Chapter 2.5 Full House

Last time the family grew with the addition of two new children Garfield & Snowbell as well as two pets Bagheera the squirrell and Mrs Norris the kitten.  There was also birthdays and other stuff.

This time? Well let me tell you.



We start with Blossom cornered in the upstairs corridor and breaking both her wrists.

Blossom: This is not as painful as it looks. I’m just really flexible.

Sure you are, now get yourself to the hospital.



What was she cornered by?

Garfield: I is inocent.

Is it just me or does he look a little creepy here?

Garfield: I no creepy, I good boy.

Intermission for cute kitten

Screenshot-94 Screenshot-95


Mrs Norris: Nomnomnom

Nice realistic cat food EA, good job. Screenshot-97

Angelo: Awww look at George, he’s so cute.

His name is Bagheera!

Mrs Norris: Attention please.



Angelo: Hey there little kitty.

Mrs Norris: He’s as tall as a tree.

When your as small as you are everything looks that big.

Mrs Norris: This is true.



With so many kids the playpan is really helpful. If nothing else it keeps all the toddlers in one place. Garfield likes the mirror a little too much I think.

Garfield: I look good, I must be mummy’s favourite.

Careful, your vanity is showing.


See this is why I can’t leave you alone.

Angelo: I wish you would. Can’t keep my ladies happy with you on my back all the time.

Nala: This is my cue to exit before my childhood is completely ruined.


Most of the time the children are well behaved.  Blossom loved the walker.  She kept going in the corners when the adults tried to pick her up.

Blossom: I’m a big girl now.



And here is Garfield with an original attempt at playing with the dollhouse.

Garfield: To fully enjoy the playing experience I must become one with the dollhouse.

Whatever keeps you quiet is fine with me.  Screaming toddlers are very annoying.


Mrs Norris: I see food.

Bagheera: Just keep running.

My cat Teddy does a similar thing with my beardie.  Teddy is a bit more resourceful!



Nala: I’m a queen so you have to do my bidding

Duchess: No way! I’m the eldest you should do MY bidding.

Aw sisterly love.


Idris: He’s pretty good maybe he could back me up at my next gig.

Blossom: Yeah that’s if people would stop fainting long enough to give you a gig!

Angelo: Ladies shush the artist is working.


Mrs Norris: Day 5, I have reached the edge of the known world.  Who knows what horrors lie beyond.


Mrs Norris: *sniffs* This doesn’t smell good.



Mrs Norris: In conclusion it is best to stay safe and keep clear of danger.


I have captured a rare sight.  The family sitting down to dinner together. Well almost all of them.

Idris: So you will all come to my next show?

Blossom: That’s all she talks about, I’m tired of this.




Aw look how cute Mrs Norris is when she is sleeping and dreaming of lobster. I have no other reason for adding this picture.


In other news this is Azrael the last child of this generation and the only boy eligible to be the next heir.  He is a virtouso who loves the outdoors.

Azrael is named after Gargamel’s cat in The Smurfs


Nala: I’m tired read me a bedtime story daddy

Angelo: Sure thing sweetie.



That’s Idris’s room but never mind it worked and she went to sleep.



In another room at the same time Idris was reading Duchess a bedtime story. At least she is in the right bed this time

Screenshot-136 Screenshot-139


Here is a last look at these two as toddlers before their birthday.



Ok lets get these out of the way.  First up is little Azrael.  Oh and I know Blossom’s hair is different.  I got it here It is Ada Wong’s hair and I thought it looked good on her.


Anyway here is Azreal as a toddler.

Next up is Blossom.



Angelo: *brushes teeth* I broke the sink.

Nala: ooh more cake.


Here she is as a child. Her new trait is cat person.

Finally it’s Garfield’s turn



Angelo & Girls: Yay Garfield!

Blossom: Look at this mess.



Here’s Garfield as a child.  His new trait is Party Animal.

Screenshot-203 Screenshot-185


After the birthdays were done Blossom and Snowbell went out to play in the ever growing pile of leaves.  One of you could clean that up.

Blossom: That’s no fun.

Ok that’s it for this time.  I’m hungry and need food.  I shall leave you with some cuteness from the youngest.

Screenshot-212 Screenshot-213 Screenshot-215


5 thoughts on “Chapter 2.5 Full House

  1. Azrael is so cute! There’s just something about how dark his hair is that I just love! How sad is it that I completely forgot about the cat from the smurfs *is ashamed*. I can’t wait to see what they all look like after their next birthdays!

  2. It’s kind of annoying that all the adopted kids are Face One (facial sliders set to 0); I would have hoped that with the active family, the coding might change. They’re gorgeous, but they all have the same eyeshape/nose/mouth.

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