Chapter 2.8 Second chance

I’m baack.  Like I said I took a ton of photos.

jelly (1)

Idris was out keeping her fans happy and ran into Scarlet who recently became an elder.  I gave her a better outfit.  I find it a little weird that Idris is Scarlet’s great-grandmother but is so much younger.  Scarlet makes a cute elder.

jelly (4)

Scarlet isn’t the only one getting older.  It’s time for Blossom to become an Adult.

jelly (5)

She looks more or less the same.  I changed her hair back though.  She is now going through a mid life crisis.

jelly (6)

With the next heir soon to be annouced Duchess is trying to impress by cooking the family breakfast.  It failed, she burned it.

Duchess: I get points for trying though, right?

She is actually the only one to have chosen her LTW already.  She wants to be a Star News Anchor.  I have signed her up to the writing club and she is working on her first novel called ‘Two Witches’

jelly (12)

I told you there would be kittens. A house is not a home without a cat.

jelly (17)

Blossom’s mid life crisis wishes have started to appear. She wanted a makeover and to flirt with this guy.

jelly (20)

There was no stylist at the salon so Clover was enlisted to give her the makeover.

Clover: The key to looking good is to throw your comb away.  The ladies dig the unkept look. (my boyfriend genuinely said that at one time! I think he believed it too XD )

jelly (21)

Well I wasn’t expecting much, could be worse though look at what Clover is wearing.

killer (4)

Another birthday.  Angelo is becoming an Adult too.

killer (7)

Angelo: Man I’m gorgeous.

Not with that hair your not.  He is also having a midlife crisis.

killer (17)

It’s party time again! This time it’s for Azrael.  The last to become a teen.  Nala invited her crush Bradley Tinsley. (They met at prom) She hopes to make him her boyfriend

killer (19)

Nala’s Aunt Lotus is not making that easy.  I really have to delete that outfit of Blossom’s, it is not good.

killer (21)

Here we are the main event.

killer (25)

Azrael chooses the same candle technique as Snowbell.

killer (32)

And I don’t seem to have a pic of his makeover.  Never mind, his new trait is Eco Freindly.

killer (36)

It isn’t until the party is dying down and most of the guests have left that Nala gets her man.  These two are now an item.

killer (63)

Garfield had a wish locked to acquire an elixer.  I was just going to let him buy any old one but I saw a certain little pink one and thought why not.

Garfield: Here goes!

killer (65)

Garfield: Hey I have wings now!

Yup, Garfield is now a fairy.  I thought giving him something new to play with would take his mind off the fact he can’t be part of the heir race.

Garfield: Never mind that, I can fly!

killer (76)

As I mentioned Idris had a wish to become human.  For this to work I had two choices either spend ages improving cooking and fishing skills to make Ambrosia or spend a little while getting Angelo’s spellcasting maxed out and try something new that I discovered recently. I decided to go down the magic route.  The spell I need for this to work is the reanimation ritual granted to level 10 witches.  Angelo luckily just got this.  So I say goodbye to Idris temporarily and pray this works.killer (79)

Angelo does this thing and casts the spell.  His new outfit is due to one of his mid life crisis wishes.

killer (86)

And voila, zombie Idris, but were not done yet.  Now Angelo needs to cast Sunlight Charm on Idris.

Idris: What are you doing?

killer (88)

Idris: I’m alive.

Yes I am so glad that worked.  I wasn’t going to include this whole section but I came to the conclusion that there must be other simmers who haven’t tried this or even knew about it.  It is soo much easier than ambrosia.

I think that is a nice way to end it.  Next time I will announce the heir.


6 thoughts on “Chapter 2.8 Second chance

  1. That is so cool! I didn’t know you’d be able to turn Idris human that way! Also, I’ve never played with faeries before, are you able to customize their wings? Or is it what you get is what you get?

    • I was so glad that actually worked. I read it somewhere and knew I had to test it. My original plan was to keep Idris around longer but my plans may change.
      I have played with fairies a little before. If a fairy is made with an elixer you are stuck with the wings you get. There is a LTR for fairies called King/Queen of the Fae worth 30,000 LTH points. It gives you the power to customise wing shape and colour at will and the also the power to summon any fairy friends.

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    • As soon as I read about that I had to try it out and Idris was the best candidate. Angelo already had high magic ability at this point. I wouldn’t use it again in this legacy though as it does feel a bit cheaty.

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