House Renovations

This is just to show off the redecoration I did to the house.

First lets look at the garden, I can’t remember if I have already shown these but I am proud of it so here they are.

Back Garden – sorry for the grid I had to retake these as I lost the original ones and it was already snowing.

Screenshot-5 Screenshot-6

Front Garden

Driveway front garden


For all rooms expect the bedrooms I used a combition of Scarlet and Edwin’s fav colours, grey and orange. I think they look pretty good.



Lounge Lounge (2)


Kitchen Kitchen (2)


bathroom downstairs (2) bathroom downstairs


Also downstairs is Blossom’s bedroom. I used violet, her fav colour.

Blossom's room (2) Blossom's room


I also done the corridor in grey and orange as can be seen in this overview.  The only room that has not been done is the nursery. This will be done when Lotus grows up.


birds eye view (2)





bathroom upstairs (2) bathroom upstairs

Clovers Bedroom – I used white, his fav colour but I didn’t want it to be too overpowering so I added pale green and yellow to break it up.

Clover's room (1) Clover's room (2)

Azami’s bedroom – Her fav colour is Irish green and as she is a witch I used items from the supernational EP.

Azami's room 2 (2) Azami's room 2 (1)

Scarlet & Edwin’s bedroom.  Again done in orange and grey

Main Bedroom Main bedroom (2)

Finally here is an overview of the upstairs

birds eye view (3)


I would like to add that this redecoration was not expensive. The only furniture I brought was for Clover and Azami’s rooms.  I also brought a few curtains to brighten up a couple of rooms.  The rest has just been re-coloured.

If anyone is interested in adding this house to there game let me know.  I will try and make it available when I remember how to do it.


4 thoughts on “House Renovations

  1. The house looks pretty, nice work! I do the same thing, combine the colours of the heir and spouse in the majority of the house. Orange and grey go together very nicely; I’m working with Irish green and grey atm, which is also decent.

    Ah, the recolouring, one of the best things about TS3. And (yet another) reason why I’m not rushing to get TS4. No more CASt 😦

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