Chapter 2.6 Separated at Birth

Last time Blossom and Angelo got their 5th and final child Azrael. Snowbell, Garfield and Azreal had birthdays and the huge leaf pile showed no signs of ever being disposed off.

I start with this picture of Nala and Azreal playing in the hallway despite the fact they have big enough bedrooms to play in. Seriously they are always in the hallway.


Nala: This thing would be better with a button right here. I want to hear it roar!


Must resist cuteness…. not resisting well.


Meanwhile Angelo and Idris were having a chat in the downstairs bathroom. Which is totally normal!

Idris: Hey look, I have purple boots now.

Angelo: Ghosts are creepy.


Since growing up Snowbell can often be found reading.  I was overjoyed when I caught her using the little reading area in the girls bedroom.


I caught Blossom and Angelo sharing a sweet moment in their bedroom.  I really liked their faces, Blossom’s is really cute…


While Angelo’s is less so.

Angelo: You want to do what? Where?

Blossom: It’ll be fun.


What’s the point of having a big pile of leaves and not make full use of it.

Duchess: Mum?


Duchess: I’m just going to walk away before I am scarred for life.

Angelo: I can’t believe I’m doing this.


Garfield: *tries to ignore woohoo noises*


Angelo: I think I’ve inhaled some leaves and not with my mouth.

Too much information! it’s bad enough I had to watch you to do that.


I think some toddler cuteness is needed after that.  I love this thing! They teach themselves to walk, plus it stops him from getting in the way all the time.


The girls are all good friends and often play together.  I believe Garfield was playing with them this time but he was on the other side of the lot and refused to join the others so I could get a pic of all of them.


It was around this time that I got the notification that Nina didn’t have long to live. I sent Blossom out to have a last talk with her grandmother.  I think they mostly talked about Blossom’s children.  Nina died a couple of days after this, she was 129 days at the end.


Also I finally decided to get a painting replacement mod.  I think it’s Plum’s one. Blossom here is testing it out.


Blossom: My work is done.


I liked it so I hung it on the wall in the living area.  It may get replaced as her painting skill improves


The family got a new cat.  This is Bagpuss, I even gave tried to make him look like the real Bagpuss.


Bagpuss: Is no one going to great me?

Since I created you in CAS and plopped you into the household, probably not.


Blossom is busy teaching Azrael to talk.  That’s the final skill!


Time for birthdays! First here’s a look at the newly extended kitchen.  I only extended it by a couple of squares but it means there is no big queues for food anymore.


First up is little Azrael.


Here he is as a child, still a cutie.  His new trait is Absent minded.


Duchess is next.

Duchess: Yeah!


I gave her a make over, she looks so pretty. Her new trait is Brooding.  It is not a trait I have used much before so should be fun.


Finally it’s Nala’s turn. Aw even Bagpuss came to see.


Here is Nala after her makeover.  Her new trait is Supernatural Skeptic. Really? you live with TWO WITCHES!

I have just realised that Nala and Duchess look very similar, they could be twins.

stupid cat (4)

After the celebrations I sent Idris to get Nina’s grave and placed it in the family graveyard next to Richard.  She also explored the catacombs while she was there.  She got nothing and ended up singed.

stupid cat (3)

Bagpuss made his first contribution to the household and got fleas.

Bagpuss: Fly my pretties

stupid cat (8)

Mrs Norris took to running around in the snow.  It was so funny to watch!

Mrs Norris: So cold.

stupid cat (5)

I shall end with this pic of Azrael nearly getting taken away by the social worker because he thought it was a good idea to play with the sprinklers in the middle of winter.  Luckily I did manage to get him inside and warmed up. stupid sims.


5 thoughts on “Chapter 2.6 Separated at Birth

  1. Oh Sims, how is it they always have the worst ideas. Really? Sprinklers in the dead of winter? *tsk tsk*. I wanted to ask you, do you know what Zack and Appolo’s traits and LTWs were when they became young adults? I want to use one of them for Pomeranian’s spouse for the next generation! Great chapter!

    • I know, I was panicking a bit when I saw the pop up saying the social worker will take him away if he doesn’t warm up! :O I have locked the gate to the garden now as they all started to think it was a great idea.
      As for Zack & Apollo I think I updated the download page to include their YA forms, did you want to check there first? If not let me know.

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