Chapter 1.6 Life of the Party

Hi there, I said last time that I would be picking the heir.  This was done completely at random and I can reveal the next heir will be Blossom.  Doesn’t she look thrilled.

Blossom is heir

Blossom: Yeah great, can you go bother someone else now I am getting to the good bit.

You are learning how to make cookies.

Blossom: I know that.

Moving on. After posting the last update I realised I forgot to makeover the basement. It is nothing special right now.  There is space for Scarlet’s bot building station and I have kept Eddie’s old drafting table down here too.


I included a little bathroom as you can never have enough bathrooms


And finally they now have a gym.  They may need this later.


The family now has a maid.  I figured I’d exploited child labour long enough!  Meet Miki Ruff, she’s kind of cute. I may use her.

Miki Ruff

Miki: I am here to work.

Most of the family have been left on free will recently as I have nothing for them to do.  Some have found new hobbies. Edwin has discovered a couple of things in his pockets that I forgot he had. First he pulled out Kirby his little virtual pet thing.


Kirby: It’s nice to breath the air once more

Edwin: I’m sorry Kirby, daddy won’t forget you again.

Kirby now sits on the coffee table attracting nearby sims.

Edwin's new toy

The second thing Edwin pulled out of his butt is this musical laser thing. (all I can think of is the big bang theory everytime I see this!)

Edwin: This thing is amazing!

It will be even more amazing when you can play it properly


The kids still love the dress up chest and are always prancing around in costumes

Azami: My costume is a work of art

Clover: You look stupid! Dinosaurs are so cooler.


Blossom has recently taken to going everywhere on this thing.  Here is she off to the bookstore to get another recipe she rolled a wish to learn.

Blossom: Must. Learn. Chilli.

At least she has a hobby.

Having realised I have three sims growing up at the same time I think it is time for a party. I invited most of the family and set up the garden.  It looks pretty good.  You may notice Edwin in the snow.

The buffet table got moved into the garage as the snow was too deep for it to be usable.

New (11)

Scarlet’s older brother Phoenix was the first to arrive. he is slowly progressing in the music career, I think he is at level 5 now.

New (13)

Vito, her grandfather was close behind.  He is still going strong despite how old he must be… Hang on why are you sparkling?

New (15)

New (17)

Scarlet & Phoenix: Grandpa!

Edwin: I think I hear the doorbell

New (25)

Naturally everyone who turned up joined in the mourning.

Eddie: Hi! remember me.

Crowd: *wails*, *sobs*

I am going to miss Vito, he was a good father and husband (until he met Nina’s uni friend) He was the first sim who I managed to get to the top of the singer career.

Rest in peace Vito Winterton

New (32)

Hey Eddie, hows it going?

Eddie: I have a wife now.

Shawn: Someone stole my food.  No one steals my food!

Now with that little setback out of the way it’s birthday time.  First up is Clover.

Clover: Must not laugh at fairy farts.

New (35) New (39)


OMG it’s genetic!

New (45)

Edwin: Who invited this guy?

No one, he crashes every party you guys have.

Sunglasses guy: I have no friends.

New (49)

Clover: Whoa I grew up in Uncle Shawn’s outfit.

Lotus: Happy birthday to me!

Clover grew up with loves the heat locked in.  Got to love those snow days

New (53)

Lotus: MY TURN!

New (61)

Lotus: *boing*

New (62)

Well you look interesting.  She rolled slob as her new trait

New (70)

Finally it’s Scarlet’s turn.

Nina & Shawn: *Sycronised cheering*

Miki: *Sigh* I guess I will be cleaning all this up tomorrow

New (73)

She grew up looking the same, I just put this in as I liked her face here

New (83)

Nina: So you’re the new maid.

Miki: It is nice to meet you Mrs Winterton

Nina: Call me Nina, you will soon be part of the family anyway.

Miki: Wait? What?

Blossom will be taking over as heir as soon as she reaches Young Adulthood.  At this time she is 7 days away.  Clover and Lotus will move out when they hit YA but Azami will be sticking around.  It’s always handy to have a witch in the family.

I am thinking of adding a new rule – new heir, new town.  Just to keep things fresh.


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