Chapter 3.3 From Darkness into Light

So last time Snowbell and Garfield moved out, Nala adopted a child & Azrael grew up

Nala: It’s still dark in here, are you forgetting that?

Of course not.  For those who may have forgotten this happened when I tried to play this save after the last update.

Winterton black


When I loaded the file I could here what was going on but I couldn’t see or do anything. The backup file was corrupt also and I thought I had lost them.  Luckily I have an amazing boyfriend who has a backup system connected to the computer.  Using this I was able to go back to the day I last played and get the save file back.

The save file that worked was just after Azrael became a fairy and before Brie was adopted.

In the interest of catching up I grew Azrael up.


Azrael: I get the feeling I’ve done this before.

Nala: Oh thank goodness I can see again.


I gave him a better makeover this time.  I added purple highlights to his hair and gave him sunglasses.



Here is a better look at his outfit because I like it.

Azrael: So do I, I’m a babe magnet! 😀

Yeah, if you say so.

Now then, as I said before I lost Brie in the file corruption.  I pondered whether to use the name again or just leave it.  In the end I decided to adopt another girl with the same name.  I figured that Brie (Version 1) was still a cocoon when the file went bad so we saw none of her genetics.


Meet Brie version 2.  She is a Couch Potato and Clumsy.


I made her this cute nursery in Irish Green, her favourite Colour.  I am really pleased with how well the walls turned out, I was unsure if that would work.



I did up Azrael’s room while I was at it.

Azrael: I like it, it’s so cool.


The family started to get back into a normal routine. Nala tended her garden.

Nala: Can you go play elsewhere, you are upsetting the plants.


Blossom is bonding with the cats. She is now BFFs with Mrs Norris.

Mrs Norris: I may have to rethink that is she keeps pulling that face


Angelo & Nala had some bonding time over a quiet afternoon fishing.  Damn paparazzi wouldn’t leave them alone.  Damn you for ruining a cute photo.


Frances: Ugh, I can’t work in these conditions.

Blossom: You can be replaced.



Azrael: There, my masterpiece is complete. I call it the Strawmato. 😀


Azrael: That’s right, something wrong with that?

No nothing at all.


Um Nala? Haven’t you forgotten something?

Nala: I don’t think so.  It makes sense doesn’t it.  This way I can wash me clothes at the same time.

twit (2)

Oh Angelo, not you too.

Angelo: Well if someone wasn’t going around taking pictures all the time I would feel more comfortable.

twit (1)

This is rare moment where all the cats discover the delights of the cat condo.


twit (3)


Just a cute mother daughter pic.

Nala: I’m just glad I don’t have to give birth.

twit (4)

OMG he is actually being useful.

Angelo: Don’t worry I’ll stop when I get old in a few days.

Yup, just like every other elder sim I’ve had.

twit (6)

This is supposed to be a portrait of Mrs Norris but it is way too dark.  Also this marks Blossom maxing out painting, again.

twit (7)

Azrael: Woo! Graduation time!

Oh I am so exited -.-

twit (11)

Angelo: You’re taking the baby?

Azrael: Well we can’t leave it at home alone.

twit (16)

Angelo: Come on people, I’m not getting any younger.

Is it a little wrong that he has more charisma than the heirs at the moment?

twit (18)

Nala: Where is he going with my baby?

If this kid grows up wanting to be in politics we know why.

twit (25)


Azrael: Apparently they didn’t like my idea of realising butterflies at the end of the ceremony. Something about them being protected here.

Nala: Don’t worry I got the baby.

Blossom: That’s nice dear.

twit (27)

Bagpuss: I could get used to this.

Azrael: Who’s a good kitty.

Bagpuss: That’s it human, worship me. *purrs*

twit (31)

Ok time to get rid of the cocoon. Birthday time!

twit (36)

Blossom: I’m getting too old for this.

twit (41)

Here she is, little Brie as a toddler.  Isn’t she adorable. ❤ I am not keen on the hair colour but she can keep it for now.

twit (42)


Azrael: Now that I have graduated I think I’m ready for a little responsibility.  Baby me!

twit (47)

Now that’s what I call a fast delivery!

twit (48)

Blossom: OK lets see if we can get this done.

Brie: I poop now?

twit (49)

twit (53)


Welcome to the family little boy Danablu.  Danablu is a Couch potato and Loves the outdoors.



Danablu is the danish name for danish blue cheese.  See you learnt something today. 😀

twit (54)

Ah I love the playpan.  Perfect for dumping toddlers when no one has time to pay attention to them.

Blossom: As long as they aren’t like those brats on Rugrats.

twit (61)


I shall end with this cute pic of Brie in the playpan.  She’s so cute



3 thoughts on “Chapter 3.3 From Darkness into Light

  1. Brie is so adorable! And I’ve never heard of Danablu before so I did learn something. I can’t wait to see what he looks like as a toddler. I actually really like Brie haircolour but keeping with tradition we should get some really awesome highlights in there XD. I’m so glad you were able to save the same. Backups are the best thing in the world.

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