Chapter 2.4 Bigger family

Last time Blossom and Angelo got married and the girls had a birthday.  I also remodelled the house a bit to allow from for the ever expanding family.

piccy 1

Duchess: I approve of this room, this stuff looks expensive.

You leave the furniture alone.

Duchess: But think of all the candy I can buy.

No candy.

Duchess: *sulks*

piccy 3

Duchess: One day I will fly us to the moon Nala.

Nala: What is moon?

Duchess: Never mind.

piccy 2

While Duchess dreams big Idris is busy upgrading everything she can get her hands on.  I like this picture as you can see the flame pattern on her nightdress.

Idris: Having magic is a great help.  I don’t break any nails this way.

Glad you are thinking of the important things.

piccy 4

Speaking of important things…

Blossom: I think my waters just broke.

Angelo: Oh that’s why the bed is wet.

piccy 5

Blossom: Holy **** ***** ***** this hurts!!!

piccy 6

Angelo: Honey please watch your language, think of the children!

Blossom: Just get me to the hospital!

piccy 7

ManInSuit: OMG that woman is in labour!!

Blossom: Who is this guy?

Seriously I have no idea.

piccy 8

Angelo: Look at that the ring really does disappear.

Blossom: Hospital. NOW!!

piccy 9

Duchess: Is he working for us?

Don’t think so.  piccy 13

Idris: Can I ask why you insist on hanging around our house all day? Don’t you have a job or something?

ManInSuit: Actually I am a reporter working undercover to get the best stories on celebrities.

I think this family needs a large gate or a dog to keep these people out.piccy 10

You know you could be cleaning that up.

Duchess: Where’s the fun in that?

piccy 11

Duchess: look at the pretty colours.

piccy 12

Duchess: This is awesome!

piccy 14

Angelo: Don’t worry honey, I’m coming.  Just need to get my feet out of the floor.

piccy 15

It’s a boy! Meet Garfield.  He is an easily impressed loner and will not be eligible for the heirship as per the rules.

Angelo: Don’t leave me here.

Screenshot 179 (34)

Back at home…

Duchess: I don’t know anything about the smoking laptop.  Just on my way to the toilet.

Sure you don’t.  It’s not like I just watched you break it or anything.

Screenshot 179 (35)

Nala: This not fair

What’s the matter?

Screenshot 179 (36)

Nala: No share, no share!

Quick someone distract this kid.

Screenshot 179 (38)

Idris: So the most important thing to learn is money gets you what you want.

Not what I had in mind but at least my toddler’s learn all the important things.

Nala: Money good

Screenshot 179 (39)

Now there is one thing that has been missing from this family and that is pets.  Angelo here is rectifying that.

Angelo: It’s so fluffy, I’m gonna die!

Screenshot 179 (40)

Angelo: I will name him George and I will hug him and pet him

Screenshot 179 (43)

Angelo: and squeeze him and pat him and pet him.

You need to stop watching cartoons

Screenshot 179 (42)

Angelo: Can I keep him though?

Yes but you are not naming him George.

Screenshot 179 (48)

Naturally I bought the little guy a colour co-ordinated home

Angelo: Here you are George, home sweet home.

Screenshot 179 (50)

No the squirrel is not named George.  I named him Bagheera in keeping with the cat theme.  For those who don’t know Bagheera is the name of the black panther in the Jungle Book.

Screenshot 179 (51)

No then I think we’ve had a cocoon for long enough, birthday time!

Screenshot 179 (54)

I still have the wedding stuff out.  I like it so it’s staying.  I took pity on this pap and made her over.  I will show you the result later.

Screenshot 179 (59)

Meanwhile here is Garfield, not sure where that blonde hair came from.

Garfield: I is cute?

Screenshot 179 (68)

Well now you are.  I added lime highlights as this is his fav colour.

Screenshot 179 (65)

Angelo: I’m sure about the stubble.  maybe it’s time for a shave.

Nope, I like it on you. The stubble stays

Screenshot 179 (60)

Blossom: Can you read me a bedtime story?

Oh dear here we go.

Screenshot 179 (64)

Why do they never get into their own beds?

Idris: So to get people to like you…

Duchess: You’re so smart Aunt Idris.

Screenshot 179 (66)

Does she go to sleep after all that? no.

Duchess: Meditation is part of my bedtime routine.  It relaxes me.

Screenshot 179 (73)

I only took this picture as this family rarely sits down to eat at the same time.  Notice Blossom’s empty plate? She sat here for a while still eating despite her plate being empty.

Screenshot 179 (74)

Nala: *sings to freaky doll thing*

Garfield: I want one!

No you really don’t, go play with something else and stay crying all the time.  I really need to get rid of these things.

Screenshot 179 (75)

The car is starting to look like a useable item now.  I just need them to work on the engine. Um Blossom, what are you doing?

Blossom: Waiting.

Screenshot 179 (78)

Oh I see. that’s cute

Screenshot 179 (81)

Yay for automonous woohoo in car.  The trouble is they do this all the time leaving poor Idris to look after their children.

Screenshot 179 (84)

In other news I got them a cat.  This is Mrs Norris.  If you don’t know that reference where have you been?

Mrs Norris: I sense squirrel

I may get a friend for Mrs Norris as I have another idea for a cat name.  I will have to wait until this one grows up though.

Screenshot 179 (85)

I got some kitty stuff for the new kitty.  I recoloured it to match the room.

Screenshot 179 (87)

Angelo: You got me a kitty!!

Screenshot 179 (88)

Angelo: Let me show my thanks for the kitty.

ANGELO STOP THAT! Screenshot 179 (90)

Angelo Aaaaawwww hello kitty.

Mrs Norris: Meow

Screenshot 179 (92)

Angelo: I’m married lookie.

Okay we get it. Stop that now.

Screenshot 180 (8)

Remember that paparazzi from earlier.  Here’s the makeover I gave her.  She looks much better now.

Pap: Thanks?

Screenshot 180 (6)

Angelo: Hello!  My wife can’t bear the thought of childbirth again, can you send us a baby please.

I don’t think you have to tell them that much information

Screenshot 180 (2)

Angelo: OK baby is coming.

Screenshot 180 (12)

Screenshot 180 (15) Screenshot 180 (18)

Angelo: Hey there little one. I’m your new daddy

It’s a girl. She is called Snowbell after the cat in Stuart Little.  Her traits are Loner, Virtuoso.  I know the cat in the film is a boy but it was the first one I thought of so it stuck.

Screenshot 180 (20)

With a new baby comes another birthday.  First up is Nala.

Screenshot 180 (21) Screenshot 180 (25)

Nala: I’m taking off!

Screenshot 180 (26)

Screenshot 180 (40)

Here she is after her makeover.  I find I rarely use the shorter cuts but thought this one suited her.

Screenshot 180 (32)

Next for the cake is Snowbell. Plus we get to see Blossom’s outdoor outfit complete with cute hat.

Screenshot 180 (36)

Syncronised cheering minus Nala

Screenshot 180 (37)

And I shall finish with Snowbell’s makeover.

Screenshot 180 (45)


Isn’t she cute.

I don’t know what will happen next time as this is as far as I have gotten in game.



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