Chapter 1.5 Fluffy

Hi, Welcome back! It’s finally time for more simmie fun.

I would like to start with these pictures of Azami, not the cutest toddler ever but she has promise. Here she is playing with her favourite toy dragon.Azami plays (2)

Azami: I wuv you little fluffy.

Azami plays (6)

Azami: Where fluffy go?

Azami plays (7)

Azami: There you are, don’t leave me fluffy.

Fluffy: I never want to experience that again, get me away from her.

While Azami is left playing in her room the rest of the family are more productive.  Blossom helps her mother with the latest harvest of tomatoes.

mother daughter bonding (2)

Blossom: Shouldn’t we have a basket or something to put these in?

Scarlet: It’s ok, just shove them in your pockets.  It’s amazing how much you can fit.

Blossom: Really? Are they bigger on the inside or something?


Clover is my favourite at the moment. He is constantly doing helpful/useful things like doing his homework without being prompted.  You could do that in your own room, I did put a desk in there for you.

Clover: This was closer.

piccy (4)

Edwin meanwhile tries to upgrade the microwave by whacking it with a hammer.

Edwin: It’s a tried and tested technique that never fails.

Never fails? I’ve had sims die doing this.

Edwin: *ignores*

Fine, it’s your funeral.


Scarlet: Hello, I’d like to adopt another child please.

I flipped a coin to chose gender and got girl.  This will be the last child for this generation.


Yeah, I clicked on the wrong option and got a toddler, whoops.  Anyway this is Lotus. she is a Good, light sleeper

Scarlet: Look at this poor thing. What do they do to these children.


Here she is after a makeover looking totally adorable in the baby walker.


Blossom took an immediate liking to her new baby sister and is the first to get to her every time Lotus wants something. Don’t they look cute together.

Blossom: Does this make me the heir yet?



Blossom: Ok shrimp I need to do more stuff around here if I want that heirship so lets talk about painting.

You do know the heir will be chosen at random?

With another toddler it’s time to age Azami up. Fingers crossed she looks a bit better.

Winterton (9)

Scarlet: Do I have to look at that painting everytime there’s a birthday.

Winterton (13)

Scarlet: Ok sweetie grow up pretty for mummy.

Azami: I try.

Winterton (17)

Azami: Do I look pretty now?

azami close up

There now you look pretty, happy?

Azami: Yup.

She grew up with the bot fan trait.

piccy (11)

As a child Azami started to bond with her family more.  She got help with her reading from Blossom.

(I was not happy with Azami’s hair so I changed it and added Irish green highlights, her fav colour)

piccy (13)

Played tag with Clover.

Azami: No fair, why am I always IT.

Snowman (4)

And made a snowman with her father.

Azami: Can we call him Olaf?

piccy (15)

She does play by herself as well taking a liking to the costume chest she wished for.

Azami: I proclaim that only a princess can be the heir.

You are not eligible to be the heir

As you may have guessed I will choosing the heir soon.  This will be done completely at random by putting their names in a little box.

Here are the choices

Blossom – Absent minded, Loner, Family Orientated, Easily Impressed


Her lifetime wish is undecided, she has not developed a liking for one particular skill but has a good range of skills learnt.

Clover – Loves the Outdoors, Virtuoso, Perfectionist


His lifetime wish is undecided but he loves painting.  He might expand on this as he grows up.

Lotus – Good, Light Sleeper.


She is just a toddler so has yet to find her path, but she is sooo cute.


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