Chapter 3.1 All Change

So with a massive 62.5% Azrael wins the vote and will stay on in the house.  He will adopt children as well as Nala so any of their children could continue the legacy after them.

Also I rolled a dice for randomness and the family is staying on the same lot but I rebuilt the house.

This is the old house.



And this is the new house.  I still have some work to do on the outside areas but I ran out of money.  I do think I am getting better at building houses.

Nala: You decorated it with my favourite colour. ❤

That’s because your the heir



Azreal: Um, hello what about me. 😦

Yeah, I need to change that.  My bad.


Anyhoo, this is the ground floor, lots of nice big rooms.



This is the first floor, 6 bedrooms in total so loads of space for babies.  The house has 6 bathrooms in all so hopefully no fails.


I splurged and treated Blossom to a new easel.  I think she is painting Angelo’s portrait here.


Then the kittens grew up first is Rumpleteazer


Rumple: Dad look, I’m big now

Bagpuss: Not now son the humans are eating.  I need to look hungry so they will feed me.


Next is Mungojerrie. Oh and I forgot to recolour the toybox, oops.

Rumple: This is me, not caring.


Mungo: I’m big, I’m fluffy. Love me ❤

Rumple: Attention seeker.


I had a question about whether I would make the winner of the poll a fairy.  I decided, yes I would.  So Azrael is at the elixar shop where as luck would have it they had the elixar he needed on the first try!


Azrael: *throws bottle at his feet*

Blossom: I hope you are going to clean that up.  I don’t want to have to pull glass out of the cat’s paws.


Azrael: What’s happening, I want to see.


Wow look at those wings! so pretty.

Time for a musical interlude. This is Angelo and the Cat Chorus





This was noisy but very funny! XD

Angelo: Ok guys that was great. Now lets take it from the top and this time try to keep in tune ok.


I got Nala a job in science and as such here she is improving her gardening skill.


Angelo is being less productive.

Angelo: I didn’t do it. It was like that when I came in.

I saw you use Ice Blast.

Angelo: Nope wasn’t me.


I added a little rocking chair area.  I got the chair from the store, it’s cute.

Garfield: Where are my wings?

Oh yes, this also marks the point where I turned Garfield human again. I read that fairies live 5 times longer than normal sims so human he is.


Blossom finished Angelo’s portrait.  It turned out ok.

Mungo: See my butt!

When my cat does that he usually has his butt pointing at us.  Why does he think I want to see that!


Blossom and Angelo are still in love despite Blossom’s divorce wish.  I love this dip kiss interaction.

So I decided they should remarry, right here, in the living room.

Pic spam start

Screenshot-151Screenshot-153 Screenshot-155 Screenshot-158 Screenshot-162 Screenshot-164 Screenshot-166

Aw sweet.


Not so sweet.  Poor little Bagheera died.

Mrs Norris: Can I eat him?

Angelo: *wails* (this room smells great!)

I sold the rodent cage and splurged on this for the cats.  They love it.

Screenshot-186 Screenshot-190


And finally, birthday time! Garfield and Snowbell are growing up.




Garfield is first.








I liked the outfit he grew up in so I let him keep it.  I did however, change the hair.  His new trait is Night Owl and his LTW is Bottomless Nector Cellar

Next is Snowbell







I recently downloaded some African stuff from the store (it was on sale!) So I used it on Snowbell.  Pretty, isn’t she?  Her new trait is Childish and her LTW is The Cat Herder.

That’s all, mainly because I have no more pictures! 😀



2 thoughts on “Chapter 3.1 All Change

  1. I loved the cat chorus! I bet that was screeching in your ears and was really hard to listen to. I’ve been buying tones of stuff from the store too when it’s on sale or daily deal. I just have to get it downlaoded and installed now. I can’t wait to see who Nala is going to have as a spouse. She’s so beautiful. Did you get the tablet? the tabcasts are so great for skilling.

    • It was definitely loud but really funny. I had to stop it after I got the pictures!
      I don’t know who her spouse is going to be yet, I do have a few ideas though.
      There is so much stuff on the store that I like, I can’t resist getting it all. Yes I have the tablet, Nala has been using the tabcasts to get a boost when she’s gardening.
      I am finishing the pictures for the next Mendoza chapter I hope to have it out soon.

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