Chapter 3.5 Finding Love at the Fair

Hey there, I’m back with another installment of the Wintertons. Last time Blossom and Angelo got old. 😦 Danablu grew into a toddler, Nala adopted Ricotta and Brie grew up.

OK to start things of I want to show you this.  This is the fixer upper car Blossom was working on.  It costs 350 simoleons in buy mode.  It is now worth 23,400 simoleons! Not a bad way to make some extra cash, takes a while though.

Looks cool though doesn’t it?


Nala: Could do with a roof though, I’m getting wet here.



Ah yes I added a little something for Nala.  This is Derek Khan, those of you who read the Mendozas may recognise him as a uni friend of Melon’s that I made over in chapter 3.4. I have tweaked him a little.  I will tell you his traits and stuff when he officially joins the family.

Derek: But I was thinking of staying single.

Too bad, Nala’s already on her way to meet you.

Derek: Aw, that’s a shame.  I have to leave now, I have to work.

Note: That’s exactly what he did.  Almost immediately after I placed him in the town he got a job as an acrobat.  Damn story progression, you’d better not get him married or anything before Nala gets her claws in him.


Blossom: I’m tired of these buritto’s that keep turning up.

Me too, let’s age her up.


As Brie has the inappropriate trait she laughed the whole time.


Ooh that’s different.



Her outfit was actually not that bad for random EA choosing.  I altered her hair and she is so pretty. I love her bright blue eyes.


After the celebrations Blossom returned to her easel and painted this. It turned out to be a masterpiece and I sold it for a whopping 1,627 simoleons.  Guess who’s going to be painting until she drops. 😀

Blossom: At least it keeps me busy.


Eager not to loose Derek to story progression I had Nala stalk him go to the fall festival to meet him.

Nala: You disturbed my afternoon nap for this, he had better by worth it.

Oh he is. 😉


Nala: Hi, you must be Derek right? I heard there was a new guy in town.

Derek: Sorry love, not interested.


Several spammed romantic interactions later…

Derek: I’ve seen a lot of flowers but none as lovely as you.

Nala: Ever been kissed by a rose?

Derek: What?



That’s my girl! Go get him!

Derek: Must not submit, must not submit.


Yeah, he gave in.  Mission success!!


Nala: For you

Derek: Isn’t this usually the other way around?



Nala: Wanna go steady with me?

Derek: uh huh

Score! My work is done (for now!)


Angelo: You ever thought about working at the theatre?

Azrael: Will I get loads of money if I did?

Angelo: It’s not about the money, it’s about enjoying what you do.

Azrael: I enjoy what I do now.

Angelo: You don’t do anything.



Nala: Mum, something’s wrong.  Mr Righty said so, he’s never wrong about these things

Blossom: Relax sweetie.  It’s just the voices in your head again.



Social Worker: If there’s one thing I can’t stand it’s people like you! You think think it’s ok to neglect animals do you?

Nala: Whoa slow down. The cat’s are not neglected.

Social Worker: My informant says they are. I have no other choice, I am talking these cats with me.

Yeah, I kinda forgot about the cats and they got taken away. 😥



Downstairs Brie is not fairing any better.  This is Riley Winterton-Riverhawk.  He is Azami’s son.  He was nothing but mean to Brie the whole time he was there.  Might have something to do with his mean spirited trait.

Riley: You disgust me.

Brie: Then go home, no one’s making you stay.


To make herself feel better after loosing the cats Nala invited Derek over.  She decided this was the right time to pop the question.

Derek: This doesn’t feel right.


Nala: Marry me?

Derek: Yay, a shiney. Put it on me, Put it on me




Awww ❤


Just a shot to show that Azrael does do something.  He usually left to his own devises at the moment as I am not sure what to do with him.

Right, these are just a couple of pics of Danablu being cute with Ricotta before his birthday.



Danablue: I loves sharky


Angelo is the lucky one to bring Danablu to the cake.

Danablu: Grandpa, where’s sharky?



Aw look at the loving gaze between Nala and Derek. ❤

Nala: I wonder if I can get him to come up to my bedroom.

Derek: What have I got myself into.


Anyway, here is Danablu as a child.  He seems to have gained a little weight. His new trait is computer whiz



That’s all for now.  I shall leave you with Salam, my first elderly gnome that Angelo is about to kick.

Salem: Please have pity on a poor old gnome.

He did stand you up again.

This will be the last post before Christmas.  I would like to wish all my readers a Happy Christmas.  I hope you have a great time whatever you are doing.



4 thoughts on “Chapter 3.5 Finding Love at the Fair

  1. I love Derek! He is such an awesome choice. I hope they have one baby together so I can see what their genetics will look like melded lol! Awesome chapter, and again, have a great Christmas!

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