Chapter 2.9 Fickle minds

So the heir poll is over, thanks to everyone who voted.  I have now got the polldaddy polls working so next time it will be easier.

The winner is Nala with 3 votes! She will take over when she grows up, which is not long.



Nala: I would like to thank…

Snowbell: I don’t think you need to give a speech, it’s not like you got an award.

Rumpleteazer: You gonna eat that?


With Blossom’s mid life crisis comes many odd wishes.  one of these is to get a tattoo.  This guy is geniunely the tattoo artist who Blossom rolled a want to flirt with as soon as she met him.



I am not buying in to him being a real tattoo artist.  In that suit he looks like he should be working in an office.

Julian (I think that was his name): This job has more perks!

Like perving at women in their swimwear.

Julian: I never said that.


This is the tattoo I gave her.  I little ladybug on a star. I just couldn’t imagine her having any of the others.



Idris had her first gig since becoming human again.  She actually pulled in a bigger crowd than she ever had as a ghost.  I think the people of this town are prejudiced


I really like that guitar, I think it is from the future EP.  Matches her dress nicely.


It’s birthday time! Duchess is growing up.  Oh yeah I changed Idris’s hair.  I wasn’t happy with it, I think this suits her better.

Idris: What’s up with your arms.

Blossom: One of the kids pranks again, if I find out who it was.

Angelo: Yeah, the kids, they did it. *shifty eyes*



Where did those muscles come from? O.O She never worked out.

Blossom: I’m more concerned about the hair.

I agree, it has to go.

Duchess: What! no wait!


Duchess: Oh you meant change it. I thought I was going to be bald.

Aw sweetie I would never do that. *evil cackle*

Ahem, her new trait is Bookworm and if I didn’t mention it before her LTW is Star news anchor. I tried to give her an outfit that would fit her career.


I sent her out into the world with Idris.  Have fun girls, see you at parties.


Blossom’s next Mid life crisis wish was to divorce Angelo. Directly after it happened they both wished to be friends again.

Angelo: What did I do? Look at me, who would dump this?

Aw look at his ikle face.


Angelo, being a witch was not down for long.  He cast a love spell on Blossom.

Blossom: No don’t shoot!


Blossom: *swoon*


My work is done.


Angelo loves the cats and plays with them all the time.  This picture also shows how much they all love the cat condo.

Mrs Norris: Must catch red dot.


At around this time I got the notification that Edwin had died.  I sent Blossom to collect his grave and put it in the family graveyard.  I thought it was sweet that she pulled out Kirby.  I forgot she even had it.


Ok fairy lesson number 1. the Aura of Soothing.  Apart from giving Garfield and anyone nearby a cool blue glow and a positive moodlet I don’t think it does anything.  Well that sucks.


My look at all these random sims, I wonder if there is a party?

Scarlet: How can I celebrate when I am heartbroken.


The guests start to trickle around the house for the main event.


Look even one of the cats showed up.

Nala: Bro too many sparkles, cut it out.


Angelo: Ok I’m outta here.


I present to you the largest cake jam I have ever seen.

Idris: Losers!

Garfield: Not fair.


Here is Nala after her makeover, isn’t she pretty.  Her new trait is gatherer and her LTW is Creature-robot cross breeder.


She is so nice, she went to try and cheer her grandmother up.

Nala: It’ll be ok Nana, You’ll see him again soon.

Yeah I bet that REALLY helped.

I will end it there and leave you with these cute pics of the kittys. Next time Nala takes over but who will be staying with her?  Join me next time to find out.

Screenshot-19 Screenshot-21

Mungojurrie: I can work it baby.


4 thoughts on “Chapter 2.9 Fickle minds

  1. Oh my gosh! Both Nala and Duchess are stunning! They really aged up wonderfully! As for Duchess’s muscles, maybe she was a closet athlete? secretly pumping 80lbs of iron when no one was looking lol. I can’t wait for the next generation to get started!

    • I know, so pretty. They were pretty as teens but I wasn’t expecting them to turn out so well.
      XD I like the thought of Duchess hiding away in a closet pumping iron!
      Glad you like it. ❤

  2. Haha, and I finally meet Nala, who was your icon picture for so long. She is very pretty, and I like the use of the short hair. So often I forget to consider short hair for the girls, some of them look great with it.

    • I think the main reason for giving Nala short hair was up to that point I didn’t use the short hair options on female sims enough. They seemed to suit her better though.

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