Chapter 3.6 Let’s Try That Again

Hi guys! Hope you all had great Christmas and New Year.  Think I had like 3 or 4 roast dinners. I like roasts but that was a bit much.  Think I need to detox now! Phew. Taken decorations down, Teddy was playing with Baubles while I was trying to put them away. He’s cute though so I forgive him. 😀  Can’t believe it’s all over already. 😦

A new year brings another installment of the Wintertons. Last time Nala met Derek Khan and with a little help they soon became an item and got engaged.  Ricotta became a toddler and the cats were taken away. 😥  On the bright side the household is easier to manage.  I do like sim pets but I have a habit of forgetting them.

As you can see they have all been very busy over the festive season.


Brie: Cake, for breakfast? Does no one know how to cook?

Danablu: We can’t waste good cake.  Cake is good. ❤


I have been playing around with Azrael’s fairy abilities.  Here he is setting a fairy trap on the toilet.  These work in a similar way to booby traps, I have yet to investigate what else he can do fairy traps on.

Azrael: As long as that annoying snot nosed kid that Brie keeps bringing home sets them off. 😀

Aren’t you supposed to be a nice fairy?


Another thing Azrael can do is a fairy repair on broken appliances.  Instead of whipping out a spanner type thing…

Azrael: At least I don’t get wet this way. 😀


He turns into an little fairy.

Azrael: I’m a itsy bitsty, teeny weeny yellow fairy!


Ricotta has got to be the most adorable toddler I have ever had.  She is so photogenic too.

Screenshot-30 Screenshot-32 Screenshot-33

I just love her. ❤ (Please ignore the smelly potty behind her. The maid is useless!)


Blossom: ARGH!

This is Blossom getting pranked by Azrael’s fairy trap.  Not sure stuffing your foot down there is going to help.

Blossom: How can there be so much water.

Don’t worry it’s just Eau de Toilette

Blossom: Thanks.


I decided in my infinate wisdom to throw Nala and Derek and wedding party.  What could possibly go wrong!  This is the wedding area.  Pretty isn’t it?


This is Nala’s wedding outfit.  I got it from Beo Creations. They have a lot of really nice dresses but I felt this one suited Nala best.  I know her hair is long here but I couldn’t find any short hairs with a veil apart from the shitty EA one that they tend to wear at bachelerette parties.


The guests start arriving so I had Angelo bring Ricotta outside so she wouldn’t be left out.  I noticed at this point that Duchess was still a toad so the amazing dad that Angelo is casts Sunlight Charm on her.

Duchess: Are you sure you know what your doing Dad?

Angelo: Relax sweetie, I’ve got this.

Ricotta: Fluffy!


Much better.

Duchess: I’ll say. If one more person had sung that damn frog song at me well lets just say they wouldn’t be singing any longer.

(Love this song)

Scarlet: Oh hello dearie, when did you get here?


OK lets get these two married. LOOK they are actually using the chairs!!

Scarlet: I would if this chair wasn’t in the way.

Um, that is the chair you are trying to sit on.


You see the freaky hatted maid in the crowd?


I HATE HIM. 😡 He interupted the wedding to get Nala’s autograph.  I tried time after time to get them to the arch again but they just weren’t having any of it.  He may have to die a horrible death.


Nala: So fancy trying this again?

Derek: Do we really have to get married? Aren’t we OK as we are?

Sam: *interupts for photo*


Nala: This is not how I thought today would go.  Not even ice cream can make things better.


In the end they ended up marrying on the porch, in the wrong outfits with Scarlet as a witness.  I was so disapointed….

But as if the game sensed my disappointment the next time I loaded the file I got a message saying ‘there has been a serious error.  Please restart.’

I deleted the corrupted file and used the backup which as luck would have it took me back to the start of the wedding.

take two (3)

This time I decided to get Ricotta’s birthday out of the way first.

take two (8) take two (12) take two (16)

She is so pretty, I love her blue eyes.  Her new trait is Cat Person.

take two (13)

Like last time Angelo turned Duchess back to normal. Then sobbed for ages over the loss of the cats.

take two (18)

Aw don’t they look so happy.

Derek: This is the best day of my life.

Nala: He’d better not ditch me this time.

take two (21)

Clover: I just love weddings. ❤

take two (30) take two (32) take two (34)

Danablu: OK I’m not watching the soppy part.

take two (40)

Nala: I would like to take a moment to thank everyone for not interrupting my wedding.

Snowbell: This party sucks.

take two (44)

Then Angelo spoils the moment by wetting himself.

Duchess: That was mildly entertaining.

take two (47)

Oh and Phoenix got stuck in an endless confetti throwing loop.  I had to reset him.

take two (49)

With Ricotta now a child and the possibility that I still might need a nursery the girls now share a room.  I tweaked it a little to fit another bed in.


Ah yes, Azrael is using the Aura of Body and Mind here.  It helps with Charisma. Logic and Athletic skills.

Azrael: Now I will be the buffest fairy in town.

Do you know how weird that sounds?

take two (53)

Then just as the party was dying down, this happened.

Lotus: *sobs* Mummy don’t leave me

take two (60)

Death: OK old woman lets go.  I have a very busy schedule.

I am not sure of Clover is sneezing or crying here.

take two (61)

Instead of disappearing Grim decided that a vital part of his busy schedule…

take two (62)

Was to go outside…

take two (66)

Into the newly built garage and glitch up sitting in the car.

Death: I just have really long arms OK.

take two (67)

Goodbye Scarlet you were a great founder. 😥

take two (69)

After that said event things returned to normal.  Azrael painted a naked toad.  Isn’t that like porn in the mushroom kingdom?

take two (68)

The girls meanwhile bond by playing tag near the garage.

Ricotta: How long has this been here?

That’s all for now, no more pictures.


6 thoughts on “Chapter 3.6 Let’s Try That Again

  1. Aww!! Scarlet! Noo!!! On a plus note, the girls are adorable!

    Azrael: Now I will be the buffest fairy in town.

    I. Laughed. So. Hard. He really does try at least I guess. And Duchess’ wedding! What a disaster! I do love the wedding spot that you did up for them and at least someone got to use it in the end.

    • I know, so sad. 😥 I’m going to miss Scarlet
      He does try bless him.
      The wedding, my god that was frustrating the first time. I was so annoyed at the maid for interrupting. It was actually a blessing I got that error and had to restart! 😀

  2. NO not Scarlet!! 😥

    Shame about the wedding turning into a disaster. Lucky you got that error though. Love Nala’s dress, so pretty. ❤
    Azrael is so random, so glad you kept him around. 😀

    • I know, it”s so sad that she’s gone. 😦

      I was so pissed that the wedding went tits up. Then I was panicking when I go the error. Luckily when I got the file working I was able to try it again. 😀
      I really like Azrael. He will be hanging around for a long time. 😀

  3. Aw, Scarlet 😦 Always extra sad when your founder dies. But at least we have all these adorable kids to bring in the next generation.

    Yay for those fairy auras, so helpful; you should see how fast the bar moves with you train a sim with the aura of body and mind also going. So speedy!

    • I was sad when Scarlet died. 😦 She had a good life though.
      If I remember rightly at one point I had Azrael skilling athletic with the aura going and the incense! Crazy fast skilling!

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