Chapter 2.7 Precious

Hi there! last time there were birthdays, a new cat and Azrael nearly froze.  Lets see what wonders they have in store for me this time.

idiots (4)


It’s so sweet when sims do stuff like this on their own.

Angelo: What I’m about to do to her is anything but sweet! ; )

That I did not need to know

idiots (9)


Mrs Norris: I has rainbow flees

idiots (11)

Mrs Norris had her birthday.  There will be kittens in her future.

idiots (20)


Garfield: My precious.

Bagheera: I am not a ring of power. Please do not put your finger there. O.O

Nala: That is not my brother.

idiots (24)

Nala took to standing around outside during a full moon like an idiot.  She was safe though as apparently zombies in Hidden Springs are more concerned with fashion.

Nala: Touch my shoes and you die….again.

idiots (29)

Meanwhile inside Duchess is contemplating the meaning of meaning.  It is one of the new interactions with her new trait.  Idris has recently shown a desire to become human, which I am working on.  She is level 6 in gardening, the same in cooking.  I have read about another method though which involves a witch.  Angelo is currently working on his spellcasting and has risen to level 8.  I need him to max it to try this method out.

idiots (34)

With the kids growing up and her LTW nearly completed I figured Blossom needed something to do.  She is now a self employed painter and spends most of her time in front of the easel.

Blossom: My masterpiece is complete.

*sells*  I do hang some around the house and you may see them in the background from time to time.

idiots (42)

It’s so nice to see them playing together.  I think this is the last picture I have with the youngest three together as children.

idiots (57)

This is such a cute interaction, I never tire of seeing it.  My cat prefers to sit alone on the armchair in the corner of the room.

Nala: You like that don’t you?

Mrs Norris: *purrs*

idiots (62)


It’s birthday time again, first up Snowbell.

Angelo: Only blow the candle out honey, not the cake.

idiots (68)

Tada! Ha ha look how everyone is not caring and is cheering for Garfield already.


idiots (76)


I like that hair on her so I let her keep it.  Her new trait is Eco Freindly.  I am grateful she looks different from the other girls.

idiots (71)

As you just saw Garfield is next up.

idiots (73)

Garfield: I make this look good.

No you really don’t


idiots (80)


There that’s better.

Garfield: But I look like a geek.

You’ll get something cool later. Oh and his new trait is Dog person, great in a house with 2 cats!

idiots (90)


Idris had another show, as you can see it was a roaring success.

Oldwoman: Best. Show. Ever!

idiots (92)

When she got home Idris vented by turning the reporter outside into a toad.

idiots (95)


I think it’s an improvement.  Oh yes and someone got enough points for a motive mobile. I forget who.

idiots (101)

Snowday or whatever it’s called came.  Blossom threw a gift giving party.  Edwin arrived in style.

Edwin: Wheee

Constantine: Idris is amazing!

idiots (104)

The family all came, as did a lot of party crashers.  I think the green woman is Cassidy Earthsong. I don’t recall the rest.

idiots (107)


The party got an overall rating of great.  Not sure Nala’s choice of outfit was the best idea though. Despite appearences all three of Scarlet’s brothers are very close to becoming elders here.

idiots (119)

That’s it for the moment.  I have more pictures but too many to put in one chapter.  I am begining to think I take too many.  I shall leave you with this pic of Angelo practicing magic with his new LTR.  Why does his face always manage to look creepy?



5 thoughts on “Chapter 2.7 Precious

  1. Haha I love the look of Garfield! I must say though, the crocodile dundee outfit always makes me giggle. And they all age up in that outfit with the same hairstyle. Its too funny. Those two snuggling in the car makes me really want to buy it from the sims 3 store. It reminds me of an old drive in theater!

    • I know it’s good huh? I had recently got some new stuff from the sims 3 store and couldn’t resist trying it out on him. That outfit he grew up him reminds me more of Indiana Jones, especially the adult version when paired with the hat!. Some of the hair and clothes they grow up in are just dire. What were EA thinking creating that stuff!
      I don’t know much about drive in theatres, don’t have those here in UK (not where I am anyway). The car is great, they will go work on it autonomously. I loved it in Sims 2 and was so pleased they made it available for sims 3. There is something else I got recently that was in sims 2. You will see it appear in the house in the near future.

      • I can’t wait to see what it is! I’ve been waiting for the bakery to come on the daily deal again so I’m checking the site almost obsessively lol.

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