Chapter 2.3 A Wedding and a Glitchy Birthday

Last time we met Angelo, Blossom’s potential husband.


Angelo: Do I get a say in whether I agree with that?

No. Blossom adopted Duchess & Nala, I did a bit of remodeling and there was some other stuff.


Angelo: Must look straight ahead, must not look at naked ghost lady.

Just another normal day in the Winterton house.  Idris decided it was a good idea to garden like this.

Idris: So, I got a little hot.  It’s nothing he hasn’t seen before.

I think we should move on


Remember the celebratory woohoo Blossom and Angelo did last chapter? This is the result.

Blossom: *Blissfully happy*

This little one will make 3/5 towards her LTW.  She just needs two more and of course for them all to survive and reach Teen.


With another baby on the way Blossom decides it is time to pop the question.  Luckily Angelo said yes.

Angelo: OMG It’s so shiny!




With that out of the way it’s time to train the toddler

Blossom: Come on honey, you can do it. Come to mummy


Duchess: Ima big girl now.


Idris meanwhile rolled a wish to improve her alchemy skill.  Luckily the elixer store is right behind the house so I sent her there to use the alchemy station.  I also took pity on the clerk and gave her a makeover.  Much more fitting don’t you think?

Clerk: I’m not sure I’ve had a ghost in my store before.

Idris: Just passing through!

Oh that’s just bad, I can’t believe you just said that.



Angelo, despite his quirks is a good dad and is often the first to tend to Nala.


Angelo: Who’s daddy’s special girl



Angelo: My precious.



I decided to give Blossom and Angelo a wedding party. This is the area I set up. (I doubt those benches will get used though)


This is view from the other direction.  There is a buffet table and cake set up by the side of the house.

Duchess and Nala’s birthday is on the same day so I got them out of the way before the party started. Nala is first

Screenshot-23 Screenshot-27

She grew up without a top but no problem I can fix that when she gets a makeover.  Next up is Duchess.

Screenshot-28 Screenshot-31


Blossom: I am seeing a distinct lack of birthday sparkles.

Yeah she glitched and wouldn’t age up.  It took my the rest of that sim day to get her sorted.  I will show her aging up later. Now on with the wedding.


I invited all the family.  Clover and Scarlet were the first to arrive.



Nina: That’s the man my granddaughter is marrying?

Scarlet: That’s my son in law?

Come on ladies, give him a chance.


Like every one of the parties I through my sims there are party crashers.  This Thorton Wolf look a like at the front is one of them  (for those who don’t know Thorton Wolf is a sim from Sunset Valley)

Shawn: This is a lovely house.

Nina: Can I eat the cake now?

Sam: This is why I don’t like family gatherings.



Scarlet & Phoenix: It’s so romantic.

Paparazi: I’m so tired of doing these events.


With the pair married and the ceramony over the guests attention turns to more important matters.

Sam: Cake now



It’s funny that more of them pay attention when there’s food involved.


And so the olibigatory cake crowd/queue forms.

ManinBlack: I will have to hit the gym after this.

Blossom: I’m pregnant



Angelo: I can’t believe I’m going to be a dad.

Scarlet: That’s so sweet.


With the cake gone and the party dying down Idris autonomously works on the car.


While Angelo tends to the toddler.


Angelo: Wow look at that.


Angelo: I’m married.


Ok lets try this again.  I have reset her again and gone in and out of CAS which worked on another file.



Tada! Oh wait she grew up without trousers.

Duchess: I am so embarrassed.

Makeover time!



Much better. Her new trait is Frugal.

And here is Nala after her makeover


Isn’t she cute. Notice I changed the horrid muddy green/brown hair colour.  I think she looks better for it.

I think that’s about it.  I will end with pictures of the latest remodel following Blossom’s pregnancy.

Screenshot-91 Screenshot-92

This is the extended and slightly redecorated living area.

Screenshot-93 Screenshot-94

This is a newly added bedroom which will be Duchess’ room.  Nala will join her once she grows up hense the bunk beds


Aerial view of upstairs


And finally an Aerial view of downstairs.


5 thoughts on “Chapter 2.3 A Wedding and a Glitchy Birthday

  1. I love how you made the wedding location! It looked so beautiful! I can’t wait for another chapter XD! I really enjoy reading these, your adoptacy is the first one I’ve heard of so it’s nice to see something new.

  2. Thank you for your kind words. I am glad you are enjoying it.
    For the wedding set up I wanted to make it look a bit different to what I’ve seen a lot of people do so I used benches and those pretty lights.

  3. I like the remodel, you are really good at designing the rooms. Angelo’s face makes me laugh, those eyes make him look so creepy.
    I can’t believe Nina is still going. She must be really old now

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