Special: Farewell Scarlet

This is a special post to say farewell to the founder of this legacy. Scarlet Winterton.  I have only done this once before so I hope it’s ok.

Scarlet was specially chosen to be the founder of the Winterton Adoptacy. Her life as a founder started in Monte Vista.  That wasn’t the first time we saw her though.


Scarlet was introduced along with her family when she was a child living in Moonlight Falls.

Winterton family

We saw her grow up learning new skills.


And finding her path in life.  She created the family’s simbot, Eddie and decided she wanted to master bot building.

eddie is born 1

In order to complete her LTW Scarlet travelled to the future where she tried new things.

Monte  (135)

Met new people and simbots

Monte  (125)

As well as meeting the love of her life Edwin Archibilt.  They married while still in the future and Scarlet returned to her own time with Edwin.

Monte  (18)

She was not just a wife though. She was a mother to four children. Blossom, Lotus, Clover and Azami. She loved them all

Screenshot-21 Screenshot-25

mother daughter bonding (2)

She witnessed Blossom’s wedding


The arrival of her grandchildren.


Met her Great-Grandmother Idris

jelly (1)

Lived long enough to witness her eldest get old.


Outlived two husbands. (Edwin and Simon Cho)

shot (17)

And saw her granddaughter marry before her time was up.

take two (33)

Goodbye Scarlet.  I hope you come out to haunt the family soon

take two (67)


2 thoughts on “Special: Farewell Scarlet

    • I’m going to miss Scarlet. I had actually forgotten she did so much till I went back to choose photos for this.
      I hope she comes out soon. I will have to improve her grave site a little, looks a bit bare at the moment

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