Chapter 3.4 Resistance is Futile.

Hi there! Last time my save file was saved, Nala adopted Brie (again), Azrael graduated then adopted Danablu.

I shall get things started with Angelo being an awesome granddad. I love this picture, it’s so cute.


Angelo: Who’s my special little guy.

Danablu: *baby noises*

I am really pleased with how the wallpaper turned out.  Took me ages to find one that worked with aqua. (his fav colour)


Nala: Ugh, what is wrong with this thing? Why won’t it flush it?

Do I want to ask? O.o


Azrael: This seems like a good place to sit.

my spot



Aw Angelo, why so sad?

Angelo: It’s my birthday. I don’t want to get old 😥


You do kind of act it though.  This is fast becoming everyone’s favourite chill out zone.  I may have to change it a little.


There are three birthdays this time so I threw a party.


Look I actually got one of those shots where they’re at the cake at the same time! :O


Blossom: I want to be forever young.

Angelo: Wait I don’t want to do this. 😥


Angelo: I do not need to sneeze, I do not need to sneeze


Blossom: I’m going to miss the sparkles.

Whoa, who turned Duchess into a toad!


Blossom: Aw crap.

Angelo: It’s my turn, isn’t it.


Duchess: Yay! Dad’s getting old!!


Nala: Can I have cake now?



Azrael: Where’s the off button?


Much later, after many annoyances. It’s Danablu’s turn.


Danablu: I haz the sparkles.


Here he is as a toddler.  Please try not to die from cuteness.

Danablu: Can I haz hugs?

Screenshot-119 Screenshot-121

I did not leave Blossom and Angelo in those hideous hair and outfits.  Personally I don’t think Blossom looks much different. She is actually a pretty elder, don’t get many of those.

twins (3)

Brie: Don’t forget me, I’m cute too.

twins (8)

Frances: Mmmhmm I am hotter than a unicorn.

OK, that makes sense.

Let me distract you from their weird maid with some cuteness.

twins (9) twins (10) twins (14)

Love him ❤

And now for something completely different

twins (20) twins (24) twins (27) twins (30)

Angelo: Yup, still got it. 😀

twins (33)

Time for another baby I think.  This is where Nala decided to make the call. You are not helping me get good pictures you know.

Nala: But the reception is better here.

Been there.

twins (35) twins (38)

Angelo: Another one?

Welcome Ricotta to the family.  She is Absent Minded and Loves the Outdoors.Ricotta

Ricotta is an Italian whey cheese made from sheep milk whey left over from the production of cheese

twins (40)

This is her bedroom.  Her fav colour is grey so I was lazy and used the future stuff. 😀

twins (45)

Yes, it’s another birthday.  One day I may design a kitchen that is better for birthdays.

twins (46)

Blossom: Is it getting hot it here?

twins (47)

Azrael & Nala: ARGH FIRE!!!

Angelo: Chill I got this.

It pays to have a witch around.

twins (50)

Azrael: I’ll just get rid of this one.

twins (55)

Right, let’s try this again.

twins (57)

Brie: Nope, I like being little.

Sigh, reset.

twins (58)

I had to trigger her aging in MC to get it to work.

twins (62) twins (65) twins (67)

Phew, finally.  Her new trait is Inappropriate. I gave her green highlights, not sure if it works though.  Could be the style.

Brie: I like it.

twins (71)

And finally, this.  It’s nice to see they still spend time together.


2 thoughts on “Chapter 3.4 Resistance is Futile.

  1. Danablu is beyond adorable! I love the blue hair. It looks the same as Denim’s and I just love his complexion as well! he is going to be a good looking sim.
    I died laughing at Angelo! Senior and achy and he still finds it in him to bust out some totally awesome moves.
    And poor Nala. I have been there. Huddled in the corner of a house because you get the best reception. We don’t have a LAN line anymore, just our cell phones but in order to use them very well you have to sit at the dining room table with the patio door curtains open lmao. I can’t wait to see what Ricotta will look like as a toddler.

    • That was one of the first things he did after growing up. Made me laugh so hard. He can still move! XD
      Danablu is so cute, I can’t wait to see what he grows up like.
      I know what you mean at our old place we sometimes had to almost hang out of one of the upstairs windows to get a signal!
      Ricotta will grow up next time so not long to wait.

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