Chapter 1.7 Everything changes but you

Hi, thanks for coming back. There is a lot going on this time and it will be a long one.  Also there will be some changes along the way.  Before I start I want to show you this picture, I couldn’t fit it in anywhere but liked it too much not to share.

snappys (34)

This is Edwin in robot mode paying his Laser Rhythm-a-con.  Looks pretty good huh?

Edwin: It doesn’t get much cooler than this.

You keep telling yourself that.

OK lets start by seeing what wonderfully productive things the rest of the family are up to.


Lotus: Omnomnom

There are plently of leftovers in the fridge.  Got to love slobs.


Scarlet: YEAH!!


At least Clover is being productive and working on his newly chosen LTW of Master of the Arts


And our future heir is reading up on the skills she will need when she takes over.

Blossom: Got to be prepared.

I’m missing someone, where’s Azami?

Blossom: I think she’s in the kitchen, something about cake.



Oh cake! That’s right it’s Azami’s birthday. They grow up so fast *sob*

Azami: Yay me!


Azami: *Swish*


Azami: Oh yeah, looking good

That’s a matter of opinion


But you do look better now. By the way her new trait is dog person.


I also took the time to give Clover a makeover too.

Clover: Thank you I look much more like an artist now.


Edwin rolled a wish to see a ghost so I sent him to the family graveyard.  Edwin got bored waiting for the ghosts and played with Kirby.  I got bored and sent him to explore the catacombs.

Kirby: Why did you bring me here, I’m scared and cold.

Meanwhile it was prom night and all the teens headed off.  It was largely uneventful. Blossom lingered at the school and got caught by the curfew police.


Blossom: Uh what was I doing again.

This is why you got caught in the first place.

Blossom: caught?


Scarlet: That’s it, you’re grounded.

Blossom: but mum..

Scarlet: I am very disappointed in you. I chose you as my heir and this is how you repay me, by breaking curfew.

A tad over the top don’t you think.

Scarlet: She needs to be more responsible if she is going to be the heir.


Later that evening Edwin got home from the graveyard and heard from Scarlet what Blossom had done.

Edwin: Your mum told me what you did.  Since this is your first time I’ll let you off.

Blossom: What about mum? does she know you’re letting me off?

Edwin: I’ll let her calm down first.  I think she is a bit hormonal at the moment.

It makes me laugh that one parent can ground a kid and the other can let them off and everyone is ok with it.

Blossom: I’m definately ok with that!


As Azami is also a witch she practices magic all the time.  I really love the faces she pulls.

Azami: ZZZaapp.

When she is not waving her wand about Azami can be found paying the guitar that has spent most of her life standing alone in the hallway being ignored.


Azami ‘Frosty the snowman’

Snowman: She’s playing my song.

Guitar: Finally somebody loves me.

OK don’t overplay your part!

snappys (1)

Whenever I see this chessboard all I can think of is this

3d chess




Blossom: Am I the only one who fixes these damn things

Your father used to, now he just plays the Laser Rhythm a con all the time.

snappys (4)

Scarlet was going stir crazy at home so I sent her to visit Eddie.

Scarlet: Hair today, gone tomorrow

Eddie had glitched and I couldn’t fix him.  I had no choice but to delete him.

With the kids all grown up and Scarlet going stir crazy all the time I got her a job in the culinary career. She has like 7 points in cooking anyway

snappys (3)

Azami: Ta-da! instant lunch

snappys (11)


I then noticed Scarlet had not returned from her first day at her new job.  I found her doing this outside the bistro.  I didn’t even know she had that.

Scarlet: 98, 99, 100!

snappys (19)

And then my file wouldn’t save and I with no other option I had to move the family to a new town.  This time I am only taking the graves and Scarlet’s immediate family.  I moved in her parents, Nina & Richard and her brothers Shawn, Sam and Phoenix   I also took Sam’s son Harley and Shawn’s daughter Latoya.  That made 16 sims in one house.  Jeez there is no way I could do that all the time.

snappys (22)

Here they all are in front of the new but not yet redecorated house in Hidden Springs (randomly chosen)

Sam: Hey Phoenix!

Phoenix: Hey little bro!

Yes, they really did wave at each other from each end of the line.  Now obviously I don’t want to have to deal with this many sims at once all the time so I moved Sam, Shawn, Phoenix, Richard, Harley & Latoya to another house.  I moved Richard out as he and Nina do nothing but fight all the time and I wanted their final days to be peaceful as they are both at the end of there lifebars.

Nina is staying which means I have a space in the household and with no more children on the way I decided to fill with a sim I thought I had lost ages ago.

snappys (37)

Here she is, the newest family member. Um, you want to turn around and say hi to everyone.

Ghost: Not right now thanks.

Fine then I will show your CAS pic instead then.

snappys (74)

This is Idris, She is the mother of Maddie and grandmother to Nina.  She died shortly after Maddie was born in a tragic accident involving her sing a gram equipment.  Of course this happened in the ONLY part of town where there was no water around and by the time I got her sister Imogen there it was too late.

Anyway I thought she deserved another chance and when I saw her in the list when I was fixing the family tree to include the dead I couldn’t resit.  She will remain a ghost and as her lifebar says she will never age she will stick around.  I will add her to the downloads at some point.  Her traits for those who are interested are Neat, Family orientated, Perceptive, Easily impressed & Natural born performer.  Her LTW is Vocal legand

Introductions over, lets see how everyone is settling in.

snappys (31)

Clover never seems to be far from an easel and he seems to like the new hobby room I created.

Clover: It’s so peaceful.

snappys (42)

Nina is still going strong even though she is 111 years old.

Nina: Got to keep in shape, don’t want to disappoint my fans.

Your retired.

snappys (54)

Nina: Fine I shall write about my amazing life on the pitch.

snappys (53)


Edwin is planting a new garden, there will be a bit more variety this time.

snappys (72)

The ghosts are even coming out to take a look at the new house.  Hi Maddie!

snappys (51)


OH finally decided to show your face?

Idris: I’m off to impress people with my amazing singing voice.

You are level 1 in the singer career, all you do is deliver sing-a-grams.

Meanwhile in the house a gathering has formed in the kitchen.

snappys (61)

These birthdays just creep up on you don’t they.  Lotus is becoming a teenager meaning no more children in the house for a while.

snappys (67)

Lotus: Whheee, I can fly.

snappys (69)

Scarlet: YAY, soon I can have the place to myself!

Blossom: er, mum?

snappys (71)

Anyway here is Lotus all grown up.  her new trait is Ambitious.

That’s all there is for now.  Next time will be the last chapter of generation one as Blossom is growing up very soon. I will try and sort the downloads out in the meantime.  All of the family will be added. I have yet to decide on a naming theme for the next generation so if anyone has any ideas I will be glad to hear them.




2 thoughts on “Chapter 1.7 Everything changes but you

  1. Azami grew up pretty, these two bred well! Interesting how two of the 3 adopted children grew up chubby.

    LOL, I think of the BBT 3D chessboard, too! I swear the TS3 one was modelled on the BBT one.

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