Heir poll

I am surprised by the response to the heir poll, I honesty wasn’t expecting that.  I hope it was ok to vote in the comments.  I tried to get a proper poll but discovered you had to pay for the site which I am not prepared to do.

Heir choices


Currently Azrael and Nala are tied with two votes each.  I was planning on keeping Garfield around alongside the heir to explore fairies more as this is one aspect of the game I haven’t played with much.  I am now thinking that if I get no more votes both of them will be heirs and either Azrael or Nala will become a fairy.

Thanks to everyone who has voted so far.  I will leave the poll open for another week so there is still time to vote.


One thought on “Heir poll

  1. Thats so exciting. You really can’t do polls in your wordpress? I don’t pay for mine and I am able to do them. They should be under feedback> Polls. And then just add new.

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