Just checked my stats and I see that I now have over 500 view on this site.  I never thought I would get to this number this quickly. It means a lot to me to know that people enjoy reading what I write even if you don’t comment.  I understand that some people prefer to stay quiet but I really like to hear what people think.

Thanks x

Also I have this picture left over from the last chapters I wrote.  I couldn’t find a way to fit it in but it makes me laugh so here it is.  This was taken shortly after Snowbell aged up. You see her sitting in the background before she got her makeover.  I like to think this is Angelo’s sudden realisation that he now has three teenager daughters.

idiots (74)

Angelo: If any boy even thinks about touching any of my girls, he’ll wish he was never born!

Little over the top but still nice to know he cares.


2 thoughts on “Views

  1. Oh Angelo. I just love him! Congrats on the 500 views. I found that I didn’t get many comments on the first 500 vies of my blog either but as more people came and started reading then the ones that are bold enough to comment seem to start coming out of the woodwork lol. Congrats again! I can’t wait for another chapter!

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