Chapter 2.1 On with the Show

Well here we are at the start of a new generation.  Naturally we have a new heir, let me introduce her properly.  This is Blossom.

Blossom welcome card

She is standing in her new home.

Blossom: I think this place needs a little work.

I’m on it.



Ok so this is what the outside originally looked like.  Quite a pretty little house.  As you can see I have evacuated the girls so I can get to work.

Idris: I’m too old for this.


And this is the outside after I finished.  I have kept the character of the outside (for now).  I just added a two story extension on the side which is the same size as the other side.  I do like symmetry in house building.

Blossom: I like it! Can I see inside now, it’s wet out here?


This is the ground floor.  I have added a kitchen/diner in the new extension leaving the original space to be a living area.  There is also a bathroom.

Blossom: I like it so far.


This is the first floor.  There is a second bedroom added here and I recoloured the bathroom.  Unfortunatly I ran out of money so additional refurbishment will have to wait.

Blossom: At least I have a bed.


With the house built I send Idris out on her many sing a gram jobs.  The first one is our very own Azami. She seems to be enjoying it.

Azami: She sings so beautifully

For a ghost, yes



Meanwhile Blossom is at home working on her cooking skill and filling the fridge with leftovers.

Blossom: You can never have enough pancakes. *flips*

You’re getting good at that.


One of the new rules I have added is to fulfill any and all wishes the heir has.  Two of those were to improve handiness and own a car.  I was going to get a cheap one with the money Idris is earning but I saw this for 350 simoleons.  It’s from the store, I think I got it with Roaring Heights.  I loved this in the sims 2 and I am glad it’s back.

By the way do you like the outfit I gave her for working on the car? I even gave her her teen hairstyle.

Blossom: At least I won’t mess my nice clothes up.



Idris’ part in this legacy is to max out as many skills as possible while she is here as her life bar says she is immortal.  She has a few points in guitar, handiness, gardening, cooking that she earnt when she was alive.  She will be responsible for the family’s garden (unless any future heir has a gardening LTW.)

Idris: This looks like a good one.

I’m still amazed you can touch things as a ghost.

Idris: Just think of me as a hard-light hologram*.

*Rolls eyes*

Screenshot-42 Screenshot-45


With all the sing a gram jobs she keeps getting Idris is now at Level 3.  I thought it was about time she got some gigs.  The only place that would let her perform is the coffee house.

Idris: Is it because I is a ghost**.

Probably, I always have to laugh at the number of people that faint or run away when you go anywhere.

Showtime (1)

The afternoon before the gig Idris warmed up at a Sim fest.  She didn’t win but the crowd loved her.  She even persuaded a couple to come to her gig!

Blossom: Yeah!!

Showtime (5)


Idris managed to pull in a resonable sized crowd.  Even some family showed up.  Nina is next to Blossom and Lotus is the blonde woman near the front of the stage with the woman in shorts behind her. Also Phoenix is the guy in the white jacket.

Idris didn’t get a steady gig and was told she is in tune.  Not that bad as first gig’s go.

Showtime (11)Idris: They love me!

Bearing in mind a third of your audience is your own family and level 3 or 4 celebrities, yes.

take  (1)

Not to be outdone by Idris Blossom went out man hunting.

um, Blossom he’s cute. Blossom?

Blossom: Hang on this cat is cute.


take  (2)

Different location, different man.

Blossom: Hi

Flatcapguy: Sorry I’m married.

GrumpyWoman: You disgust me

By the way you were acting the whole time Blossom was there everything disgusts you

take  (3)

Blossom: Ooh a doctor.

ScrubsDude: Sorry got to go, medical emergancy.

(He was married BTW)

take  (4)


Blossom was getting hungry at this point so I sent her to the bistro.  Do you like her formal wear?

Blossom: Oh hello there, is that your cat?

Sportydude: No I’m more of a dog person.

Blossom: Do you have any pets, or anyone else in your life?

Subtle, very subtle

Sportydude: I’m married and we have a kid and a dog.

That is WAY too much baggage!  take  (5)


At this point both Blossom and myself were fed up so she went home to work on her car.  It’s beginning to look better.

Blossom: This really tires me out, bedtime.


The next day Blossom had an opportunity so I sent her off on the Windcaver Scarlet gave her for her birthday.

Blossom: I can do this, I’ve seen Back to the Future.

take  (8)


Anyway, Idris is out and about again trying to get a gig at the park to complete an opportunity.

Idris: Please accept this freezer bunny and let me perform.

Proprietor: OK why not. You have a good voice.

(She is really cute, I am considering her for Blossom)

take  (24)

While at the park Idris persuaded everyone there to come to her show, even Scarlet agreed to come along.

Scarlet: I’ll have to check my diary but I think I can come

Proprietor: OMG She’s a celebrity *squeal*

Snazzyguy: Maybe my new suit will impress her.

Proprietor: *is to busy to notice*

take  (32) take  (34)


Idris’ second show goes better but she still doesn’t get a steady gig.  Not many people turned up but she completed the opportunity.  She also gained another celeb level due to the paparazzi snapping her picture all the way through the show.

Idris: Fame and fortune here I come.

You have quite a ways to go yet dearie.

Join us next time for the first born of this generation and find out who Blossom’s spouse will be.

As always thanks for reading x


2 thoughts on “Chapter 2.1 On with the Show

  1. LMAO, that house (in Hidden Springs, right?) is the one I stuck the potential spouses into in my Epic Legacy! Ah, so recognisable with that crazy wallpaper.

    Do we know if Blossom is straight or gay or bi? Could help with the spouse hunt, since she doesn’t seem to want to look.

    • omg I thought that house looked familiar when I read it. Didn’t twig it was the same one. What are the chances.
      I think this was just before I knew I could find that out. For future generations that will be a big help. 😀 Blossom was a pain to find someone for though.

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