Chapter 1.8 Passing the Torch

Here we are at the end of Scarlet’s reign, she’s had a good run but it’s now time for Blossom to take over.

pics (5)

You seem rather upbeat about this?

Scarlet: I get to live out my life in this big house without SOMEONE documenting my every move.

Idris: Some people get all the luck.

I plan to get Idris to max out as many skills as possible while she is here.  She is starting on guitar.  I think she is at level 3 here.

blossom (13)

When she isn’t practicing her guitar skills Idris is out trying to improve her job performance.  I’ll be glad when she stops getting so many of these damn sing a gram requests.

BlackHatGuy: I am not entirely comfortable with this.

Idris: Try doing sing a grams for a living as a ghost.

Yeah it can be a pain trying to get some people to accept her.  She’s had a couple faint on her and one ran away screaming.  I failed to take pictures because I was laughing so much.

Idris: Yeah, because my life is just a big joke to you

No comment

blossom (19)

With some graves brought over from Monte Vista I decided a new graveyard was needed.  This is what I created, isn’t it pretty.  I had Idris take the graves there.

Idris: Graveyards creep me out, there full of yucky ghosts.


pics (4)

Back at home Scarlet is busy trying to complete her LTW.  This is where she maxed out bot building, YAY! She has Sentience in her pockets from a LTR she got.  She just needs to equip a plumbot with it.  Since Eddie broke and the house is full there is only one option left.

pics (11)

To the future!

Scarlet: Are you sure this thing is safe.

You’ve done this before, just get in there.

pics (13)

Scarlet: The Bot Emporium.  This place is bound to have bots wanting this chip.

pics (20)


Scarlet: Hello sir, can I interest you in a free upgrade?

Cowbot(can’t remember it’s real name): Wait, what are you doing! Get out of there, that’s private!

Scarlet: Don’t worry this won’t take a minute.  Just put this in there and done.

Cowbot: Wow I feel so different. Thanks sim-bot plus plus

And with that Scarlet’s LTW is complete!

Scarlet: My work here is done.

blossom (7)

When Scarlet gets back we find Nina walking around butt naked.  (sorry about the pixels but no one wants to see what’s under there!!)

Nina: Rude!

Says the woman walking around naked for all the world to see.

blossom (9)

She did put her clothes back on to go swimming (thank goodness!)

Nina: I am in my own home, I can do what I like.

Time to move on I think

blossom (26)

Scarlet: Hi! My daughter is becoming a young adult, were having a party. There will be cake!

blossom (28)

PigtailGirl: Nice party, where’s the cake?

blossom (30)

Lotus: This is how all the cool kids dance.

BlondeGirl: What does this thing do?

ThinGuy: *creepy stare*

blossom (31)

Blossom: Cake Time!

Azami: This stinks

ThinGuy: Hey girl

BlondeGirl: Hey boy

blossom (34)

I don’t think I have ever had this many sims actually pay attention to the cake thing.  Look I even have sims in sync!

blossom (36)

Blossom: Looking good.

Everyone: WOOO!

blossom (38)


After a quick makeover here is our gen 2 heir.  Her last trait is Supernatural Skeptic and her LTW is ‘Surrounded by Family.  Should be an easy one.

blossom (48)

Scarlet: Hey you go sweetie.

Blossom: Wow thanks mum!


What are you doing out here, you should be working?

Scarlet: Well I just got some great news!

What’s that?



Scarlet: I won the lottery! Kaching!

She checked the lotto records in the future and this is the result.  She only won 5000 simoleons though.

Scarlet: A win is a win not matter what you get.

Ever the optimist.

blossom (49)


Anyway as we all know with a YA birthday comes graduation.  Yay (!)

blossom (51)

She graduated with honors and was voted most likely never to leave the house.

Blossom: Yeah, I rule!

That’s enough of that, time to move out.


Scarlet: Bye sweetie do me proud. Oh and I want lots of grandbabies.

Blossom: Bye Mum



Blossom moved out with Idris who as I mentioned before is sticking around till the end.  I will reveal their new home next time.  I will miss the rest of the family but I it didn’t feel right staying in that big house.

Additional Note: Lotus, Clover and Azami have been added to the download page. They are all teens.  Blossom is also on there as a YA.




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