1: So what do you do for a living?

Pap 2: I’m a Paparazi.

Pap 1: hey so am I! Neat huh?

This just cracked me up when I saw it in game. XD

Twit (27)

This is Blossom’s latest painting. It is a brilliant one, one more and she’s completed a painting challenge

Twit (28)

Hi Scarlet!

Twit (29)

Danablu rolled a wish for a rocking horse.  This was his first interaction with it.  I have never seen a sim pet the rocking horse before.

Twit (30)

I thought it was sweet that the first time they haunt they do it together.  What is it with ghosts and rocking chairs though? I’ve read a few blogs were they do this.

Twit (31)

Heh heh heh! Like I said before, the deed is done. 😀

Nala: You promised I wouldn’t have to do this.

Rule #1: The creator lies! 😀

Twit (33)

Derek rolled a wish for a tattoo so I let him.

Twit (35)


He got a cute little gnome in red.

Azrael Career


Now I wasn’t sure what career to give Azrael so I decided to let him have the first one he rolled.  Finally he rolled one, Azrael is now a firefighter!

Azrael: A sexy firefighter? 😉

No, a regular firefighter.

Azrael: That’s ok, the ladies still dig that!

Twit (44)


Um, Blossom what are you painting?

Blossom: No peeking. Wait until I’m finished.

OK but I have a feeling I’m not going like it.


Twit (39)

Nala: *baby pop*

This I do like.  Baby incoming!  Oh and the red light circling her is from Azrael, He’s on the landing building up his athletic skill for his new job with help from his aura of body and mind.

Twit (41)


Nala: Why am I eating this thing?

Because you want a girl and I locked the wish in.

Twit (46)

Blossom: There done, now you can look.

Yeah, I don’t like it.

Blossom: Why what’s wrong with it?

If you can’t see what’s wrong, I have nothing to say to you.

Blossom challenge complete


Twilight painting


It was however a brilliant painting meaning she completed a painting challenge.  I also sold it for a whopping 1,347 simoleons!

Blossom: But I wanted to keep it. 😦

There was no way on earth you were going to keep that.

Blossom: 😥

I think I shall end it here.  Next time there will be a new baby, birthdays and we will see how Azrael gets on in his new job.


6 thoughts on “Chapter 3.7 One of Us Now

  1. Haha omg! Whirlpool just painted that painting as well. I’ll be showing it in the last update for the generation. I was like “What the hell is that?”. EA must randomly rate things as ‘brilliant’ without actually knowing what it is lol. Brie is absolutely stunning and I am in love with the red office. It all comes together so nicely!

    • omg, what are the chances! I was the same, Blossom started it and I thought “please don’t let be what I think it is.” Not my fav sim at the mo! 😀
      I am sure there must be someone, somewhere who thinks it’s brilliant, but not me! Lol
      Brie is really beautiful. I have been really lucky with the kids so far. In other saves the adopted kids have not been so blessed. Maybe I should move the family to Twinbrook, just to mix things up! 😀

  2. WOW Brie grew up pretty. Is it bad that all I can think of is Desperate Housewifes when I hear that name?
    I love Azrael. So sad that he is lonely 😥 Love that he’s a firefighter, looking forward to seeing how he does.
    LMAO! You got a Twilight painting. XD Valentina hasn’t done one like that yet. tbh she is too busy with childcare!!
    Oh and Derek’s little writing study is amazing. so simple yet comes together well.

    • It has been a long time since I watched that show. I did think of that when I named her but I think my Brie is nicer!
      Azrael is great, he is lonely. He keeps rolling wishes to meet new people and then flirt with them. I will have to think about getting him a partner soon.
      I was not pleased with that painting. It was the quickest painting to be sold. I don’t want anything like that in the house! 😀
      Glad you like the study, I was really pleased with it. 🙂

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