Chapter 3.2 I’m so Happy my Butt is Singing

Well here we are again at the start of a new chapter.  Last time I rebuilt the house, the kittens grew up as well as Garfield and Snowbell and the squirrel died.

Angelo: His name was Bagheera not ‘the squirrel’.  That’s so disrespectful, he was my little bud. 😥

Garfield paid him more attention than you ever did.

Angelo: My little bud. *wails uncontrollably*

Good grief, all this over a squirrel.  I can get you another one.

Angelo: *Wails louder*


Ahem, right lets move on to more important things.

Angelo: How can you say that, he was important to me. *wailing continues*

Now that Snowbell and Garfield are adults I moved them out along with Rumpleteazer.  4 cats is proving a lot to handle.

Snowbell: Is dad still crying over that damn squirrel? This family’s crazy, I’m out of here.

Angelo: Why does everyone leave me? 😥


Bye guys! I have added them to the download list, add them to your game for a laugh.


Well at least he’s not crying.  That is actually really cute. *sells rodent tank*

Cat Spam time! Or as I like to call it ‘How does the water come out?’ A game my own cat likes to play with the kitchen sink on a daily basis despite having a drinking fountain.

Screenshot-119 Screenshot-120 Screenshot-121 Screenshot-122

Bagpuss: Whelp that was fun, hungry now.


Angelo! What are you doing!?

Angelo: Trying to open up my safe.  I keep all my choccy in there

That’s the TV dumbbell.

Angelo: I was wondering why it was sparking.

How are you still alive?! o_O


This is some kid Azrael brought home from school.  They sat and did their homework together before he left.

I have just realised he has the same hairstyle as Nala, I will have to change that when he grows up


Fairy Lesson 2 courtesy of Azrael

Azrael: This lovely green glow helps me and any nearby sims gain skill in painting, writing or music faster. It’s really helpful. 😀


This is what fairies do instead of running, it’s really cool.

Azrael: Mum, Mum look, I can fly!

Blossom: Not in the house dear.

twin (12)

Angelo: So that’s where magic stars are made!

Bagpuss: I wuv you.

This is a picture I am sure all cat owners will smile at and can relate to.  Teddy loves to show me his posterior all the time.   I read somewhere it is supposed to be a sign of a cats affection.  o_O

twin (10)

This is much more adorable.  Someone left the TV on and Bagpuss came and sat to watch it.

Bagpuss: They eat that stuff! Why don’t I see any of that?

twin (16)

I’m sorry for not showing more pics of Nala but she is boring at the moment.  All she does is garden and go to work.

twin (19)

I bought you kitties a nice condo and where do you prefer to sleep?

Bagpuss: Why would I use something that was brought for me? It is much nicer here. *purr, purr*

Cat logic at its finest! 😀

twin (21)

Nala: Hi, yes I would like to adopt a child.

I decided the house was too calm and quiet so I thought let’s get a baby.

twin (22)

Oh and at the same time the baby arrived it was Azrael’s birthday.  Look at his wings, aren’t they pretty.

Azrael: You mean in a tough, manly way, right?

Nope, they’re pretty and sparkly.

twin (26)

With fairies it’s hard to tell what’s sparkles and what’s wings!

Angelo: Woo! I’m so happy my butt is singing.

twin (27)

Blossom: But I wanted to stand there! Make her move!

Angelo: I just realised this thing is broken.  I am too disgusted to stay here.

twin (29)

Angelo: I remember these things, is it mine?

That’s your new grandchild

twin (35)

Angelo: But I’m too young and pretty to be a granddad.

Meet Nala’s first child.  This is Brie, she is Clumsy and Easily Impressed.  In case you didn’t guess from the name the naming theme this time is Cheese.  I like cheese. 😀


Brie is a soft cow’s milk cheese named after Brie, the French region from which it originated.

twin (33)

This is Azrael all grown up.  His new trait is Over Emotional.  For those who don’t know fairies live 5 times longer than human sims so Azrael will be around for a while.  Good job he’s nice to look at!

twin (15)

Shortly after all that Blossom painted this which is cool and now hangs in Azrael’s bedroom.  It also marks Blossom maxing out the Painting skill.

Angelo: This room smells nice.

Mrs Norris: Oh this is nice! Why did no one tell me it was nice in here.

Winterton black

I shall leave you on a cliffhanger of sorts.  The next time I went to play this file I was confronted with this.

Nala: Hey, who turned out the lights?

I will tell you what happened when I went to play at the start of the next chapter.


6 thoughts on “Chapter 3.2 I’m so Happy my Butt is Singing

  1. O_O Oh no! I hope the save file is ok. That is such an awesome naming scheme! I love cheese too. On everything. Cheese is my ketchup. I had to laugh at the photo with blossom stomping her foot. It kind of looks like she’s busting a move, dancing, if you weren’t familiar with the route fail actions lol. A very crazy, sort of jig but dancing none the less lol. Great Chapter. I can’t wait to see what Brie looks like as a toddler. Her skin looks milk chocolatey.

    • All we be revealed in due course. Watch this space.
      Cheese is great, especially with Pastrami. Yummy. 😀
      LOL I guess it could look like a dance. It just made me think of when my cousin was young and constantly threw tantrums when she didn’t get her way.
      I can’t wait either, I am resisting looking at her in CAS to see what she grows up like. Sometimes it’s nice to be surprised.

  2. Wow Azrael grew up a hottie ❤ Angelo is so funny crying over a dead squirrel. XD and Blossom throwing a tantrum! Love it! Love it!
    Can't wait to see what Brie looks like as a toddler but OMG what's happened to your save file!

    • I know, I wasn’t expecting that. Angelo stood and mourned that damn squirrel for a very long time until I sold the tank. That’s why I put it in.
      I haven’t seen Brie grow up yet and as for what’s happened, watch this space.

  3. Though it’s realistic, I don’t love that most supernaturals have longer lives than normal sims; it’s so sad if they have human spouses who grow old and die before they turn YA. There are mods that can reduce the extended lifespan…but then I also like making the simselves in my game supernaturals so they live for ages. I can’t decide whether to play with the mod or not, lol.

    Azrael is very hot, I like him as a fairy, I think it suits him. And yes, the auras are brilliant for helping others skill.

    • I would probably have more supernaturals because they are awesome and I don’t play with them enough. Whether they would live out there full lifespan as a supernatural though would depend on the sim in question.
      I had originally intended for Azrael to sick around because I liked him and the auras were very helpful.

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